You’ll have heard or read by now how much of our money Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is going to give back to us in one form or another. It was very difficult for ‘Our MSM’ – more and more guardian-like across the board – to criticise it, but criticise some of them did already.

They were taking their cue from the Labour Shadow Chancellor, Ms Dodds. She of course had to declare that it wasn’t enough and that Sunak had ‘put off the big decisions until later’ (link). That’s shocking because in a still fluid situation, especially in regard to the economy, everything must of course be cast in iron, now! It is, after all, only about our, the taxpayers’ money, which must be taken from us and given away in tiny dribs and drabs.

‘Our MSM’ still haven’t understood the role they played in this CV-19 Lockdown shambles as a DT editor demonstrates, digging the MSM hole even deeper in her criticism of Sunak’s ‘mini-budget’. According to her, the “Chancellor’s bribes are not enough – we need to feel that ministers have the situation under control”, leaving one to puzzle: did she expected more ‘bribes’? And why do we ‘need to feel’ (not ‘know’!) that ministers have things under control?

In the same comment she declares that it’s actually impossible to have control because the threat of CV-19 and further Lockdowns haven’t gone away. Indeed not, and ‘Our MSM’ are straining every sinew to keep us trembling inside our hovels – that’s now bad, you understand. She writes:

“The deal the country took earlier this year was clear. The Government shut down the economy in order to protect public health and in turn it bore much of the cost, with the reassurance that this was all a temporary blip. Now, it’s trying to undo the lockdown and start drawing back the support, but it hasn’t done enough in the meantime to make us believe the worst is really over. Some of the risk is outside its control. The inherent danger of contagion means the vulnerable are still in hiding, it is hard to spend money and normal activity can only resume up to a limit. But the ruinous extent of the damage is due to policy and institutional failure.” (paywalled link)

Note that ‘government bore the cost’ – not us taxpayers. And note that the economic damage, caused by the screams by ‘Our MSM’, for ‘Lockdown now’, constitutes ‘institutional failure’. 

Let’s look at another item which ‘Our MSM’ use to keep us inside while bashing Johnson. It must be wonderful to be blessed with prophetic gifts, knowing in January already that this catastrophe was coming our way. Funny though that these prophecies hadn’t made it into the January issues of the dailies! Funny that this has been crammed into the MSM’s institutional (see – I can use that word as well as any MSM editor!) memory hole.

So, in a report about Johnson and Starmer trying to make each other apologise for the Care Home Deaths, The Times wails today that Johnson had acknowledged that:

“we just didn’t know” about transmission of coronavirus by people without symptoms, despite warnings stretching back to January.” (link, paywalled)

None of us knew, certainly not in January. Now see the feeble attempts by The Times to turn this into the crime of, well, at least this decade, illustrated by trying to establish a timeline:

“Chinese officials first raised concerns that the virus could spread before symptoms showed in late January and on the 28th of that month the UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies noted that “there is limited evidence of asymptomatic transmission, but early indications imply some is occurring”. Throughout February, studies made it clearer that some people never showed symptoms and could be an infection risk.” (link, paywalled)

‘Our MSM’ are blessed with the perfect gifts of both infallible prophecy and perfect hindsight. At the time when nobody else knew anything, when ‘experts’ were using ‘could, might, may’, hedging their bets, sorry: advice, they wrote about it – oh wait, they didn’t. Now, with perfect hindsight they tell us what really should have been done: anything ‘government’ didn’t do at the time. What a perfect world ‘Our MSM’ live in!

There’s more. Some of the sums which government has shelled out were published. Spending our money on what the MSM wanted then – now is bad:

“The taxpayer has stumped up £10 billion for the Government’s bungled test and trace system, it emerged on Wednesday night. Calls for an inquiry mounted after it emerged the taxpayer has also spent an “eye-watering” £15 billion on PPE amid scrutiny of the Government’s procurement process. Campaigners blasted officials for an “enormous waste” of public money after PPE and the NHS’s bungled testing and contact tracing programmes accounted for almost four-fifths of extra health spending.” (link)

This is obviously government’s fault, never that of ‘Our NHS’ quangos – and never ever that of the daily, hourly screams from the MSM that ‘something must be done now’. Of course this spending ought to be justified, as Ms Hillier (Lab), chairman of Parliament’s public accounts committee, demands. In the same breath though she also demands that government must “present a detailed plan to ensure there would not be shortages in a second wave” (link) – well, that’s what socialists do: five year plans are good! The Times thankfully reminds us why this money was being sloshed around:

