Don’t ask impertinent questions ….


Remember the ‘magicians’ who performed at children’s birthday parties, on stage, or on TV? Recall that their ‘trick’ always was to make you look at one thing so you didn’t notice that and how you were tricked?

It’s the same with the COVID-19 pandemic where the mass hysteria has been driven by the MSM even unto pushing the PM into instituting harsh measures, to ‘protect’ us, ahem: to protect the NHS. Behind the scenes though the economy here and worldwide is being dismantled, ordinary people are being impoverished and legislation curtailing our civic liberties is going to be put in place which will be with us for another two years at least.

It is deeply unedifying to watch ‘Our MSM’ crowing that ‘Boris made another U-Turn’ when he clearly said at the beginning of this week that the government’s decisions were based on events on the ground. This morning we witness another such “U-Turn”: schools are now going to be closed across the UK from tomorrow, with London, the ‘city of super spreaders’, to be locked down (here, here, paywalled here and here). It’s instructive to watch the emergence of new expressions being used by ‘experts’, e.g.:

“The measures, which are being described as a “shielding plan for London”, could be introduced as soon as next week and see businesses closed and restrictions placed on travel.” (link, paywalled)

Excuse me, but doesn’t one shield oneself from something? Does London need to be shielded from the rest of us? I’m puzzled … Perhaps the scenes reported here have something to do with this decision?

Let’s also not forget the over 70s who have been told to stay at home, regardless. There are now opinion pieces in the ‘quality’ papers, about ‘how we should respect the elderly’ (link, paywalled) and how wonderful all those supermarkets are who have set up a ‘silver hour’ exclusively for elderly shoppers (paywalled link).

These hours are early in the morning because everybody knows old people don’t sleep long, and never mind that they’re being segregated in a way which would have all ‘equality’ activists becoming apoplectic with rage. Just replace ‘elderly’ with ‘non-white people’: this is segregation pure and simple, and declaring that it’s ‘for our own good’ is piffle, as if the under-70s don’t fall victim to That Virus. 

To crown it all, reports of the online sites of grocery supermarkets crashing or even closed down temporarily because of truly unprecedented demand are spun thusly: “see how hard these online providers are working!” Not one peep of criticism about general panic buying, something created by the MSM with their near daily photos of empty shelves across the nation. Not a word about grocery items being rationed online while they’ve obviously not been rationed in stores. Not one word about the sheer numbers shopping for groceries online. Are there really so many people across the Nation already ill and self-isolating? It can’t be the elderly doing this because they are ‘internet-illiterate’ and can’t use a computer – as we’ve been told for quite some time!

Then there’s the Westminster Bubble’s belief in pronunciations from supranational authorities – the EU, the WHO – coupled with a remarkably short memory. Bashing the PM for “believing in herd immunity” is one such example. This was actually promoted by the WHO a few weeks ago, with Johnson’s specialist advisers, Mr Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, thus informing the PM.

But here’s a silver lining:: we’re ‘in the front line’ in this ‘war’ because someone will start clinical tests next week (link) in the hope of finding a cure! Also, a new test is ‘close to being developed’, Sir Patrick Vallance announced at the Corona virus press conference yesterday:

“Such an antibody test would enable frontline NHS staff to work safe in the knowledge that they could not be infected and allow people to return to normality even as the rest of the country remained in lockdown. It would also mean that scientists could discover one of the key variables crucial to understanding and combating the disease — how many people become infected but display no outward signs.” (link, paywalled)

Jam tomorrow, innit! Next we’re told that perhaps Johnson will ‘give everybody in the UK £1,000’ (link) because of that looming economic disaster. The measures announced by Rishi Sunak however are already deemed to be vastly insufficient. Thus the CBI – Remain Big Business – demanded even more (link), like sharks circling in the water having smelled blood. Never forget that this money has to come from somewhere, and I predict that the generous government, via HMRC, will later collect taxes on that gift of £1,000 from all taxpayers. 

