Covid turns out to be a nice little earner – for some!


It’s back to ‘covid normal’ and back to Hancock. No need to question BJ’s self-imposed quarantine, no need to wonder about ‘Frost in Brussels’ when there’s such a wonderful thing like another covid vaccine to write about! 

Let’s look at that latest entry in the covid vaccine race. The producer is called ‘Moderna’, a US firm. This morning’s headlines are all jubilant but already raise the first question not about safety – such trivial concern – but about who is ’first in line’ and why “we” haven’t ordered this earlier. After all, the firm presented their results to the papers ‘under embargo’, i.e. they had to wait with publication until a given time – so surely Hancock’s band must have been able to fix a deal before the world ‘knew’?

We’re told that such embargoes are fine and that the rise of Moderna’s stock on the Footsie is purely coincidental. You might also like to know that the embargo and announcement were done by a PR firm:

“The US ­drugmaker briefed journalists on data showing its jab is nearly 95pc effective against coronavirus, almost an hour before publishing the details.Its public announcement at 11.56am sent the FTSE 100 surging more than 1pc in minutes on a wave of optimism. […] The London index closed up 1.7pc on the day. There is no suggestion Moderna broke any rules.” (paywalled link)

Yay for Moderna and all those scientific researchers! Of course no journalist would say anything to anybody from ‘embargoed’ news – of course not! Furthermore, the explanation given for such embargoes confirms our impression that most of the MSM journalists aren’t of the caliber they used to be:

“Embargoes are seen as useful because they allow the media to prepare news stories ahead of major announcements, but some market watchers said they pose a risk of leaks if data can move share prices.” (paywalled link)

And right there is the proof that the MSM loves to publish PR material which they had time to ‘prepare’, or rather: to copy & paste, to rush it out on time. Since we’re increasingly governed by a shadowy cabal of interconnected MSM editors and government ministers who are handled by their mandarins and PR gurus, this doesn’t bode well. Decisions and announcements aren’t scrutinised but are fed to us as ‘truth’. 

Ross Clark in the Speccie has used the time of that Modena PR embargo and makes some points which are of concern. He point out that this vaccine needs only to be stored at -20ºC, so that’s already better than Pfizer’s. However, while the Moderna data have been approved by the US government’s Data Safety Monitoring Board this is not yet the go-ahead, it’s not the official approval (paywalled link). It’s also an mRNA-based vaccine, just like Pfizer’s. Never mind that though, there are ‘no serious side effects’, there are ‘only’ these:

“There is a little more data on the side-effects of the Moderna vaccine. Of those given the vaccine, 2.7 per cent reported pain at the site on injection, 9.7 per cent reported fatigue, 8.9 per cent myalgia (muscle pain), 5.2 per cent arthralgia (joint pain) and 4.5 per cent reported having headaches. As with the Pfizer vaccine, two injections are required.”  (paywalled link)

‘Tis the nature of the beast, ahem: the vaccine that the injection feels like getting symptoms reminiscent of covid. I wonder though, given how many times we’ve heard of ‘long covid’ and how it ruins lives, if one long-term side effect might be ‘long covid’. We won’t know because the few months the vaccines were on trial are not geared to investigate long-term effects. 

But let’s not mention any of this – the remark Hancock let drop, in answer to ‘why aren’t we first or 2nd in line’ is indicative for the covid-madness prevailing in Our MSM, a madness where the ‘lates breaking news’ are used to drive government policy:

“Matt Hancock, the health secretary, brushed off suggestions that the government should have moved earlier to secure a larger supply from Moderna, saying that the jab “doesn’t come on-stream until the spring” and “it’s critical that we’ve been buying the first vaccines that will be available”. […] However, once interim results were announced Alok Sharma, the business secretary, and vaccine officials worked “full steam ahead” to finalise a deal, under which Britain will pay the same price as the EU and the US, thought to be just under $25 a dose.” (link, paywalled)

I’m sure Rishi will be delighted to shell out more of our money! But then see the next Hancock statement – it made my toenails curl up:

“The health secretary urged caution pending safety data, but declared in Downing Street: “Great advances in medical science are coming to the rescue — and while there is much uncertainty, we can see the candle of hope and we must do all we can to nurture its flame.” (link, paywalled)

Who the fluff writes such stuff? Who can pronounce this without cringing? Can we really take this seriously? Apparently we must – because behind this purple prose lurk the latest government ‘measures’, using fear & hysteria again. It’s about the prospect of a Lockdown Christmas because ‘it’s too early to know if the measures have worked’ when the present prison sentence is lifted on the 2nd of December, according to ‘Our Covid’ minister even though BJ’s spokesman is a bit more upbeat:

