“Bubble Dwellers”


It’s summer (yes, really – forget what’s happening outside your house!) and as happens every year, it’s the ‘Silly Season’ for ‘Our MSM’. Stories and reports are published which make the reader gasp with disbelief – provided that reader hasn’t succumbed to the incessant brainwashing we’ve all been exposed to ever since CV-19 stuck. In order of inanity I give you: Sir Keith Starmer (take the knee again, Sir!) – GPs – and the EU as ‘produced’ by M Barnier.

Item # 1: Sir Keith Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party. Taking the knee wasn’t enough. He has to do penance for dismissing the BLM protests:

“… as a “moment” in a BBC interview last week. The leader of the opposition went on to describe the organisation’s central demand of defunding the police as “nonsense” and was subsequently dismissed as a “cop in an expensive suit” by the movement’s Twitter account.” (link, paywalled)

Apologising to his Labour colleagues wasn’t sufficient. A black Labour member ‘challenged’ him on these remarks, so Sir Keith told:

“… a phone-in programme on LBC that he would be first in line to undertake a training course on unconscious bias for Labour staff. “I am going to lead from the top on this and do that training first,” he said.” (link, paywalled)

It’s irrelevant that this sort of training is dubious at best – there’s an argument that it fixates on interpersonal relationships but does nothing to address ‘institutional racism’, according to the Times report. Never mind that though:

“Labour made unconscious bias training compulsory for all of its staff in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in the US. It was already mandatory for Sir Keir’s staff, an overwhelming majority of whom are white, and those employed by his deputy, Angela Rayner.” (link, paywalled)

The idiocy of this virtue-signalling exercise aside, Starmer would obviously have had to undergo this training anyway. Announcing it on live radio however makes for a ‘good story’, gets him into the news at a time when the MSM are desperate to fill their pages, and gives him extra brownie points for being a super-virtue-signalling bloke. Well done everybody!

Item # 2: ‘Our GPs’. One of the discoveries of how CV-19 kills was that obese people are more at risk. Johnson has made the fight against fat one of his personal issues. So now we read that GPs could be paid (this comes out of our pockets, you understand) to send obese people to slimming courses:

“New draft proposals from executive non-departmental public body the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence say doctors should be incentivised to send Britons to schemes such as Weight Watchers. They are also examining ways to boost uptake of slimming classes. The new proposals say GPs should refer all obese adults to “weight management programmes” within three months of them being measured.” (link)

For ‘incentivised’ read ‘box-tick and receive some extra money for your surgery’. The same old hoary ideas of banning junk food adverts on prime time TV and the rest are back on the agenda. It’s irrelevant though that there aren’t enough places on such slimming programmes – boxes must be ticked! But what about this then:

“Dr Mike Smith, a GP in St Albans, said the “vast majority” of patients who are offered a referral to weight management services declined it, adding: “If everyone did consent to it, the concern would be that an already overwhelmed service would be flooded.” (link)

This time it’s different: the PM sez you must lose weight or you’ll die of CV-19. People can’t be allowed to stay fat! But there’s worse – ‘Our GPs’ won’t be able to do this box-ticking exercise properly because they’d have to weigh and measure patients. That will be impossible should another initiative become reality. The Royal College of Physicians, having looked at what happened at GP surgeries during Lockdown, believes that ‘the doctor will see you over a video link’ is the way forward:

“The report highlighted a positive spin-off from doctors conducting initial appointments virtually or on the phone, and seeing patients face to face only when they needed an examination. A key benefit was that GPs could respond to patients’ needs and decide the most appropriate mode of follow-up consultation, whether that was a face-to-face, video call or telephone, and vary its length, allowing longer consultations for those with more complex problems,” the report said. “As we look to the post-Covid landscape, there is a compelling case for general practice retaining total triage in order to better flex how consultations are delivered according to the needs and preferences of patients.” (link, paywalled)

Note well: ‘patients’ needs’ are determined by the GP, virtually, not by your actual need. Of course, ‘more research’ is needed, and of course money must be found to install the technological infrastructure in GP surgeries. That though is not the point – the point is that the GP or more probably a practice nurse at best, a harassed receptionist at worst, must do this triage.

