Cats can come out of hiding … ‘that’ strategy doesn’t work any longer


As we’re plodding onwards to polling day there are some EU ‘news’ but they are vastly overshadowed by GE news such as the ‘shock-horror’ poll reports (see below). First though the MSM deserve mentioning because their wonderful ‘Leaders debates’ are being devalued – and about time, too!

You’ll be interested to learn that Andrew Neil is going to torture Ms Swinson and Nigel Farage next week – but Johnson is amazingly coy and hasn’t agreed to a date for his session, according to this BBC tweet yesterday. Is Johnson frit perchance? How delicious!

There are other examples of Party Leaders refusing to play the game of the various TV stations in this election by not participating in their fake ‘debates’:

“Sky News was forced to cancel a leaders’ debate on Thursday after Mr Corbyn refused to sign up to the programme, and a seven-way debate between party leaders on the BBC on Friday night will feature Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary, in Mr Corbyn’s place. Sky sources confirmed they had called off the programme after both Boris Johnson and Mr Corbyn declined to take part in a three-way debate  with Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat leader. Mr Corbyn will instead appear in a Channel 4 debate on climate change this evening, which is unlikely to stray on to controversial issues such as Labour’s handling of anti-Semitism. The Prime Minister is understood to have snubbed the programme amid ongoing tensions with Sky, which in turn is refusing to allow Michael Gove to stand in for him.” (paywalled link)

Good, I say, because both this ‘debate’ on ‘green issues’ and yet another presentation of some TV presenter bigging him/her/itself up in a ‘Leaders Debate’ is a waste of our time. Tonight, I’m sure, they’ll mention the hair-raising ‘green’ announcements made by our ‘friends’ across the Channel. Ms von der Leyen, the Juncker replacement, gave a speech yesterday (here) where she lashed out at TBP MEPs, but more importantly had this to say:

“The German also pledged that every new trade deal the EU signs will contain a “chapter on sustainable development”. She said: “We only account for approximately nine percent of the global emissions. We have to bring the world with us, and this is already happening – from China to Canada through to California, others are working with us on their own emission trading systems.” (link)

If you have the intestinal fortitude to watch this ‘green debate’ you can be certain that the participants, Remainers all, will happily applaud. Let me just remind you that Germany is renowned for ‘teaching the world’ about what to do – Ms vdL being a happy example. Now they are set to impose this attitude on the whole of the EU, see this:

“French officials are “in disbelief” and “dismay” over the appointment of five German heads to the new EU Commission – and not a single French representative. […] It brings the total of German heads of EU Commission cabinets to five, compared with no French nationals whatsoever. In addition, two EU officials each from Hungary and Malta will serve as heads of private offices to new commissioners.” (link)

This threat of German-run EU Imperialism doesn’t seem to worry our Remainers at all. I suspect that those Remain PPCs, red, yellow, green, nationalists and even blue, would only be too happy to let the ever so ‘competent’ Germans rule the roost and run things because that means they can lean back and enjoy the cushy life on the green benches without having to do much work, the odd screeching and posturing during what is called ‘a debate in the HoC’ notwithstanding.

That brings me to the shock-horror ‘news’ of the latest poll – here, here, paywalled here and here. The prediction is of a ‘sweeping victory’ for Blue, a ‘crushing defeat’ for Red, with a few negligible seats for the rest. In a measured tone The Times writes:

“The Conservatives would win 359 seats, Labour 211, the SNP 43 and the Liberal Democrats 13 if the election were held today, according to a seat-by-seat analysis based on current polling by YouGov for The Times. That result would give Mr Johnson a majority of 68 as he made gains at Labour’s expense, particularly in the Midlands and north of England. Labour would suffer its second-worst postwar defeat, with Jeremy Corbyn’s total two above Michael Foot’s in 1983.” (link, paywalled)

All is not lost for Remain though because this poll asked what people would vote for if the GE were tomorrow. So the old saying about many a slip between cup and lip comes into play, and up pops Dominic Cummings. This is where things become interesting. Here is his warning:

“A hung Parliament remains “a very real possibility”, Boris Johnson’s most senior adviser has warned, as he insisted the Tories and Labour are much closer than polls suggest. Dominic Cummings voiced fears about complacency costing the Conservatives the election after a seat-by-seat analysis showed Mr Johnson on course for an 68-seat majority. Mr Cummings […] said he had “looked very carefully at the numbers” and predicted Jeremy Corbyn could still become prime minister if the Brexit Party picks up votes in marginal seats.” (paywalled link)

The Parties all run ‘private’ polls which influence their ongoing campaign, giving them a more detailed picture than the big polls published for public consumption. Mr Cummings probably has access to such polls. Note however that he singles out TBP, warning voters not to vote for them. It’s the old, tried and tested ‘vote Farage – get Miliband/Corbyn and Sturgeon’ ploy.

Is Cummings like the WWI and WWII generals of whom it was said that they always fought the last war, not the one they were actually fighting? Does he think that the tribal loyalties of Red voters will come to the fore, even when they will lose money under Labour plans, as described here in detail? Perhaps he has some ‘secret’ info about postal vote scams such as this one which cannot be the only one, given past experiences? If so – why doesn’t he make those public? 

Meanwhile, in a classic ‘kill the messenger’ attempt, Labour howled immediately that Cummings’ blog post was against the rules:

“His blog post has sparked a disagreement after claims his intervention could constitute a breach of election purdah rules that are in place for special advisers. But a source at the Cabinet Office told The Guardian that Mr Cummings had already resigned as Mr Johnson’s special adviser after parliament was dissolved.” (link)

You might like to read that non-paywalled article (link) where I found this rather heartening advice by Cummings:

“He said the ‘most useful thing’ Brexit-backing voters could do would be to ‘make the time to speak to friends and family and explain why you will vote for Boris’.” (link)

Exchange “Boris” for “TBP” and go and do as Cummings says! It works for him and Boris, so it’ll work for all us Leavers! And another thing! That strategy of plonking dead cats on tables? It doesn’t seem to work any longer: Corbyn’s NHS ‘revelation’ yesterday was soundly ridiculed in the MSM.

The Nation’s cats can now breathe a sigh of relief …




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