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After my customary perusal of the morning’s papers I noted with astonishment that covid is still here but also isn’t. The various chief editors of our MSM clearly had different fish to fry this morning – not all Scottish though –  so there are no covid scare graphs splashed across every title page of every paper today. Yon Prince appears on the title pages of the red tops, Sunak’s alleged budget plans are on the front pages of the more serious broadsheets and only the DT has given their top spots to the fish fight in Scotland. Oh, and since you ask: yes, the moon was again prominent in the Western sky. It’s cold though, as one would expect when the skies are clear.

As for covid – well, there are some ‘news’ which are rather astonishing. I shouldn’t be surprised because the various ‘science’ editors have shown for some time that their scientific understanding depends to a huge extent on what the various covid government spokespeople tell them. 

I’ve come to think that they are frightened of asking questions not just because they may make them look ignorant or impertinent – ‘how dare you question an eminent Government scientist!’ – but because they might have their access to various government PR events cut off.

Some of us might recall the expenses scandal where it became clear that the lobby journalists – those who report from Parliament – knew all about that scandal well before it broke, but didn’t dare to write about it or ask because a certain Mr. A. Campbell would cut them off from ‘privileged’ information, i.e. the well-placed leaks from ‘source’s which we’ve come to value so much! 

Having said all that, here are some questions which need asking and to which I’d like answers. The first is in relation to the mass vaccination. The DT reports:

“One dose of the Pfizer vaccine could be enough to protect millions of people who have already had Covid, research by Public Health England suggests. Scientists said the findings could “potentially accelerate vaccine rollout” if those going for jabs were offered tests to see whether they had antibodies first.” (paywalled link)

It doesn’t seem to occur to the writer of that article nor indeed to the scientists who’ve been doing the investigation that this simply reinforces the impression that we’re taking part in an unprecedented free-air lab experiment. Surely such research ought to have been done and published before release of that vaccine? Never mind – ‘emergency’ cloaks all considerations … However, the next quote had me banging my head on the table:

“One of the studies, led by researchers at University College London and Public Health England (PHE), tracked 51 health workers in London who had undergone regular tests for antibodies and infection since March. Roughly half had been infected, and a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine increased their antibody levels more than 140-fold from their peak levels before being inoculated, the study said. This appeared to give them more robust protection than two doses of the vaccine did in people who had never been infected.” (paywalled link)

Let’s be very generous and overlook the actual numbers, namely that this is about what happened to 25 (‘roughly half’) of a small group of people. A 140-fold increase in antibodies in 25 people (roughly) is interesting and should be studied further – but is it a proper scientific reason to deem a one-dose vaccination for the mRNA jab suitable in order to get ‘millions’ vaccinated? I note in passing that yes, this involves ‘moar tests’.  I really should’ve invested in stock of test kit manufacturers a year ago … I’d be rich now.

There’s another item of covid news. The DM reports that case numbers are rising in four local areas – four out of 380 (link). Where’s the intrepid reporter asking why this is happening when we’re in strict lockdown, armed with muzzles when daring to venture out? It can’t be due to all the elderly care-home inmates having broken out after having been vaccinated, wielding their sticks and zimmer frames, invading parks and pubs … oh wait …!

So what is going on? Dare one ask if this might be an artefact caused by testing? I note in passing that the DM is now using beautiful blue and green tinges to colour their covid maps of Covid England rather than the glaring reds and oranges of ‘project fear and hysteria’ times. Oh – and there are 200 (!) cases of that ‘orrible South Africa mutant in this country (link). We must stay scared and keep indoors, fersure!

Next, the DM’s leading article this morning is about the scandal of doctors putting ‘covid’ as cause of death on death certificates (link). Well, it’s good this is now out in the wider public. This fact has been reported time and again – but sadly, since that seems only to’ve been done by lockdown sceptics, it was of course disregarded. ‘Anecdotical’ was the verdict of the official covid news promoters, so no need to investigate further.

The excuses and explanations offered are astounding –  from ‘doctors were overworked’ to ‘we didn’t have enough tests at the beginning’. You’ll find no mention in that report of the NHS ‘guidance’ to put covid on the death certificate of any who had a positive test 28 days before death. While certain MPs now call for an inquiry – they would, wouldn’t they: anything to get a mention in the MSM! – here’s a  statement which ought to have the scientific community in uproar:

“Professor Clare Gerada, former chairman of the Royal College of GPs, said: ‘When this all comes out in the wash, we will find out we have over-recorded Covid-19 as a cause of death.’ (link)

How can scientists ever do proper research when the basic data have been compromised to such an extent? It would of course be heinous of me to even suggest that ‘over-recording’ of covid deaths was deemed useful by certain covid ‘entities’ (naming no names!) to support those models with which we keep being scared and which are the reason for lockdowns.

Let’s round off today’s disparate covid news with a segment in this morning’s Newsletter from Lockdown sceptics (link). It’s about the puzzle that the rate of ‘infections’ isn’t declining as much as was expected after results in the previous weeks. Of course, it must be the fault of us peasants, for going out and disregarding the lockdown rules.

I wonder though why nobody asks why our ‘rule-breaking’ should be dangerous when hospital admissions and death rates are falling on the one hand and more people are already vaccinated on the other. I would of course never even think that perhaps, just perhaps, we’re already observing that dreaded herd immunity in action, and that perhaps we’re seeing the beginning of us ‘living with covid’ as just another one of those corona viruses of which there are so many afflicting us.

As for that Scottish fish stew which has forced opinion writers in the MSM to take their eyes of covid, I think Sir John Redwood’s attitude is the most recommendable. He writes in his diary this morning that he has no intention of rushing to judgement or intervention (link).

Just so: we’ve only had the one fish yesterday – let’s have the other before we talk about the end of the SNP and the value of devolution, before we point fingers at the creator of that particular kettle of fish …




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