An Act of Covid Defiance: ‘Deck the Halls’ 


It’s panic stations all round in No 10 as well as in Brussels. Barnier is apparently trying a last-ditch ‘offer’ to Frosty – he’s arrived in London last night for more talks. Gove and presumably BJ and their helpers are trying to buy off Tory ‘rebels’. Since the EU negotiations have been what one might call ‘leak-proofed’, all we get in the Westminster MSM is gossip from ‘figures’. The covid government ‘figures’ are less coy and their appeals are splashed across the papers, even unto an ‘official’ article by Gove in The Times.

In a lovely little change to their previous custom, the MSM are now using the expression ‘figure’ or ‘figures’ in their reports. ‘Tis a simplification, they no longer need to mention ‘sources’, ‘senior sources’, ‘government sources’, ‘officials’, ‘diplomats’ – always anonymous. It certainly saves time and covers all reporting sins.

A brief look at the negotiations first: the Brussels mouthpiece, i.e. the DT “Brussels correspondent’ Mr James Crisp has a report under a blaring headline which gives the game away:

“Brexit fishing breakthrough close, with EU set to recognise British sovereignty over UK waters – Senior Government figures believe tentative compromise is prelude for EU to cave to other demands next week” (paywalled link)

In other words, this is another little nudge where anonymous ‘figures’ believe something which may or may not have some foundation in reality. This article was published yesterday evening at 9.30pm. A RemainCentral article, published early this morning, i.e. at 12.01am, seems to refute it. Amazingly, their report was written by one of their political editors, not by their Brussels correspondent:

“Michel Barnier was accused last night of making a “derisory” offer on post-Brexit fishing rights as tensions flared before a critical round of negotiations beginning in London today. The EU’s chief negotiator was reported to have told European ambassadors that as part of a free-trade deal he was preparing to offer the government between 15 per cent and 18 per cent of the fish quota caught at present in British waters. The proposal, which was confirmed by British officials, has been dismissed by London amid concerns on both sides that compromise may be impossible to reach.” (link, paywalled)

The usual EU wails, of Brussels having compromised so much but the nasty UK hasn’t, is of course par for the course. Meanwhile Mr Crisp smuggles in a remark about a transition period – but as it’s only gossip from ‘figures’, I’m not sure if it’s reliable information. After all, Crisp writes ‘could’, not ‘is’:

“A Brexit breakthrough on fishing could be close, with the EU set to formally recognise British sovereignty over UK waters, […] Brussels has also accepted a British proposal for a transition period on fishing rights after January 1, but there is no agreement on how long it should last or how it should work. A fishing transition period would give Britain time to build up its fleet to catch its increased quota and EU fishermen more time to adapt to a smaller share of the fish in UK waters. Senior Government figures believe that tentative compromise is a prelude for the EU to cave to other British demands on fishing in the coming week of intensified negotiations in London.” (paywalled link)

Is or isn’t there such proposal? Who knows! To balance these ‘revelations’ in the MSM, there is, as always, one antidote, the reports by our friends at facts4eu. You can find their latest article here – highly recommended!

And so to covid and the tiers-madness. In an unsavoury reminder that politics is about buying off opponents with ‘gifts’, government ministers are apparently doing just that, trying to get Tory Rebels to vote for the absurd tiers policy by proposing to de-couple some rural areas with a low covid ‘incidence’ from the surrounding areas which are in a higher tier (paywalled link). 

This, if anything, shows that the tier system and this covid government isn’t about our health but only about having and keeping their ‘boots on the neck’ – not of the ‘covid beast’, as BJ quipped in an inappropriate remark day before yesterday, but on us. It’s about one thing only ‘Saving the Scared Cow’. Gove couldn’t be more clear. The Times, which published his ‘essay’ (link, paywalled), has this summary:

“Every hospital in England faces being overwhelmed with Covid-19 cases if MPs fail to back the government’s tough new restrictions, Michael Gove has warned. Amid a growing Conservative backbench rebellion over the tiering system, the Cabinet Office minister is calling on MPs to “take responsibility for difficult decisions” to prevent further spread of the disease.” (link, paywalled)

I did read the Gove essay, taking one ‘for the team’. Its tone is patronising while bursting with flowery phrases. Gove seems to have copied JRM’s way of addressing the HoC in his business statements. It made my toenails curl up. It’s an appeal to Tory MPs to to ‘share’ the responsibility for this disastrous tier policy: BJ and his Tory MPs must be seen to be ‘in it together’. 

