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How much more are we going to take – from That Lot in the EU and from Ms May? Every time That Lot in Brussels meets about Brexit; every time Ms May goes there to grovel and comes back empty-handed, Brexit sinks deeper and deeper into the quicksand.

Even the most ardent Remainer in Parliament and Whitehell ought to have realised by now that the EU is not playing by the rules and that nothing our government offers will ever suffice.

Ah, I forgot: one thing will – revoke Article 50 and crawl back to Brussels like a beaten dog who is expected to lick the hand that beat him, tail wagging!

After last night’s events, will the most ardent Remainer now realise that even revoking Article 50 is about one thing only: to humiliate our country, to destroy our democracy, to trample our political system, our Sovereignty once and for all? I’ll not hold my breath …

Here are the bare bones of what was decided: staying in the EU until October 31st, with a ‘revision’ on June 30ths. If we’ve been ‘good’, the EU might let us go then (paywalled here and here). I’ll come to the gruesome details below.

There’s one detail that came out in Ms May’s press conference afterwards. It is one which ought to get everybody on the barricades. Ms May, not content with blaming Parliament for her own failure to “deliver Brexit”, is now letting it be known that she didn’t really mean that she would go after June 30th:

“Senior government sources said that Mrs May intended to stay on as prime minister until parliament votes for a Brexit deal, however long it takes. In a move that will infuriate Tory Brexiteers, Downing Street made clear that Mrs May’s pledge to step down was conditional on the withdrawal agreement being approved by MPs.” (paywalled link)

That’s correct: she’ll stay and stay and stay like the Duracell Bunny until Parliament does her – and by extension Whitehell’s and the EU’s – bidding. And why not – Parliamentary rules, conventions and precedents have been kicked into the dust by the Speaker and the Remainers in both main parties already, so why should she bother about her ‘deal’ being voted down again and again and again …

Moreover, May’s statement shows that she has so completely internalised the EU leaders’ attitude to voters and their representatives in parliaments that she is unfit to spend even one more day as PM. Quisling doesn’t describe it – she is the EU’s satrap,  imposed by the victorious EU on a subjugated province, us.

Now let’s look at how the 27 reached that decision last night. We remember that Mr Tusk wanted to keep us in ‘like forever’, that a long extension was required so we could come to our senses and revoke Article 50.

The awkward member was M Macron who wants us gone with no deal – not from the goodness of his heart but in order to punish us (paywalled link):

“Mr Macron insisted it should be a short delay or no deal: “The British people have chosen to leave the European Union,” he had said before the session began. “It is not up to us to do everything to prevent it happening.” In other words, Britain wanted Brexit, so Britain should have Brexit, without further ado. During the long hours that followed, Mr Macron raged against Britain’s chaotic handling of Brexit and its disruptive effect on the EU. No deal, he argued, would be less damaging than the “dysfunctional” EU that would result from Britain outstaying its welcome.”

Oh dear – that was obviously aimed at Mr Rees-Mogg’s remark about us being as awkward as possible should we remain. And note that on no account are we ‘welcome’ to actually participate in EU decision making. There’s more from Macron:

“Mrs May had not given “sufficient clarity” on how she proposed to get a deal ratified by Parliament. The answer was a short extension until May 7 to put “maximum pressure” on MPs to accept it. One diplomat said halfway through the talks: “He is in a bit of a schizophrenic situation – (his) domestic audience demands he is tough on Britain for historic reasons. On the other hand, France is among the most hard-hit in any no deal Brexit. It will take hours before we pull him down from his tree.” (paywalled link)

Clearly that long session wasn’t really about the technicalities of Brexit – it was about humiliating us and Ms May as much as possible. Just look at this:

“The Greeks, however, had a different plan. Brexit should be delayed for a whole year, humiliating Brexiteers as well as forcing Britain to take part in the European elections next month. Perhaps, they said, it would bring about the end of Brexit itself. […] Discussions were held about harsh conditions being imposed on Britain during any extension, to prevent the sort of meddling advocated by Brexiteers.” (paywalled link)

‘Harsh conditions’, as imposed on a beaten enemy who has surrendered unconditionally … Of course, M Barnier was present and had to play the ‘blame the UK’-card:

“He told the leaders that if there was a no deal Brexit, it would be entirely the UK’s fault because Britain had chosen Brexit, not the EU. “Britain can always avoid no deal,” he said, according to a senior official. “It is Britain’s choice. Britain can ratify the withdrawal agreement or revoke Article 50.” (paywalled link)

A bit early for the blame-game, but he’s only echoing Ms May who is always blaming Parliament. Interestingly enough, Ms Merkel tried to get a longer extension so that her friend Ms May could be made to look good:

“Mrs Merkel told other European leaders that her only goal was to have an orderly withdrawal, to give Britain as much time as it needed to avoid a no-deal Brexit poisoning its relationship with the EU for decades to come. She said that the EU should do everything to ease Mrs May’s path towards finding support for the withdrawal agreement and attacked Mr Macron’s conditions for making the situation more difficult.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear – trouble in that perfect Merkel-Macron friendship? Or is it a Merkel swansong? See this:

“Mrs Merkel warned that history would not be kind to the EU if Britain were pushed into a no-deal Brexit. “This is a historic moment: for the first time a country is leaving the EU,” she told the German parliament before travelling to Brussels. “How will we look back on this question five or ten years from now?” According to an Élysée official, the French leader replied: “History will not judge us well if we allow Britain’s presence to get in the way of the EU and deeper European integration.” (link, paywalled)

How they are all obsessed with ‘looking good’ in future history books, the three “M’s” – Macron, Merkel, May! And note how they are oblivious to what we the people think! Gilets Jaunes, M Macron?

The modern-day wannabe Napoleon, M Macron, is obsessed with punishing the UK. What our MSM pundits seem to overlook is that we’ve read a sufficient number of reports from countries across the Channel about how well prepared they are for a No Deal Brexit.

Moreover, it seems that M Macron believes that our Remain-obsessed MSM and MPs are correct when they howl that “crashing out” would be a fate worse than death for us. That makes it the perfect instrument to crush the UK, if it were true – which it ain’t.

Are there any silver linings? Disregard the Tory Party’s ever more desperate attempts to get rid of her “legally”. They are cowards, with a few honourable exceptions. For example, the letter by Sir Bill Cash to which I referred in a comment yesterday has still not been published on “ConHome”. It has apparently sunk without a trace. Meanwhile the case by Mr Tilbrook before the High Court is gathering pace – see here.

And what will the Letwin/Cooper crowd have to say now? As we’ve pointed out repeatedly, the EU wouldn’t give tuppence about their ‘Bill’ which has been shown to be worthless.

Will Parliament now finally realise that they are of no account until we have left the EU? Will Corbyn & Co now realise that there’s no such thing as ‘a disastrous Tory Brexit’ because they’d have been given a ‘disastrous Labour Brexit’ by the EU?

Will Labour realise that, thanks to this ‘soft’ extension, any hopes they have of getting into 10 Downing Street and implement socialist policies are now dashed because ‘the EU won’t allow it’?

When will all of them finally realise that Parliament, that their political games, are irrelevant and will remain so until we’re Out? That’s what is meant by taking back our Sovereignty! That’s what we voted for!

It’s not us Leavers who didn’t understand – it’s the whole political establishment in the Westminster Bubble who are the ignorant numpties.

On that note, there’s one thing left to us: start thinking about civic unrest.


KBO regardless!


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