But how can your GP send you to a slimming course when she cannot measure your waist herself? Will she believe your measurements? Will you have to present your nekkid tummy on video? Sometimes I wonder if GPs, in tune with “Our NHS”, wouldn’t be happier if they could do without us pesky patients who just mess up their lovely system.

Item # 3: Those Brexit trade negotiations. After last week’s negotiations broke off early, this week specialist teams are meeting in London to hash out papers. No Michel involved – these papers are in preparation for the next round in the coming week. David Frost has stopped leakages successfully, so Remain is now forced not just to scrape the bottom of that barrel – they’ve now got to dig into the floor.

RemainCentral has so far kept prudently out of this latest desperate exercise but there’s a report published yesterday evening in the DT – by James Crisp, Brussels correspondent and the DT’s Remainer-in-residence. It has a rather contradictory headline:

“EU willing to allow UK to break from Common Fisheries Policy – Michel Barnier says ‘there will be no trade agreement with the UK if there is no balanced agreement on fisheries’ (link)

So will we be ‘allowed’, or will there be ‘no deal’? However, this article – like the similar one in the Express (link) is based on what ‘Our Michel’ told the EU Special Committee of the HoL at their session on June 23rd. It’s not ‘hot news’!

The transcript of this session was finally published yesterday. You can read the whole thing here if you really want to. Warning: the obsequiousness displayed by the Lords and Ladies (Remain, mostly) and their cosy interchange with ‘cher Michel’ are fairly nauseating.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Crisp cherry-picks points from Barnier’s replies, to present us the ‘reasonable Barnier’ who will do anything to break the Fisheries deadlock:

“He said: “I am waiting with much patience for a reply from the British side. If there is no response, there will be no agreement on fisheries and no agreement on trade.” (link)

We know by now that his strategy is to insist on us giving him ‘replies’ which he can then dismiss from his great EU height.

Meanwhile, other EU Fishery spokesmen demand that Barnier should not compromise, reports the Express (link), with two interesting snippets from Belgian fishery spokesmen. One is that Belgians have ‘always’ fished in our waters but funnily enough, even without Brexit, their fisheries have gone down, from 150 boats at the beginning of this century to 56 now. I wonder if they know that this is due to the hoovering-up of fish by their Dutch neighbours with their super trawlers? Another remark, by one of the Belgian fish auctioneers, is beyond asinine:

“If the fish caught in Great Britain becomes truly British, customs, hygienic and veterinary checks will be necessary.” (link)

Does this mean that the same fish caught by Belgians would not need ‘veterinary checks’? Perhaps the fish need to be issued with passports? I am truly flabbergasted!

I leave you with a lovely little report about schoolchildren. Turns out that they don’t need nor want ‘pastoral support’ by teachers and other ‘well-being’ entities, that there is no post-CV-19 ‘trauma’ as all those ‘experts’ expected:

“Many teachers say children have asked for schooling that is as normal as possible, rather than dwelling on the pandemic. […] Mark Unwin, deputy chief executive of a multi-academy trust, carried out a survey on social media of whether children were exhibiting extra emotional or mental health problems on their return to school. He had 230 responses and found that 94 per cent of heads and teachers had seen no such issues. […] Mr Unwin also found that children, on the whole, at his schools had not lost any ground academically. Comments from other heads in response to his survey included: “The feedback we have is the children have never been so happy. They have also pretty much caught up as well.” (link, paywalled)

That result is even more astonishing when you compare it to the expectations of ‘experts’:

“Of those who responded from outside the teaching profession — including medical and mental health specialists — 61 per cent said they had expected children to show emotional issues related to the lockdown.” (link, paywalled)

‘Experts’ apparently base their ‘expert’ advice on a different reality. All the wails about  ‘trauma’, the ‘lost generation’ of kids because of CV-19: it hasn’t happened. Who’da thunk! Since these kids were under the thumb of their parents, perhaps people are more normal than these ‘experts’ have been expertising about in ‘Our MSM’?

Perhaps the Westminster bubble dwellers and their Westminster bubble MSM who’ve been giving us ‘trauma, fear and catastrophe’ for the whole Lockdown are not as successful in brainwashing us as they believe they are? Perhaps those 28% of Brits who ‘trust the MSM’ are only those dwelling inside their Westminster bubble? Perhaps all is not lost!




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