“The chancellor made an open-ended commitment to fund the fight against the virus near the start of the crisis. “Whatever extra resources our NHS needs to cope with coronavirus, it will get,” he said in his budget speech on March 11. “Whether it is research for a vaccine, recruiting thousands of returning staff or supporting our brilliant doctors and nurses — whether it is millions of pounds or billions of pounds — whatever it needs, whatever it costs, we stand behind our NHS.” (link, paywalled)

This cannot be criticised: it was for ‘Our NHS’! However, even with perfect hindsight, it’s odd that ‘Our MSM’ didn’t foresee that which many of us peasants predicted, namely that giving a blank cheque, especially to ‘Our NHS’ would become very expensive very quickly, with spending running out of control.

Meanwhile, ‘Our MSM’ report uncritically that Sir Mark Sedwill is getting a golden good-bye handshake to the tune of an extra  £250,000 (here, and paywalled here). They seem to think this is highly justified because, according to Sedwill:

“I haven’t resigned. The Prime Minister and I agreed I should step down, by agreement. That was essentially because we had concluded it was time to split the jobs again and have a separate security adviser and separate cabinet secretary,” he said.” (link)

What we read in the next paragraph though is extraordinary:

“However, this newspaper [the DT] reported that sources said Sir Mark was “fighting to stay as National Security Adviser” and was resigned to losing his post as Cabinet Secretary when his departure was announced last month. The move was seen as part of a shake-up of the Civil Service by Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s chief aide.” (link)

It’s even more extraordinary when they next report Sedwill’s remarks, about how unfair all those ‘secret briefings’ were because the poor civil servants cannot reply. One wonders if Sedwill is unaware that his own ‘senior Whitehall sources’ did those briefings. He, of course, never ever did any such thing in his long career as Mandarin! However, the observation of Ms Hillier (Lab) crowns it all, showing that, as far as Labour is concerned, Whitehall is as untouchable as ‘Our Sacred Cow’:

“Meg Hillier, the Labour chairwoman of the Commons public accounts committee, said: “This letter and payment confirms that in the middle of this pandemic and economic meltdown the PM sacked the country’s top civil servant. The PM uses taxpayers like an ATM to sack a capable civil servant at a time when experience is so vitally needed.” (link, paywalled)

Labour has of course never used taxpayers ‘as ATM’, they’ve only abused us as permanent cash cows. It’s Ms Hillier’s secret what Sedwill has brought to the government table during the “reign of SAGE”,  making him unsackeable.

I leave you with the news that, according to ‘a poll’ YouGov conducted in European countries, ‘Brits are not welcome’:

“British holidaymakers are pariahs in Europe at the moment, with many people on the continent wanting them to “stay away” this summer […] People in France, Spain, Italy and Germany were more opposed to British tourists than those from any other European country. Only visitors from China and the United States were less welcome than Britons because of the high coronavirus infection rate. The Spanish were particularly opposed, with 61 per cent wanting a ban on Britons entering the country.” (link, paywalled)

Never mind that ‘Our MSM’, with their incessant articles about how badly ‘we’ did, that ‘we’ are the worst CV-19 country with the most deaths are the actual cause of making us ‘pariahs’, something gleefully copied by the European media! It’s somewhat reassuring to read though that:

“Surprisingly perhaps, the YouGov poll also found that the vast majority of Britons were not interested in travelling abroad anyway: only 21 per cent of those questioned said they “would be willing to consider” visiting France and Spain this summer, with 18 per cent opting for Germany and 17 per cent for Italy.” (link, paywalled)

I wonder if those Brits ‘willing to consider travelling’ are the Westminster bubble dwellers who don’t need to fear losing their job, who’ve been furloughed on full pay. After the months of ‘Fear & Hysteria’ in “Our MSM”, there’s another unintended consequence coming to light:

“The pandemic had “clearly made people reluctant to travel abroad”, the researchers said. “The vast majority of people who might normally consider going on holiday are refusing to do so specifically because of coronavirus.” (link, paywalled)

Who could have predicted that! Don’t say that ‘Our MSM’ have lost their gift of prophecy!

Ah well – perhaps we’d better stay at home and go to eateries and restaurants in August, to spend the £10 (tops), Monday to Wednesday, which kind Rishi is giving us from our money. It’s to ‘save the economy’, so let’s do our patriotic duty and never mind about piling on the pounds of flesh – government will certainly make us slim down later!





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