And so to the EU and Brexit! They are all doing so well on the Continent that borders are now closed everywhere, with tailbacks that are miles long. Trust the French though to posture and stomp their feet – this headline yesterday says it all:

“British nationals will be BANNED from France if Boris Johnson does not adopt the same coronavirus policies as the EU, the French prime minister warns” (link)

Never mind that these measures are so deeply illiberal it defies comprehension! In France, you need a piece of paper, proving that you’re ‘authorised’ to leave your house to do the daily shop. That is what we should copy?

Then there’s an article the DT by a German journalist, the London correspondent of the German paper ‘Die Welt’, well-known for her anti-Brexit, Johnson-bashing attitude. She asks why Germany has such a low death rate of COVID-infected patients (paywalled link). It’s all due to the fabulous German Health service, to German efficiency. That’s why Poland and Austria closed their borders to Germany before Germany followed suit.

If only “Our NHS” were to copy those Germans … but as all our own journalists demonstrate daily, the validity of those numbers is never to be investigated. That would, of course, disturb the narrative and allow us peasants to question the logic of our MSM’s “Project Panic”. 

And then there’s Brussels … You recall that the Trade negotiations couldn’t go ahead because video conferencing was somehow impossible because: ‘reasons’ – never mind that last week, the EU Council did have a video conference, and that the drafts couldn;t be evaluated properly. So now read this:

“Michel Barnier has been ordered to wrestle back control of Britain’s fishing waters just days after Boris Johnson was handed a major concession ahead of this week’s cancelled trade talks.” (link)

It’s surely miraculous how this happened! How did they all read those emails so quickly? Joe Barnes reports further down in his article, published yesterday evening:

“After this week’s trade negotiations, scheduled to take place in London, were cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak, both sides have spent studying each others’ positions.” […] Meanwhile Mr Johnson today ruled out remaining under the EU’s rules and regulations beyond the end of the year. The Prime Minister refused to accept extending the Brexit transition period as an option despite the Government focusing much of its energy on trying to halt the spread of the dread virus. At his daily coronavirus briefing, he said: “There is legislation in place which I have no intention of changing.” (link)

That is in stark contrast to the Remain report in the DT which headline screams:

“Boris Johnson fails to rule out extension to Brexit transition period in coronavirus crisis” (paywalled link)

Never mind what Johnson said – and they do quote him – : this was insufficient! Instead, take a look at another outstanding report by our friends at facts4eu, both on the video conferencing shambles and the ‘excuse’ by Whitehall civil serpents that everyone is working on that COVID-19 Pandemic. Do please read it yourselves, here

And finally – get ready for being called ‘racist’ should you say this is a Chinese virus, like President Trump did. Benedict Spence in the DT writes:

“To be clear, this has nothing to do with Chinese people — I almost can’t believe I would need to clarify that, but here we are in an age where words are twisted as easily as they are uttered — who are as much innocent victims of this pandemic as anyone else, and perhaps even more so, having borne the brunt of the outbreak. But it has a great deal to do with the actions of the Chinese state. Something that may have escaped your attention, in the pandemonium of the nation coming to terms with the sweeping changes of the past few days, was the news that yesterday China expelled all US journalists from the country working for outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.” (paywalled link)

Let that sink in! I endorse Mr Spence’s next sentences:

“The fact that this is happening at a time when we have never needed transparency and information sharing more is shocking enough. But it has also come in the midst of a major propaganda push from Beijing, which claims to have turned the corner in the fight against coronavirus, and has also started an information war — “disinformation war” would be more accurate — over the virus’s true origins, even suggesting it originated not in China, but the US.” (paywalled link)

I wonder if he’s watched this video, emailed to me yesterday. The questions asked in the video are those proper journalists should ask. We ought to read about these in news articles, not an opinion piece, or watched in a video. It is disturbing that we are being deprived of such vital information while being clobbered by Project Hysteria in the MSM and by government measures driven by that. 

So don’t fall for the twin Project Hysteria and Project Panic – question everything, but keep safe and 




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