Don’t stop being afraid, very afraid – regardless of facts


By now, we’ve become accustomed to the hectoring of us voters and taxpayers living outside that magic Westminster Village. From there, we’re bombarded daily with ‘news’ and ‘government directives’ – and with explanations by self-appointed pundits who wonder why so many of us are so mulish and obstinate and don’t follow the party line as explained to us so patiently by their colleagues. This applies to their ‘Covid News’ and the accompanying shenanigans as well as to the latest ‘Brexit News’. 

It simply doesn’t occur to them that, the ‘cancel culture’ or plain censorship by social media moguls notwithstanding, more and more people are getting their information elsewhere simply because they’ve seen that and how ‘Our MSM’ are manipulating opinion by not presenting all the news and facts. We peasants have noted for some time that ‘Our MSM’ have instead become propaganda instruments for an agenda which is predominantly ‘anti’: against our government, our country, our culture. 

Take the latest Brexit news, the attempt by Remainers in Parliament and by the Westminster cabal to sabotage Brexit by undermining the PM. At precisely the time when the EU has maneuvered itself into a corner thanks to the uncompromising stance of our negotiators, they are bent on damaging them by damaging the PM. They seem to have been successful. There are reports today that Johnson is ‘offering concessions’ to those Tory Remain rebels. He was ‘in talks’ with them and allegedly might adopt one of the proposals in their amendment:

“This would require the government to go back to parliament and get approval from MPs before the controversial sections of the internal market bill would come into legal force. It would allow the government to maintain that the internal markets bill did not put the UK in breach of its international obligations under the treaty because the relevant sections were not in force.” (link, paywalled)

It’s what Johnson has already hinted at in the HoC, namely that the Bill would not be used until the need arises. Moreover – he’s actually talked to those ‘rebels’ before the vote:

“The Prime Minister met senior MPs shortly before a vote on the Internal Market Bill on Monday evening during which he assured them that he would act on their concerns.” (paywalled link)

All good and well, you might say, ‘it’s good to talk’ – but why have ‘Our MSM’ not reported this yesterday? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Ms vdLeyen is giving her ‘State of the Union’ Speech’ today, so that splashing this across the pages this morning gives Brussels the signal that, actually, Johnson is the toothless tiger they say he is and that actually, he didn’t mean his hard attitude, he only wanted to play …

In exchange Brussels underlined their bad faith and their ongoing meddling in our affairs by providing the DT’s Brussels correspondent (Remain) with more material. That made it into a report published yesterday afternoon. It has sunk without a trace, not having been deemed worthy of a mention in the rest of the Remain MSM. Take a look:

“Brussels has warned farmers, businesses and animal welfare campaigners that it may be forced to ban all British exports of live animals and animal products such as cheese, beef, eggs, chicken and lamb from January 1. European Commission officials told a meeting of trade associations and other stakeholders in Brussels on Friday that the ban was inevitable unless the UK gives details of its future animal health and food safety regime by the end of October.” (paywalled link)

Yes – that’s correct: this warning came on Friday! Publishing this yesterday, after that vote, is akin to an attempt to suppress information so as not to inflame Leavers who might have emailed their MPs over the weekend. Perhaps some  Remain Tory ‘rebels’ might even have thought again and perhaps supported the PM – the horror!

Obviously, the various interest groups from farmers to ‘animal rights groups’ needed to be given space for their outcry, but this takes the proverbial:

“It [i.e. not caving in to Brussels] would also jeopardise British horse racing by making the travel of racehorses to and from Ireland and France too difficult and force pet owners to send a blood sample to an EU approved lab three months before taking their cat, dog or ferret on holiday to the bloc.” (paywalled link)

Who the heck takes their ferrets on their summer holiday in France, especially as that country is heaving with Covid? But yeah, ‘tis a hugely valid reason for staying under Brussels’ boots: holidays with pets and horse racing!

I suggest that these belated ‘Brexit News’ reports  published today are also meant to pacify the Remainers in our country who need their strength to fight those lockdown sceptics. Many sociologists have pointed out that those who love Lockdown Rulz are also  Remainers – and vice versa.

