It is extraordinary how the – sadly still – PM Theresa May bungled even her attempt to get the support from Labour for her WA. We heard yesterday morning that, as predicted, she wrote the letter to the EU asking for an extension to Article 50 until June 30th. That letter was sent before her Remain delegation and the Corbyn delegation resumed talks.

Given the content of the May letter to the EU it’s no wonder that Labour declared the talks had broken down as Ms May ‘made no concessions’. Mind you, these talks will resume over the weekend … it’s good to talk, innit, especially when it just fills the time available while everybody knows there won’t be a resolution at the end, simply because Ms May had conceded in her letter to Mr Tusk that the WA would not be reopened.

So when we read that:

“Labour sources accused the prime minister of negotiating in bad faith after Downing Street sent the party an outline deal that offered no concessions to its central demand for a customs union with the EU.” (paywalled link)

we know that these talks are yet another incarnation of the smoke-and-mirror show May and her Remain Whitehell handlers have been trying to dazzle us with ever since they started to negotiate with the EU.

We note that Ms May has learned well from her handlers: negotiating in bad faith is, after all, what the EU has been doing, aided and supported by our civil serpent ‘negotiators’. Funny that this is only now being spoken about openly, e.g. by a certain Mr Rees-Mogg here.

But what do I know – they may very well come up with a face-saving fudge in order to keep us in the EU and cry ‘Remain in the EU in our time’!

Of course, the first replies to this May letter come from France. Not only are they slapping down Ms May’s demand, they are now also attacking Mr Tusk (here):

“Non, nee, nein to Brexit delay: Macron leads EU leaders in slapping down Tusk’s calls for a 12-month ‘flextension’ for the UK as Dutch PM and German minister say May needs to answer ‘key questions’ or face a No Deal”.

I’ll just point out that the Project Fear meme of us ‘crashing out’ with no deal in a ‘disorderly fashion’ which has been dinned into us by the Remain MSM, the BBC first and foremost, has been taken up by the EU as in a hall of mirrors.

It doesn’t matter that our own government is preparing for it and that these preparations are well in hand as described by Chris Heaton-Harris, a Brexit minister who resigned a few days ago (paywalled link):

“So much has been going on, it has been easy to miss some vital things: our tariff schedule was recently published, alongside plans showing how we would deal with goods crossing the Northern Ireland border. Our secondary legislation programme is nearly complete and a host of new IT systems to deal with issues connected with Brexit have come online. Our civil servants have moved mountains to prepare our country for leaving the EU without a negotiated deal. At the same time, the European Commission has taken action, too. So the myths that have filled the papers about the threat of no deal to everybody from holiday-makers to businesses really can be debunked.”

Why then do our and the EU politicians and our and their MSM keep screeching about this ‘crashing out’? Surely they cannot think that repeating these Fear-stories we’ll cower and beg to stay IN?

I believe there are two reasons for this stubborn fear-mongering: one is that they – the politicians and the MSM here and across the Channel – now believe their own propaganda to such an extent that they are incapable of seeing the reality.

The other is that, living in the London bubble – the only place where people still prefer Remain, as opposed to the rest of the country – they simply have no idea of what is actually going on outside. Just as the arrogant Remain politicians, the MSM  bubble dwellers do not see us, do not hear us and regard us as of no import.

How those inside that bubble think is well demonstrated by the remarks of ‘sources’ made en coulisse about ‘that letter’, which I quote at length so you get the full flavour:

“They said  the length of the Article 50 extension will ultimately be determined by the European Union, which is likely to demand a significantly longer delay. The length of the delay, they said, is ultimately less important than ensuring there is a “watertight” mechanism to bring the extension to an end as soon as a deal is secured. They argued that if Britain opts for a shorter extension now the EU may refuse to grant another.” (paywalled link)

Obviously, No Deal simply doesn’t figure in their deliberations any longer. More:

“One source said the discussion centred on whether a shorter Article 50 extension was more a matter of “optics” than one based on “logic and reason”. “We know it will have to be a longer extension,” the source said. “But we can’t make it look like we were going for it. That would be suicide.” Another source said Olly Robbins, the Prime Minister’s chief Brexit negotiator, had advised that the European Union is likely to demand a longer extension.” (paywalled link)

Do let these remarks sink in! And isn’t it Interesting that Mr Oily Robbins is, as always, at the core of any negotiation, and of course the mantra, as always, is “The EU won’t like it” …

The DT’s Brussels correspondent Peter Foster quotes some interesting remarks from ‘sources’ en coulisse in his report (paywalled link:

“In the context of the Brexit blame-game, where neither side wishes to be responsible for a ‘no deal’, that choice of June 30 looked like a cute move designed to allow Mrs May to say she was being forced into a one-year extension offer, rather than taking the decision on herself. There might have been a time when such things could be choreographed between London and Brussels, but not any more. After four months of Parliamentary failures and backtracking on the Irish backstop, Mrs May has zero reserves of trust or goodwill.”

Doesn’t it look as if these ‘sources’, which provided the first hint of that ‘flextension’, are trying to drive the public debate, rather than our elected representatives? Here’s another instance, with the now obligatory remark of what Tory MPs are thinking:

“Ministers are concerned that her approach has only served to alienate further Eurosceptics and the DUP and reduce the already slim prospect of her deal passing. Tory MPs were holding urgent discussions on how to accelerate the Prime Minister’s departure.”(paywalled link)

Seeing is believing, and I am tired of Tory MP’s or ministers talking about what they might do. As far as I’m concerned they’re still sitting on the pot …

However, taken the sum of these reports, I believe we have the key to Ms May’s extraordinary behaviour. sShe wants to be seen to have ‘clean hands’, she wants to be seen as the only one who ‘only wants to deliver Brexit’ … but, because of all the ‘hardcore Brexiteers’, she needs the help of enemies like Corbyn and Tusk. They, she thinks, can be made to look as ‘making her do it’ the way she actually wants, herself being the unfortunate, helpless victim …

If this interpretation is correct, can we say that Ms May is actually the first Snowflake PM?


Brexit Betrayal + 6

or No Brexit after all?


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