Innocence – or incipient sexual harassment?


There’s a new ‘campaign’ gripping the metropolitan MSM. It’s about sex and public schools. Well, the poor dears needed to find another subject to keep the unwashed masses outside the M25 buying their papers and as we all know: sex sells and ‘sexual abuse’ sells even better. Covid? What covid? There are only two actual ‘covid news’ items this morning.

Briefly then the astonishing news that Macron and Merkel are now ‘in talks’ to import the Russian and Chinese vaccines in order to replace the Oxford AZ one – the one with hundreds and thousands of doses lingering in their warehouses, unused (paywalled link). The thing is though that the Russian and Chinese vaccines, ‘welcomed’ by Ms Merkel, hasn’t been approved yet by the EU’s EMA (link, paywalled). That is clearly irrelevant but shows that the uproar about the AZ vaccine is about punishing Brexit Britain as a handy excuse to distract from the abysmal record of mass vaccination in Germany and France. Never mind that their mass jab campaign will drag on even further while they wait for Sputnik to land.

The other covid news which ought to have made headlines but is lingering somewhere way down the pages is that covid death rates have plummeted, especially in the vaccinated ‘old people’ (link) while over half of us have now covid antibodies, either thanks to having had covid or thanks to having got the jab. The numbers, up to March 14th, are from the ONS (link, paywalled). You might like to check out Toby Young’s article in Lockdown Sceptics (link) where he reproduces some interesting graphs. 

And so to the ‘sex scandal’, the ‘MeToo MkII’ movement or campaign. It all kicked off about two weeks ago with a loving report in The Times. This was about a website created by a former public school educated young woman who invited – ‘Everyone is Invited’ is the title of her site – girls to report about the sexual harassment they experienced at school – public schools mainly, it seemed. At the forefront of this ‘campaign’ is The Times where tales of woe abound, told by by pretty young women.

The public schools mentioned are some rather famous London ones. For some strange reason boys in state schools seem to be sex-free and don’t harass their female schoolmates. Some tales are too lurid for words. But just as the wails in the first ‘MeToo’ campaign, these tales go back a good number of years. One such, about Westminster School, goes back to 2008. The woman in question mentions in her report a website created by boys, used to ‘check out new girls’, and that this site had already attracted media attention earlier:

“Four years before I arrived its existence had been revealed by the Evening Standard. The head at the time had blocked access from the school’s servers and told the newspaper that he had contacted the boy who created it and asked him “to tone the content down a bit”. This response seems to have had little impact since the site was immensely popular four years later, and easily accessible via home computers and phones.” (link, paywalled)

That brings us to 2004 – the year in which ‘facebook’ was created (link). Funnily enough, nobody so far has come forward with a ‘MeToo MkII’ campaign in the USA, about sexual abuse in colleges and universities in the USA. Are only British boys and students ‘sex-crazed’? What has changed in those 17 years, especially here in the UK? Why are boys suddenly being demonised in the media and online? Why are we again being told that there’s a ‘toxic male culture’, a ‘rape culture’, that boys apologise for their existence? 

Those of us who have the memories of elephants rather than goldfish recall the silence about grooming gangs. It was The Times where we first read about this – that was in 2012 – and that ‘this sort of thing’ had been going on for years, aided, abetted and swept under the carpet by local authorities (link). I recall the attempts by vested interests  – ‘community cohesion’ and all that – to blame the girls. They were, after all, ‘white trash’, and anyway, ‘not all “asians” etc …’ were we cautioned.

At the same time though, if we believe the current personal reports of female pupils now coming forward (or rather: being given space in the broadsheets), sexual abuse went on in those hallowed halls of prominent public schools – and nobody knew? Wouldn’t these stories have made an excellent counterpoint, showing that white boys from good families, not just “asians”,  were also toxic sexual harrassers? Nothing of this happened. Instead, more and more public schools went ‘co-ed’. State schools had and still don’t have that ‘toxic culture’ if we believe the MSM. 

Meanwhile, female opinion piece writers in the broadsheets wring their hands. Allison Pearson in the DT blames the accessibility of porn on the internet, and that “we”, i.e. parents and teachers, ‘let it happen’ (paywalled link), referring to an article she wrote about this in 2013 (paywalled link). So why was nothing done during these eight years? No campaigns to ‘save our daughters’? Was the time not ripe?

