We soon won’t see their likes any more


I couldn’t take the day off today. I had to write this ‘Sunday Special’ because I am incandescent with rage. The latest government proposal is the reason. They are seriously thinking about locking the elderly and the younger ‘shielded’ in their homes, forever. This proposal, ‘exclusively revealed’ in the DT’s top article this morning is illustrated by other articles both in the DT and in The Times.

My anger was kicked off by the DT’s headline “Elderly may be asked to stay at home under ministers’ blueprint to avoid new lockdown”. The rationale for this, for the accompanying ‘measures’, are breathtaking:

“Boris Johnson has asked officials to prepare a suite of possible measures that could help avoid shutting down the economy for a second time, after he said that he wanted to avoid another lockdown. The options include a programme of “enhanced” or “differential” shielding, as part of which vulnerable people would be asked to remain at home while the rest of the population continued to move around freely. One proposal is for the shielded group to be allocated specific times of the week to have exclusive access to some services and shops.” (paywalled link)

‘Calming word’s aside, this looks like the ghettoisation of people not based on race – we do remember our history of the early 20th century, don’t we! – but on age and health, as the elderly, regardless of their fitness, and the younger, less healthy cohorts are banned from the public spaces in our towns and cities. I am not exaggerating, they are drawing up plans:

“Officials from the Cabinet Office’s Covid-19 unit are understood to have suggested an enhanced shielding programme as part of a series of possible alternatives to a national lockdown. Mr Johnson has now sanctioned the team to develop the options into formal policy proposals.” (paywalled link)

Words fail me! They’re actually going to make these proposal into ‘formal policies’. It’s no longer a ‘war game’.  Here are some details which made me gasp with outrage. It’s not sufficient that those ‘at risk’ are told to stay behind their locked doors, here are some administrative details:

“Under the proposals, a greater number of people would be asked to take part in the shielding programme, based on their age or particular risk factors that have been identified since March. […] Officials have also stated that people with diabetes, heart disease and dementia all appear to be at higher risk of death.” (paywalled link)

It’s not as if the unfortunate elderly with dementia are roaming the streets, is it! Will anyone of any age with diabetes or ‘heart disease’ now also be incarcerated in their homes, ‘just in case’? Are they not on medication allowing them to lead a life as normal as possible? This next bit is even more worrying:

“A Government source said: “The shielding list was binary, you’re either on it or you’re not. Now we know more, we can be more sophisticated about it.” (paywalled link)

Indeed, government can be ‘more sophisticated’ about it! Now they have data of all those who needed to tell e.g. grocery superstores that they had to shield themselves, in order to have delivery slots allocated. If you think those grocery superstores won’t collaborate with government and hand over their data, think again. After all, we’re in ‘a war’ and different rules apply!

The Times has helpfully and uncritically reported from that war-gaming cabinet meeting. If you think their and the DT’s ‘sources’ weren’t given the green light to leak, then better think again! These articles are trial ballots for government to gauge our reactions. The language, the expressions, are frightening in their implications:

“The prime minister convened a war gaming exercise last Wednesday in No 10 that could also pave the way for draconian travel restrictions in and out of London and at Britain’s airports if the virus flares up in the capital. When the prime minister paused the lifting of the lockdown last week he compared the prospect of a full national lockdown to a “nuclear deterrent” that should be used only as a last resort. But behind the scenes aides say he is demanding tactical nuclear weapons in his armoury to combat Covid-19.” (link, paywalled)

What is it with Johnson, Sunak and the rest, playing ‘war games’, using militaristic language! Does Johnson really believe this is what Churchill would have done? And look at those ‘tactical nuclear weapons’ he’s demanding. It’s not just a ‘more sophisticated’ ghettoisation of all who are either old or ill or both, there’s also talk of ghettoising all who live inside the M25:

“in Wednesday’s war game he agreed that if infections rose significantly, overnight stays in London would be banned, Londoners could be subject to stay-at-home orders, and close-contact services such as hairdressers would close. […] Most controversially, the ministers concluded that people would be advised not to travel in and out of the capital, raising the prospect of restrictions on those inside the M25. “That would be the border point,” an insider said.” (link, paywalled)

Are they for real? Will any travellers arriving at the London airports be locked out because: ‘quarantine’? Does Sunak have any idea about the effect on the country’s economy this would have? Or are they relying on the quarantine ‘exemptions’ government has worked out? We reported this a few days ago – look it up on the government site again.

