In the news for the wrong reason: the Leader of the Loyal Opposition


It’s only two and a half weeks to the Local Elections, so our dear leaders have been hitting the road to do some electioneering. Their minions were out as well. For the first time since 2016 I’ve actually had a person, a male Labour member, ringing my doorbell – as opposed to just stuffing a leaflet through my letterbox. He was fully muzzled up, complying with the covid rulz imposed by his party leader Mr Dripford.

No, I didn’t take his flyer – it could’ve been covid-infested, couldn’t it: he wasn’t wearing gloves, after all. No, I didn’t engage in a lively debate: my resident collie had taken an instant dislike to him and was barking her head off, standing right behind me, making discourse impossible. 

This morning there’s only one issue agitating ‘Our MSM’: football and that proposed super-club-league or whatever it’ll be called. Sir Keir Starmer must be very glad because he therefore didn’t make the front pages. By now everybody with access to utube has seen the video clip of that pub landlord in Bath, being manhandled by a Labour ‘security’ minion, shouting to Starmer to get out of his pub. In case you missed it or want to refresh your memory – here’s a clip. 

It’s illuminating to see how our broadsheets report this event. For example, the pub owner is labelled as ‘anti-lockdown landlord’ who ‘got into physical altercations’ with one of Starmer’s ’security detail’ (link, paywalled). Note this for future reference: if a Labour security minion manhandles you inside your own property, it’s you who got into ‘physical altercations’.

There was a prequel to this scene. In the street, in front of his pub, the landlord had told Starmer what he thought of Labour’s support for those lockdowns. Why Starmer thought it was ok to go into that pub afterwards – well, ‘tis covid madness month, innit.

However, this is a perfect example of the haughty attitude those ‘leaders’ adopt as default when talking down to us plebs. Starmer clearly thought that, after having told off that landlord, it should’ve been business as usual with him entering that pub unhindered, especially since Starmer had that security detail which clearly was ‘detailed’ to protect him from such plebeian anti-lockdown sceptics, even unto trying forcefully to prevent the landlord from entering his own property.

In the aftermath Labour spokespeople were working hard at damage control. The Times reports that “a Labour source said that Humphris [the landlord] manhandled a female member of Starmer’s staff during the incident but that he later apologised.” (link, paywalled) – oh dear! So clearly that landlord is not only a lockdown sceptic, he’s a horrible man, ‘manhandling’ a female staff member. A nice little smear especially as there was no sign of that in the video clips as far as I could see.

The pub’s other owner also went on the defensive, apologising on Twitter and distancing himself from his colleague: “There was no intention by the Raven [that’s the pub’s name]  to hijack Keir Starmer’s visit to Bath. Rod’s opinion is his own.” (link, paywalled) – how mealymouthed can you get! 

Then there’s Labour’s official statement on that incident. It’s worth keeping on file because it illustrates how the Westminster politicians regard any of us who dares stand up against lockdowns and the rest of BJ’s covid measures, adopted with the support of that ‘loyal opposition’ led by Starmer:

“Labour’s press office said: “A clip circulating online shows Keir Starmer being confronted by someone spreading dangerous misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic. We will not be amplifying it. Keir argued that our NHS staff have been working tirelessly to protect public health and that restrictions, while painful, have been absolutely necessary to save lives.” (link, paywalled)

So now we know: any of us unwashed plebs who criticises these measures is ‘spreading dangerous misinformation’. Therefore the Westminster peacocks don’t have to engage with such ‘dangerous misinformers’ but can brush aside any criticism with the standard excuse that everything was necessary ‘to save lives’.

Just as social media moguls are banning people with different opinions on lockdowns and covid generally, never mind that some of them are outstanding scientists and doctors, politicians of Starmer’s ilk would apparently be only too happy to use force to stop those pesky ‘spreaders of dangerous misinformation’ in public places like a street, or even in private property like this pub. 

In other covid news we read that some other Labour peacocks went on the attack. No, they’re not demanding that restrictions be lifted earlier because of the ever falling covid death rates, with over 10m people now having had their 2nd jab. That’s what Tory backbenchers do. See this:

“The majority of older people have been fully vaccinated, while daily Covid-19 deaths have dropped below those from road accidents, new figures show. More than 10 million people – including three quarters of over 75s – have now had both doses, in a milestone which the Prime Minister hailed as “remarkable”. On Monday, MPs urged the Government to go faster in releasing Britain from lockdown, accusing ministers of following “dates not data”. (paywalled link)

Clearly these are not MPs of the ‘loyal opposition. Labour is instead bellyaching because India should’ve been put on that ‘Red List’ of forbidden countries two weeks ago, they now say:

“Ministers are facing questions over why arrivals were not banned immediately from India, which is now dealing with a second wave of the virus […]Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said the Government’s failure to introduce stronger restrictions at the border had left the country ‘exposed to mutations of the virus’. […] Meanwhile Labour chairwoman, Yvette Cooper, said the Covid variant from India had been under investigation for almost three weeks.” (link)

Ahem. Has there been a Labour outcry three weeks ago, demanding India be put on that Red List? I must have missed that. Must travel now be banned from any country where a ‘new variant’ crops up? In the above report in the DM there is a beautiful graph showing all those covid variants discovered as of now – scroll down a bit here. It’s like a poster for smarties, all rainbow colours. There are ten of them so far and I’ll hazard the guess that we’ll hear more about the less prominent ones in future, as reason to keep us in our lockdown prisons. 

But never fear – Hancock has now told us that come the autumn there’ll be a ‘booster jab’ rolled out for all the current jabbees, to ‘protect’ them from the SA variant which is allegedly weakening the ‘protection’. I guess that Big Pharma is working on ever more booster jabs to be given every six or perhaps three months because surely there will be more new variants, not just these piddling ten detected so far. After all, “we” must all be protected against any and all new variant, forever.

I hope you don’t believe our oh-so benevolent politicians when they tell us that covid will be ‘defeated’, that lockdown is the best way forward until everybody, children included, have had their two jabs plus booster jabs as and when deemed necessary by ‘experts’. Also disregard studies from Israel and here in the UK showing that the mass vaccination programme has already reduced case numbers, hospitalisation numbers and deaths in the over 60s (paywalled link). It’s about keeping us in perpetual fear so that we’ll accept whatever new flavour of lockdown they’re going to give us.

No tyrant will ever give up his powers voluntarily nor will tyrants-in-waiting demand that those powers be abolished. After all, when those tyrants and wannabe tyrants can disengage from public discourse by declaring that showing official statistics is akin to ‘spreading dangerous misinformation’, why would they abandon this ‘new normal’ way of “doing politics”, Zoom Parliament included?




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