Not talking about fish …


If you needed any more proof that government and the ‘elite’ Westminster MSM are in cahoots, then this is it: the Fishery Industry has become a non-subject for the BBC, the Times and the DT. Only The Express has some articles while the DM has reports but you’ve really got to search for them.

Instead we get breathless reports about a ‘massacre’ in No10 and ‘Ministers fighting for their lives’ – not because they’ve caught the Corona Virus or COVID 19 as the WHO now labels it officially, but because of Johnson’s Cabinet reshuffle which is taking place today. 

One has to feel for these journalists because the poor things might have to find new ‘sources’ to feed them ‘news’. They’re obviously incapable of going out and doing some investigative research, for example into the state of pharmaceuticals here in “Our NHS”.

We recall that during the Referendum debates and during the following years of EU negotiations a shortage of medicines was one of the Project Fear items. Thanks to the Chinese near monopoly in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, serious shortages are being reported from e.g. Germany because of the COVID19 outbreak. Surely we deserve to know if “Our NHS” is facing the same shortages! Perhaps the government and the MSM have decided that this would create unwanted panic amongst us peasants?

Labour, staunch fighters for all things concerning “Our NHS” is fighting like ferrets in a sack for the Corbyn succession and don’t have spare capacities, it would seem. Before you ask: no, I didn’t watch yesterday’s PMQs, for health reasons. In any case, according to the parliamentary sketch writers our Fisheries weren’t mentioned. There was a question about the vermin in ermine awarding themselves a pay rise – but not about the 2nd reading in the HoL of the Fisheries Bill. According to that Bill:

“Foreign fishing boats will be barred from fishing in UK waters unless licensed to do so, peers have been told. But details on access have still to be thrashed out during negotiations with the EU before the end of the transition period in December.” (link)

How nice! There was also a debate on Fisheries in the HoC –  no, I didn’t watch that either because there’s only so much a single person can do. in 24 hours. The DM did report, but the subject of that debate was either too technical or too unimportant to get a place in the sun, so you had to go and search for it:

“Conservative MPs have demanded ministers undertake a “complete rethink” on a controversial smartphone app that fishermen fear could cost their livelihoods. Government backbenchers used the fisheries debate in Parliament to call for action after fishermen across England warned the new technology could lead to small-scale skippers tying up their boats for good. Skippers of the country’s 2,114 under 10 metre vessels have been told to use the Catch Recording App by regulator Marine Management Organisation (MMO) to declare the weight of the fish they land.” (link)

This is an EU initiative. As usual, our administrators have to gold-plate it and make our fishers comply even though we’re alleged to be able to make our own laws now that we’re Out. Why are they doing this, you might well ask! Because of this, to show how ‘good’ we are even before any negotiations have taken place:

“The European Parliament has ordered Michel Barnier to crackdown on Britain ahead of the formal trade talks next month. […] MEPs voted in favour of a resolution that encourages the Brussels negotiator to take a tough line on fisheries, Gibraltar and keeping the UK tied to the bloc’s rules and regulations. The motion calls for Britain to align to the EU’s environmental, labour and social standards, as well as its state aid, competition and tax policies. It urges Mr Barnier to demand that Britain never slashes standards fisheries policy, animal healthcare, the environment and climate change, and animal health.” (link)

For sheer, repetitive virtue signalling read the whole thing. Not one word about what their ever-so green fishing fleets are doing to destroy our resources. For the utter effrontery of the continental fishing industry, read this report in The Express, describing how a Dutch vessel landed their catch in Peterhead – that’s Scotland, but the SNP and Ms Sturgeon don’t seem to care – and transferred it straight to a French lorry which then took it straight to the continent. No fish for us! How green is that! 

However – what really angers me is that ‘Fishing For Leave’ sent out a report, with images, about the situation in our coastal waters which we published in full yesterday, here. Do go and read it if you haven’t already! This report was presumably sent, as PR material, to all MSM. Only The Express published items from this report (link), it didn’t make its way into the metropolitan ‘elite’ broadsheets. Too plebeian a subject, perhaps?

Perhaps those broadsheets didn’t want to waste space on fish when they could waste it on a possible bloodbath in No10, as their ‘sources’ coyly describe the cabinet reshuffle. They don’t ever ask if the ministers to be sacrificed did a good job and deserve to be kept. Apparently, once Ministers’ behinds have been parkend on the government front bench they’re sacrosanct and entitled to stay there for the rest of their natural life as MP. 

While not asking about how “Our NHS” is coping with the shortage of drugs experienced on the Continent, RemainCentral allowed the outgoing Director of the BBC to have a word. All you need to know is the title of that report: “BBC chief claims cuts will help Russia and China to spread lies” (link, paywalled). Yeah right: better stick with the homegrown lies and propaganda of our other sacred cow, the BBC …! 

You might however be interested in a ‘plan’, a proposal, by a Dutch scientist who has the wonderful idea to ‘save us all’ from rising sea levels by building dams – not along the North Sea coasts but right across the whole of the North Sea – see here and here. That’s properly ‘Green’, that is – and an excellent illustration for how Greenery rots brains.

Looking a bit further South, there will be a referendum in Switzerland – they are having referenda as a matter of course. This one, in May, will be about Switzerland leaving the Schengen area which allows free travel of EU citizens across the continent. This rings a bell:

“Talks over a permanent treaty over the last four-and-a-half years remain deadlocked over Swiss fears that the country has ceded too much of its sovereignty to Brussels. Both the pro-EU centre-left and anti-EU right-wing of the country fear that the deal impinges of Swiss sovereignty.” (link)

Losing sovereignty to Brussels? Surely not! Whatever gave the Swiss that absurd idea …

And finally – here’s another piece for our ‘Cummings Watch’ file. Right at the bottom of their article on that cabinet reshuffle, the DT writes:

“Concern over Cummings – Meanwhile, a backlash was mounting among ministers who said Mr Johnson was so in thrall to Mr Cummings that MPs were unable to see him. One said: “Every time we go to see him Dominic appears.” Another said: “He is like Aung San Suu Kyi, he has been taken over by the military junta.” A third said: “There are some Cabinet ministers who have still not yet had one-to-one meetings with him. That is a problem.” (paywalled link)

A ‘backlash’? More like a last desperate jump onto the ‘Cummings-is-Rasputin’ bandwagon by these anonymous ministers. One wonders if they spoke to get their excuses in first, just in case they’re getting the axe. After all, it’s easier to blame Cummings than to think one’s own inadequacy has caused the presumed axe to fall. 

Meanwhile, if you were looking for something to campaign on, I suggest you fire up your PCs, dig out the email addresses of your MPs and put pepper up their behinds, to do something about our fishing industries. Not only must they not be traduced yet again for the Finance industry’, this developing scandal also shows up the ‘Greens’ for the metropolitan dolts and ideologues they are. So: use it!




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