Next, look at how these war-gamers are talking about their planned ghettoisation of ‘special groups’:

“The third and final discussion was on what Whitehall officials called the “frog boiling” scenario, when the prevalence of the virus increases gradually but inexorably across the entire country, with local lockdowns failing to prevent “many local fires becoming a wider conflagration”. Johnson sanctioned work to go ahead on plans for “enhanced shielding”, which would see the number of people judged clinically vulnerable and urged to stay at home increased from the current total of 2.2 million to “a much wider group”. (link, paywalled)

‘Local fires’, ‘wider conflagration’: omigawd, we’re so scared – measures must be taken! It’s about that ‘2nd wave’. This is still only based on case numbers, “caused” not by a ‘conflagration’ but by more testing. Hospitals are not overwhelmed – you can bet your last shirt that ‘Our MSM’ would have been full of scare stories of CV-19 victims swamping ‘Our NHS’.

Their ‘tactical nuclear weapon’ apparently consists in writing ‘personalised’ letters to everyone deemed to be ‘at risk’ because ‘scientists’ now know better who all fall into that category. Will Johnson tell us personally to ‘stay in your house, you’re a leper’? I suspect however that this ‘tailored’ approach will be used to “encourage” the elderly to take up whatever vaccine will be presented, regardless of side effects.

You’ll be relieved to learn that this ‘plan’ is not yet ‘policy’, but don’t worry, ‘they’ are working on it even while realising that this might be ever so slightly ‘controversial:’

“It is likely that this would mean people being put in tiered risk levels but would be controversial because it could be depicted as quarantine by age. Most of those affected, if the shielding plans are adopted, are likely to be over 65. Johnson has ordered the Covid-19 taskforce to work up options but officials stress that the plan is not yet policy.” (link, paywalled)

These clever clogs call it ‘segmentation approach’. They will ‘spell out the risk factors’ so that all know why they should stay ‘out of harm’s way’, especially ‘when it gets colder’. They seem certain that we’ll all comply. Hasn’t that mask-wearing exercise shown government that frightened people are willing to comply even with medically nonsensical measures? Here’s a lovely explanation by one of those war-gaming civil serpents:

“A No 10 source said: “Another national lockdown is like our nuclear deterrent — we will never rule it out but it should be the very last resort in the fight against Covid. That is why the PM ordered officials to deliver a menu of policy options. Where there are smaller outbreaks, like we saw in the northwest this week, there should be fast, targeted, local action. However, if this fails we need other options, so officials have been told to work up measures such as enhanced shielding and tough quarantine.” (link, paywalled)

‘Tough quarantine’ – what is that? Only opening your door to take in food while wearing a mask? You’ll be glad to hear that all this is in line with WHO ‘advice’ where one of their officials has stated that local lockdowns are much to be preferred, warning against ‘a return to national lockdowns’ (link). That means that anyone criticising Johnson’s ‘tactical nuclear weapons’ on social media will be banned by their WHO ‘police’.

It is irrelevant that this hysterical war-gaming was based on that ‘orrible rise of case numbers by 14 cases. It’s also irrelevant that the ‘test-and-trace’ exercise is failing, as The Times reports (link, paywalled). We’ve reported on that situation weeks ago.The effect of these war games on the economy are equally irrelevant. Ross Clark describes in his opinion piece in the DT these ‘exercises’ as ‘knee-jerk and arbitrary’, concluding:

“The government has let it be known it is prepared to react suddenly and furiously to small changes in Covid-19 infection rates. It seems to have no corresponding concern about the ever-more dramatic unemployment statistics.” (paywalled link)

One wonders why Sunak is suddenly so unconcerned about that effect – a few more unemployed are apparently another set of ‘collateral damage’.

And finally – here’s the first indication that we’re gently being prepared for that coming ghettoisation of the elderly. None other than Hannan the Judas Goat comes out in the DT with this remark:

“Older people, though more vulnerable to the disease itself, have not been so inconvenienced by the measures aimed at arresting it.” (paywalled link

Yes, ‘older people’ have been fine under lockdown, especially those elderly waiting for operations cancer treatment. Be prepared to become another statistic under ‘collateral damage’ should you become ill. Older people simply must do ‘their bit’, even unto hardened quarantine’, for the sake of the rest of the population, those rubber-dingy incomers included.

So shut up, stay indoors, do your bit and shoulder the burden of irrational fear driving Johnson and Whitehall – a fear perpetuated by ‘Our MSM’. I’ll now go and smash some plates – after all, being incarcerated, I won’t be allowed to have and feed visitors. One plate will be sufficient for my needs. Is it worthwhile to still




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