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Another morning after another ‘day before’: the Brexit Betrayal moves ahead by another step. The main players have finally dropped their masks, the real “Project” has now been unveiled: to overturn our vote to leave so as to ‘Remain’ once and for all.

Before our disbelieving eyes the main players, apparently unassailable, have finally made clear  – crystal clear, in politics speak – what they want to happen: a long extension with subsequent revocation of Article 50.

Yesterday we had another debate in the HoC – more “smoke and mirrors”, but you knew that already – with the HoC assenting to the motion demanding an extension until June 30th. The Motion passed with a majority of 310:  Ayes 420 – Noes 110.

The poor, innocent dears, drunk on their own presumed power, again are blissfully unaware of what the real power, the EU, is today going to ‘give’ to Ms May. Here’s a summary:

“EU leaders are set to order Theresa May to accept a Brexit delay of up to a year in the hope that Britain will “rethink” the decision to quit the bloc.”

It has come to this: the EU will order (!) our PM to accept their diktat. Keep that in mind when talking to Remainers: their, the Remainers’ intransigence, has handed our country over to a foreign power.

And it is so heartwarming to read the kind (not!) words of Mr Tusk addressed to M Macron! Under the headline “Don’t humiliate Theresa May over Brexit extension, Tusk warns Macron” The Times (paywalled) writes:

“In an appeal before tonight’s critical summit, Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, called on EU leaders to treat Britain with respect or risk poisoning future relations. Mr Tusk warned that the French president’s favoured approach of an extension with “good behaviour” review clauses would create “constantly shifting” no-deal cliff edges and continued uncertainty for European businesses and citizens.”

How nice of Mr Tusk, and how nice that, after nearly three years of institutionalised humiliation of our country by the EU’s negotiating team, ably supported by our Remain Whitehell negotiators – looking at you especially, Mr Oily Robbins! – they now come out with their carrot: a nice extension, a recantation of our terrible attempt to Leave, and all will be forgiven.

That’s not ‘humiliation’ in their books, that is extending the hand of friendship and forgiveness! But fear not, that also is just ‘smoke and mirrors’ to dupe the Remainers.

Here’s why Mr Tusk is now flapping about a bit, trying to rein in M Macron and to get the EU member states in line:

“Brexit is poised to be delayed by up to a year after European leaders warned Theresa May that her proposal for a short extension until the end of June was too much of a “risk” following weeks of Parliamentary chaos. Emmanuel Macron, the French President, is understood to have proposed a nine-month Brexit extension to the Prime Minister during talks in Paris on Tuesday – with the threat of regular three-month reviews to ensure that Britain does not undermine EU business while it remains a member.”  (paywalled link)

Note that M Macron is demanding a ‘good behaviour’ report every three months from our government! How ‘sovereign’ is that, dear Remainers in the HoC? Did you think your misguided power play would have no consequences?

Note also that the demand for ‘Boris-proofing’ this EU diktat has apparently vanished from the menu. I’m sure it’ll appear somewhere in the text to be decided at that EU Meeting today.

Should you still need some indication as to how That Lot across the Channel regards Ms May and us, here it is:

“On Tuesday Mrs May visited Berlin and Paris to ask Angela Merkel and Mr Macron to grant an extension until June 30 and not to throw the UK out of Europe without a deal. It was described by German media as a “begging tour”. (paywalled link)

As for M Macron whom Ms May also visited yesterday, see this:

“Mr Macron [is] concerned that Brexit would continue to dominate European politics in the event of a long extension and that Britain will meddle in EU affairs while it remains a member. A French official said that Britain should not be allowed to take part in major long-term EU decisions as it was now “an intermediate member state”. Mr Macron also fears that a long extension would remove the time pressure needed to force through a deal.” (paywalled link)

I hope Mr Rees-Mogg will have seen this and will now desist supporting such extension because “we can make life uncomfortable for the EU”! He also better see this letter to the EU Leaders by Mr Tusk who makes quite clear why he deems a long extension  necessary:

“In his letter to EU leaders, Mr Tusk wrote: “Our experience so far, as well as the deep divisions within the House of Commons, give us little reason to believe that the ratification process can be completed by the end of June.” (paywalled link)

Take note: it’s our own Parliament, our elected representatives, whose ‘division’ is hampering the EU’s kind Brexit proposals!