Science doesn’t come into it, and when it does come it’s only the “SAGE Science” which is permitted to be heard. They ‘expect’ rising case numbers thanks to the Christmas break and are already nudging us by nudging BJ to prepare for the harder tier 3 restrictions next year. The non-paywalled report in the DM has details (link).

If SAGE has its way – and they surely will – these restrictions will last until Easter 2021 which falls on the 4th April. Allegedly these ‘lifting up into the higher tier’ policies were the price SAGE demanded from government for their ‘permission’ to allow us plebs that Christmas Break. Their ‘reasoning’ is simply a-ma-zing! See this:

“They advised that the break be less than a week, below the incubation period of the virus, to ensure that people who caught the virus over Christmas did not then pass it on to others. “This may limit the increase to one doubling in prevalence,” Sage said. […] There was also concern that people travelling around the country would seed infections where the virus had not previously taken hold.” (link, paywalled)

Words, yet again, fail me! In the eyes of SAGE and the covid government we’re all lepers, threatening to kill off not our grannies and gramps but the ‘Sacred NHS’ which we’ll surely overwhelm unless we’re kept under lock and key. Voluntarily, of course.

Remember the gossip in summer, of perhaps making people ring A & E for appointments? The NHS has run pilot schemes over the summer and is now going to roll it out across the nation:

Next week, the NHS will run a TV campaign and billboard adverts urging people to use the [111] phoneline to secure an appointment at their local casualty unit. Health officials said the reforms will mean those with an “urgent but not life-threatening” medical need can get seen in A&E more quickly. They said the changes would result in shorter waiting times and less crowding because the service will also be able to book other types of medical assistance, such as a GP appointment, reducing the numbers that end up in A&E and cutting the risk of Covid spread.” (paywalled link)

These pilot scheme haven’t been evaluated, but never mind that – it’s all about saving ‘Our NHS’ from covid. We mustn’t ‘Kill Our Sacred Cow’ by overwhelming it with our insignificant illnesses! Better ask Dr Google before bothering ‘Our NHS’, even though actual doctors really wish we wouldn’t.

Then there are the pettifogging ‘rulz’ which local tinpot dictators are handing out. The worst, the absolute pits is that they’ve banned care homes from putting up Christmas decorations, according to a report dug out by LockdownSceptics (link). Furthermore, there are some rare reports putting huge question marks on MSM articles about ‘teh science’ and ‘teh tests’. The DM published one such, about ‘errors’ in an NHS lab (link) which meant that perfectly well people were told to isolate. Will anyone investigate if there are similar cases?

It must have become clear by now that any report which doesn’t toe the line won’t see the light of day. When even a study on covid deaths by the Johns Hopkins University – not precisely known for being a nest of antivaxer conspiracists – is taken down after publication we all know who ‘governs’ the ‘covid science’ (link).

Therefore, don’t expect any critical articles in the Covid MSM about vaccines and their possible side effects. “We” must trust the official science, after all, mustn’t we! Do expect local branches of the covid stasi to check you out though – the DM reports how this works (link). Well, that’s what we predicted when the covid app was rolled out – that it’s foolish to trust this covid government with private data, made available thanks to their covid smartphone app.

I leave you with the latest ‘science’ news: Chinese scientists now claim covid originated in India in 2019 before it was transmitted to the innocent people in Wuhan (link), having previously pointed their fingers at other countries.

While this can be filed under ‘blatant propaganda’ one might however ask a totally unscientific question: might it be the case that covid has been with us for a long time, unrecognised because the virus hadn’t yet been identified? Perhaps the deaths now claimed for covid were previously labelled ‘respiratory illnesses’ and ‘flu’ since there were no tests for covid at that time? If you want to spin this thought further, wondering about the reason for and use of all those lockdowns – be my guest!

Meanwhile, get the Christmas decorations out, now! Deck your halls in defiance of the lockdowinans, the local tinpot dictators, the BJ-tiers and the SAGEs.




Photo by Close to Home

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