There’s a new ghastly covid mutant … be afraid …


Today is the day of Prince Philip’s funeral. Rest assured – I’m not going to join in the MSM’s outpourings, adding to their acres in print and their hordes of pixels. There is one reason why I mention this date – it’s to do with covid. It seems that every time we think this covid government can’t sink lower – it can. And if any of you still thought that this covid government was playing fair – sorry, no. It gives me no pleasure to say this – but all of us Cassandras who warned that BJ and his covid politburo would never keep to that fabulous ‘roadmap to freedom’ were correct.

Here’s why – starting with the one, breathtaking piece of information which has to do with the death of Prince Philip and his funeral. The DM reports this morning:

“The Government’s science advisory body has stopped releasing papers on the coronavirus pandemic as a mark of respect to Prince Philip. Downing Street is said to have confirmed there will be an affective [sic!] two-week blackout on documents from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). Usually, documents are published each week on Friday afternoons. They were last published on April 9 – the day the Duke of Edinburgh passed away. But as a mark of respect to Philip, whose funeral is today, they will now not be published again until April 23, the Mirror reported.” (link)

This is remarkable because, suspicious old cynic that I am, I cannot help but speculate about the actual reason for this reticence from SAGE, given the news from India. Bear with me! Firstly, there’s a report in the DT this morning on a ghastly new mutant:

“Although only currently designated a “variant under investigation” by PHE (as opposed to “variant of concern”), it has attracted widespread press coverage not least because it is said to possess a scary sounding “double mutation”. Altogether, 77 cases of B.1.617 have been found scattered across England, the first case dating back to February.” (paywalled link)

Note that this variant has been here since February, and note that there are ‘already’ 77 cases. The DM gives us some stark numbers to make us very afraid:

“Britain’s roadmap from coronavirus lockdown could be derailed by the emergence of a new Covid mutation from India, a leading scientist has today warned. The mutant strain, which has already been found in the UK, is thought to be the cause of a huge second wave of infections across the south-Asian nation. The country, of more than 1.3billion people, had 176,000 new cases on Thursday – a rate of 127 cases per million people, compared to 23 per million in the UK.” (link)

In the absence of SAGE and that ghastly covid PR ‘event’, other ‘experts’ took to the airwaves, allowing the DM to point out that:

“[…] the Government has so far left India off the mandatory hotel quarantine list – unlike neighbouring countries Bangladesh and Pakistan. That’s despite experts believing that the Indian variant not only speeds up transmission, but also features an ‘escape mutation’ which could possibly impact on the effectiveness of vaccines. And experts warn this could impact on the current roadmap out of lockdown, which in England could see all restrictions lifted by June 21.”(link)

So now I’ve learned a new covid expression: “escape mutant”. This means that the mutant ‘escapes’ all those nice antibodies created by the various vaccines. Here’s an explanation, with reassuring noises to take the jab anyway:

“Two notable mutations in the spike protein – E484Q and L452R – are thought by some in India to confer on it the ability to dilute vaccine effectiveness and reinfect people, although this is not yet proven “Whether as a combination they impair vaccine efficacy is not yet known, but could be a concern,” said Prof Beate Kampmann, director of the Vaccine Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “However, the vaccines should still prevent severe infection. This is probably what matters most, as the whole concept of achieving herd immunity might not really hold up if we have to deal with lots of circulating variants.” (paywalled link)

Amazing, isn’t it: ‘herd immunity’ seems to become the goal of the covid ‘warriors’ – who knew! No outcry from the usual suspects in the MSM that “we” are not sheep or cattle. There is however one aspect to this latest covid saga which actually ought to concern us, not least because India has also been running a huge mass vaccination campaign. Here’s what had my alarm bells ringing:

“I believe we are seeing a stronger mutation, many patients are testing negative for the virus but clinically they are Covid-19 positive. The pandora’s box of this disaster is open now,” said Dr Pankaj Solanki, Medical Director at the Dharamveer Solanki Hospital in New Delhi. “People’s condition is deteriorating much quicker, we’re seeing many more patients with a cytokine storm and a lot of younger patients – their symptoms are a lot more difficult to manage this time.” (link, paywalled)

I seem to recall that doctors have warned that this might occur in people who’ve had the jab: a worse outcome when newly infected with a new covid mutant. And note that these patients tested -ve for covid but are ‘clinically covid +ve’. What to make of that? I hope that the various experts writing for LockdownSceptics will provide us with an explanation! Things become interesting with PHE having a say, in the absence of SAGE:

“Officials at PHE also point out that what a variant does in one part of the world is not necessarily what it does in another.” (paywalled link)

Oh really – how interesting! Wait until Profs Doom and Gloom come to the covid lectern next Friday! They’ll have had time to concoct the latest ‘we’re all gonna die’ graphs, supporting their recommendation that we better keep lockdowns going. The ‘roadmap’ to that is already being prepared, with a ramping up of T&T:

“Nevertheless the government and independent experts are concerned. The Telegraph understands that NHS Test and Trace is working on a plan to ask all those who receive a positive PCR test result to take an antibody test within 10 days, in a bid to better understand exactly how widespread different variants are becoming.” (paywalled link)

What this is meant to achieve when Indian doctors say the their patients tested -ve – well, we can guess! This mass testing, as we all know by now, will inevitably lead to more ‘cases’ to be found and never mind that a large number of those cases will be due to false +ves while the -ves might already have that Indian ‘escape mutant’ – a perfect reason to resuscitate Lockdown, right?

Meanwhile, the DM has scare photos and writes about ‘bodies piling up’ (link, scroll down a bit), providing more material for SAGE to work in secret on how best to keep their grip on our throats. It doesn’t matter that the ‘experts’ who’ve spoken in and to the MSM are saying that not much is known and that it’s all uncertain – SAGE will ‘make it certain’, regardless, especially because they’ve surely read the report in the DT:

“Cases [in India] are indeed rising – soaring in fact. On Thursday, India reported over 217,353 new Covid-19 infections and the country’s healthcare system stands on the verge of total collapse. Recorded deaths are running at over a thousand a day and hospitals are becoming overwhelmed. Exhausted healthcare professionals describe turning away hundreds of critical patients from at capacity hospitals every day, while reports in the Indian media show patients sharing beds, lying still on the floor of emergency waiting rooms, and ambulances queuing outside hospitals for hours on end as patients fight for their lives inside.” (paywalled link)

Isn’t this just as it was a year ago? “Nothing is known”, “we are uncertain”, but look at those scare graphs, those horrifying reports – just as those last year from Northern Italy! And exactly as a year ago, people can come in from the Subcontinent, unhindered, as people coming from China were allowed into the country a year ago.

While SAGE is keeping out of the limelight ‘because: respect!’, I predict that they will demand a new Lockdown, nicely timed to start after the local elections on May 6th. BJ will produce a few crocodile tears when telling us that it’s back to ‘lockdown normal’, and never mind the promises, never mind the reports from other parts of the world that Lockdowns don’t work.

Perhaps we should also keep in mind that Ramadan started on April 12th, just when Lockdown restrictions were lifted, and that it’ll end on May 12th. A knave who thinks these dates have anything to do with any Lockdown considerations … ! No, SAGE and BJ and their tame ‘experts’ will tell us that their hands are being forced – just as we warned when that ‘roadmap’ was presented. 

Sorry, dear friends: the next lockdown campaign is being prepared right in front of our eyes. This time, hiding behind the death and funeral of Prince Philip, the covid politburo is working in perfect secrecy until the day when they’ll present us with their latest restrictions at the next weekend.




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