Of course, like the dutiful schoolgirl she is, Ms May, having been given a rap over her knuckles by Merkel, Macron and Tusk, is now back to ‘negotiations’ with Labour  – yes, they did ‘break down’ again – to show the EU that she can achieve ‘unity’ in the HoC:

“Mrs May has hinted that she will agree to a form of customs union with the EU, but Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, questioned her ability to deliver on her promises. Citing a letter sent to Tory MPs by the International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, which described a customs union as “the worst of both worlds”, Sir Keir said the letter showed Mrs May lacked the authority to deliver any deal agreed with Labour.” (paywalled link)

The Labour sharks have smelled the blood in the water and have taken the measure of Ms May’s negotiating ways: propped up by her Whitehell support team, she always caves in.

But fear not, the mighty Tory Party is actually contemplating actual steps to actually remove her! No, really … but wait, this is what actually happened:

“The Chancellor [Mr Hammond] warned on Tuesday that the value of the pound could fall significantly if Theresa May fails to reach agreement on a Brexit delay with Brussels. He suggested that the impact of uncertainty on the markets could encourage MPs to vote to reverse Brexit by revoking Article 50. David Lidington, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, is said to have warned that the Government would no longer be in control and that Parliament and the Speaker would determine how to proceed.” (paywalled link)

How elegantly Mr Hammond wields the ‘kill-Brexit-axe! It’s ‘the markets’, innit! And how immensely perceptive is Mr Lidington’s warning!

I hope you noticed immediately that Labour did not use that piece of ‘wargaming’ to deplore May’s ‘loss of control’. You have three guesses as to why this is acceptable to Messrs Corbyn and Starmer.

Regarding those Tory Party deliberations of getting rid of May: the usual storm in a teacup, dears, nothing to be concerned about, alas:

“Conservative MPs including Andrea Jenkyns, Mark Francois and Lee Rowley are understood to have sent fresh letters to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 1922 committee, calling for her to go. Sir Graham has pledged to pass on the feeling of concern to Number 10.” (paywalled link)

Yeah verily – Ms May and No 10 are sure to take note of that! Other unnamed Tories have been pondering how to achieve May’s leaving:

“Members of the 1922 committee are secretly working on a timetable that would see Mrs May stand down by May 23, resigning as leader but staying on as Prime Minister.The party’s MPs would then select two candidates from the party’s parliamentary party over the following fortnight, giving the membership four to six weeks to select a leader.The new leader would be in place in the third week of July when MPs are expected to break up for their summer break. Mrs May has not yet been told of the 1922 committee’s plan.” (paywalled link)

It has escaped them that by July 2019 there may well not be a Tory Party left. After all, those negligible things like the Local Elections and the EU Parliamentary elections next month are just petitesses … 

The voters, as this whole Brexit Betrayal has made clear, can be disregarded. It’s the EU way, and paraphrasing an old slogan from the Cold War: “To learn from the EU is to learn how to be victorious”.

It has probably also escaped the memories of all those ‘powers’, from Mr Tusk and Ms Merkel (who both ought to remember!) to M Macron (who ought to look at his own street protests) to our MPs and indeed to that small group of Tories, that it was the power of the people that toppled the tyrants.

The question is: will we the people remember that we actually have the power? Would that excellent Mr Cromwell have been able to clear Parliament without the might of his people behind him? Think about it …


Brexit Betrayal + 2 = No Brexit

Now more than ever: KBO!


[No apologies for the length of this article – it’s due to important quotes from paywalled reports]


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