It’s only now, in the wake of that ‘vigil for Sarah Everard’, with accompanying cries of ‘police brutality’, that our London ‘elites’ started to take notice, flooding the broadsheets, mostly The Times which suddenly dedicates hectares of pixels to this issue. Some coincidence, isn’t it!  There are articles by old ‘Male MeToos’ who were abused in their youth in their boys-only public schools to editorials by female writers beating their breasts about not having ‘educated’ their boys properly to ‘respect’ girls and women, vowing to do better. In fairness, they’ve also published an article by the general secretary of a teachers’ union:

“Much sexual abuse among teenagers happens at parties so it is not for schools alone to address incidents of harassment, according to a teaching union. Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, the secondary school head teachers’ union, said that parents, the justice system and social media companies also had to take responsibility.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! So ‘not all public schools’ then, is it! There’s more, and his words are worth keeping in mind. Mr Barton said:

“Media reporting of these testimonies has focused on the role of schools. In fact these testimonies involve young people, in schools and universities, in a wide variety of circumstances, often outside school premises in settings such as parties. This is not to minimise the vital responsibility of schools in tackling sexual violence and sexual harassment, […] However, it is also clear that this is a wider issue than what happens in schools. Parents have a responsibility to talk to their children about how they behave . . . Social media companies have a responsibility to take more care about how their platforms are used. The criminal justice system has a responsibility to show young people that it can be trusted to prosecute and bring to justice sexual offenders.” (link, paywalled)

In the context of the broadsheets’  ‘MeTooMkII’ campaign this is at least one tiny ray of common sense. Perhaps, instead of blaming mothers of sons and schools for having created this ‘toxic rape culture’ where no girl or woman is safe outside their homes, those reporters and writers might look at the ‘porn culture on social media’ – and ask why it’s still so accessible to their children. 

Perhaps they might ask themselves if the smartphones in the hands of their children – daughters as well as sons – might not have contributed to this ‘culture’. They might perhaps wonder if the mandatory ‘sex education’ in schools, LGBXYZ issues included, could conceivably have led to the impression that boys and girls are only interested in having it off with each other. Perhaps some more erudite writers might recall that, throughout the ages, children copied what adults did, from dances and sword fights to having sex without consequences, from mocking (‘fat shaming’, anyone?) people online to, yes, watching more and ‘harder’ porn. 

Finally, let’s not forget the role the lefty educational establishment has played in creating this ‘toxic culture’. It’s not just the ‘anything is a allowed if you like it’. There’s also the equalisation of genders and thus the increasing change of single-sex public schools to co-eds. The fact that boys in co-ed schools, white boys especially, are falling more and more behind girls in their scholastic achievements isn’t worthy of a campaign. Interestingly enough, one of the last bastions of single-sex education, Winchester College is now being forced by their boys’ parents to rethink their proposal to go co-ed from September 2022 (paywalled link).

One doesn’t need to be a dyed-in-the-wool reactionary, bemoaning the ‘good old days’, to recognise that decades of lefty, ‘anything goes’ education instigated since 1997, is now bearing poisoned fruits. One doesn’t need to be an anti-feminist misogynist to recognise that the ‘feminisation’ of everything hasn’t led to the ‘all are equal’ paradise the lefties promised it would. Perhaps all those feminists who, years ago, declared that ‘porn was liberating’ should now start acknowledging their guilt in creating this ‘culture’ which isn’t ‘empowering’ but has damaged generations of boys and men.

As for the girls now flocking to social media to cry ‘MeToo’, publicly naming boys on social media – well, hadn’t they been told by their feminist mums that they are entitled to say ‘no’? Moreover, is it conceivable that, during all this time, none of the harassed girls have told their mothers – feminists, one assumes – about their ordeals? Wouldn’t these mums have gone and demanded the schools’ principals to intervene? Perhaps their daughters had been taught by their ‘liberated’ lefty teachers not to tell their parents? Perhaps the feminist mums didn’t really care? Perhaps none of them still do because there’s that easy scapegoat: ‘toxic boys’, continuing the feminist campaign against toxic males. 

Still, I’ll keep pointing my finger at the true culprits: the lefty educational establishment –  the manufactured outcries in the MSM notwithstanding. And my anger shall not abate.




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