“The Prime Minister’s spokesman had taken a more positive stance, saying: “Those measures will be coming to an end on December 2. They will expire in law. We are committed to setting out next week what the replacement regime will be. That will be a return to the localised approach, and we are actively working on those plans at the moment.” (paywalled link)

Quarantined BJ will have nothing to say – or rather, he won’t be heard in the MSM even if he did have something to say nor will the HoC peacocks, not that they’d do anything except cave in to more covid restrictions. Their vote on the current lockdown has made that perfectly clear. No amount of emails and letters from us has swayed them, and the “Science” is again used by SAGEs to prepare us for grim lockdown times ahead. 

Then there are concerns by experts about that ‘Moonshot’ mass testing (Cummings’ fault, dontcha know!), the pilot scheme being run currently in Liverpool. Check out this morning’s LockdownSceptic’s newsletter (link)  where you’ll find chapter and verse.

These are valid concerns, but there are two points which aren’t addressed. I would like to know for example why these concerns weren’t raised before this pilot scheme started, and why the same arguments cannot be made for the common-or-garden PCR test. I’d also like to know why nobody asks about the role the MSM have played in encouraging people to flock to get tested. 

Joining the dots made in those reports, on future lockdown measures and a vaccination ‘programme’, I’m not feeling cheerful, especially when Hancock was put on the spot about mandatory covid vaccination:

“Health Secretary Matt Hancock has refused to rule out making a coronavirus vaccine mandatory, suggesting ministers could consider it if initial take up is lower than expected. On Monday he insisted the Government was not “proposing” compulsory vaccination, pointing out a number of people would be unable to take it for medical reasons. However, when asked whether he could rule it out in future, Mr Hancock said he had learned “not to rule things out” during the pandemic, adding: “We have to watch what happens and you have to make judgments accordingly.” (paywalled link

Indeed he and ‘government’ can’t possibly ‘rule’ anything out! Why? Because, just as with the question of ‘moar Lockdown’, they ‘don’t have sufficient data’! Data presented by eminent non-SAGE scientists are of course suspect and need not be mentioned even though they are using government-own data.

Thus I expect a ‘Government’ and Covid-MSM driven PR exercise of huge proportions to make us rabbits flock to get the vaccine. If we don’t we’ll be made to. It’s again about nudging us into proper behaviour, with the carrot-and-stick method:

“[A] Government source said while ministers were focused on encouraging voluntary take up, “nothing could be ruled out” at this stage. A second Government source added: “This is not our preferred option, we have always operated on the basis of educating people about vaccines to ensure a system of informed consent. If there was an effective vaccine, and because of low uptake we were still seeing deaths in large numbers, then we would have to consider it.” (paywalled link

“Deaths in large numbers” – oh, I’m sure we’ll be seeing those alright because the NHS database about death by, of, with covid is now such a hopeless mess that anyone dying of a respiratory disease will be labelled ‘covid death’, driving up the numbers, thus providing ‘government’ with reasons for any measures even unto mandatory vaccination.

And finally, there’s more ‘news’ in support of Labour’s initiative of making “anti-vaxx statements” illegal. A DT columnist published her opinion piece under this headline:

“People are being infected by anti-vaxx lies – and that should be made illegal – An anti-vaxxer could infect 1.2 people and 1.2 more after that; it’s the wilful infection of our parents, grandparents and friends” (paywalled link).

Serious criticism of the covid vaccines means one is a horrid anti-vaxxer and a granny killer! Jail them, innit like! This is the ‘perfect’ covid commentary – and no comments permitted on this piece.

I leave you with a blast from the past. Remember ‘Tamiflu’? It’s only 11 years ago that this anti-swine-flu drug was developed and stockpiled by government, at a cost of £0.5 billion (link). It’s only seven years ago that 6.5 million doses had to be destroyed because they hadn’t been stored properly (link). Only six years ago we were told that it worked no better than taking paracetamol, in an excellent article (link) written by Ben Goldacre. He’s now working at Prof Henegan’s CEBM.

Ah – but there was a certain Prof Ferguson who predicted in his model that this swine flu was going to cause 65.000 deaths, wasn’t there! Only 465 actually died (paywalled link). And that’s why “we” had bought Tamiflu, hadn’t we, which was as useful as paracetamol. 

Any parallels to the current covid ‘pandemic’ and the covid vaccines are of course utterly and totally coincidental! You must believe that if you don’t want to be called ‘anti-vaxxer’ and deemed worthy of imprisonment in a real prison, not just lockdowned behind your own door …




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