Meanwhile, like toddlers who are still incapable to fix their attention on one toy for longer than a minute when there are other toys around, ‘Our MSM’ are back to Covid news with a vengeance. ‘Covid cases surge  … while test shortage worsens’, reports The Times (link, paywalled) – but this time ‘it’s different’: 

“Coronavirus infection rates among middle-aged people have reached the same level that those in their twenties saw two weeks ago, ministers fear. [..] Internal government figures suggest that rates have more than tripled in all age groups since the end of July. They are still highest among teenagers and those in their twenties, but rates among people in their forties and fifties are at similar levels to where these younger age groups were two weeks ago.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – ‘ministers fear’ – who are these ‘ministers’? And: ‘internal government figures suggest’ – where are those figures? But yes, let’s become very afraid again and above all bemoan that there’s a test ‘shortage’:

“An analysis by The Times showed that it was impossible to get a test in postcodes in every area of England yesterday afternoon. There was availability in Scotland and Wales but the snapshot study suggested that, overall, 85 per cent of the British population was unable to get tested at some points.” (link, paywalled)

My, haven’t those Times workers been busy ‘doing research’!  However, why should this have surprised ‘Our MSM’? Haven’t they pushed ‘tests’ as the be-all and end-all of Covid-fighting strategies? Didn’t they expect that Lockdowners would demand tests immediately, and never mind asking any inconvenient questions about those tests?

To reinforce the climate of fear, we’re clobbered with more scare numbers, this time about hospital admissions in France and Spain:

“Madrid has 359 Covid patients in intensive care, more than a quarter of the national total of 1,273. Spanish hospitals are treating 9,752 Covid-19 patients. In France, nearly 5,500 coronavirus patients are in hospital.” (paywalled link)

How awful! What are the population numbers of France and Spain again? Never mind, and never mind this intriguing little paragraph`:

“The spread of Covid-19 infections may be linked with influenza outbreaks, according to a European study. A higher incidence of flu may be associated with increased coronavirus transmission, it suggests.” (paywalled link)

No link given by the DT to that ‘European study’ – and no mention of Covid deaths in those two countries. But as ‘influenza’ is mentioned, there’s a report in the DT on death statistics in our country which should be thought-provoking. The numbers are actually from the ONS, not from some lockdown sceptics only bent on disturbing the minds of the lockdowners. I applaud the author of this DT article, Ms Sarah Knapton, for tersely reporting rather than colouring the actual facts with her own opinion:

“Influenza and pneumonia has contributed to more weekly deaths than Covid-19 since the middle of June, new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show. Just one per cent of deaths now mention coronavirus on the death certificate compared to 12.8 per cent which mention influenza and pneumonia, making those conditions nearly 13 times more deadly. […] A spokesman for the ONS said: “There have been more deaths mentioning influenza and pneumonia than deaths mentioning Covid-19 since the middle of June.  These are mentions (contributory factors) rather than underlying cause of death (Main cause).” (paywalled link)

Ah! So can we now take it as read that many of the so-called ‘Covid deaths’, especially at the start of the outbreak, were not due to Covid as ‘main cause’ but only as ‘contributing factor’, as so many eminent scientists have been trying to hammer into the blockheads of the fear mongers in ‘Our MSM’, with no effect except being labeled ‘covidiots’ for their efforts? 

Above all – must we keep living in constant fear, this time of influenza and pneumonia as well? Will ‘Our NHS’ now lock out patients again because they’re actually ill with something that ‘might be Covid’ but isn’t? There’s more, and it illustrates how the fearmongering of so many ‘health correspondents’ fails to focus on the actual scandal:

“It is the 20th consecutive week that the number of registered deaths involving Covid-19 has fallen, and the lowest number since the week ending March 13, when five deaths were registered. […] The overall number of deaths registered was below the five-year average in all regions in England, and Wales. While deaths in hospitals, care homes and other locations were below the five-year average, deaths in private homes continue to exceed it.” (paywalled link)

I’m sure you can connect the dots: fabricate demands for more and more tests, screaming ‘scandal!’; produce scare numbers of a ‘casedemic’ while overlooking diligently the actual death numbers and never ever question why so many people are dying at home!

The real scandal is that ‘Our MSM’ prefer to look the other way because asking that question would undermine their fear & hysteria & test campaign. Undermining the PM at the crunch stage of the trade negotiations with the EU – ah well, that’s only Remain “business as usual” …




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