Attention – this is a foul-weather warning from your Daily  Brexit Betrayal Weather Watch Office! Foul Brexit Weather ahead for the coming days! It’s getting serious.

While Johnson sent his proposals to the EU – more on that below – the latest Remoan items first.

No 1: “UK pharmacists poll has revealed shortages for every major type of medicine” (link). As the whole country knows, we’ve not had Brexit yet, so why is this happening? Because:

“Experts say the reasons […] include the introduction in February of a new EU regulations, supply lines being stretched due to globalisation and manufacturers prioritising more lucrative markets.The Department of Health has stressed current supply issues are not linked to Brexit.” (link)

Here’s one point Remainers always forget to mention when warning about ‘crashing out’: we’re still ‘In’, and are forced to apply all EU Legislation until we’re ‘Out’. So: this ain’t due to Brexit but due to the EU …

No 2: Another couple of court cases in Scotland (paywalled link)

“Scotland’s highest civil court will hear fresh arguments on Friday brought by the SNP MP Joanna Cherry, the English lawyer Jo Maugham QC and the businessman Dale Vince. […] The petitioners want the court to consider penalties, including fining or jailing Mr Johnson, if he disregards the Benn Act. […] The new case is running alongside another set of proceedings – a “nobile officium” action – which is not available to courts in England and Wales. In that action, the same trio are asking the court to effectively sign a letter to European leaders requesting a Brexit extension in the event that Mr Johnson refuses to do so. […] According to legal papers which were lodged with the court in September, the petitioners want the court to impose conditions and penalties “including fine and imprisonment” in the event of the Prime Minister failing, delaying or refusing to sign a letter requesting an extension.” (paywalled link)

A case of the Scottish dog wagging the English bulldog … even unto using a Law which doesn’t exist in English Jurisprudence. My crystal ball tells me we might be in for yet another Legal challenge in the English High Courts.

No 3: “Remain alliance stalls after stalemate in talks with Labour, the SNP, and Lib Dems” (link) – oh dear. Remember – these are the people who firmly believe that they know better than the PM and any of us what to do. However, if you think this might be the end of the matter – never fear:

“John McDonnell has said Labour can “convert” Jo Swinson to backing Jeremy Corbyn as leader as he said a no confidence vote is “unlikely” until after October 18. Opposition party leaders will meet again on Wednesday as talks continue to try and stop a no-deal Brexit.” (paywalled link)

This meeting is taking place today while the EU ponders Johnson’s proposals. The plotters don’t care that this will reinforce Brussel’s  nay-saying. And there’s another challenge to Johnson:

No 4: “Remainers set to launch Brexit plot to impeach Boris – and replace him with Hammond”(link). This is how it might happen:

“Senior Tories believe the plotters could […] be planning to use Mr Johnson’s threat to defy the so-called Surrender Act designed to block a no-deal Brexit as the pretext for tabling the motion. It would require Speaker John Bercow to allow the use of an emergency motion – under Commons standing order 24 – for the impeachment process. The motion would be worded to demand the sacking of the Prime Minister while recognising that his successor must be another Tory MP because the party is the largest in the Commons. [A] minister said: “If this coup succeeds it would be a disaster for democracy.” (link)

Indeed it would! We’re getting into very dangerous waters here. Remainers would rather thrash our democracy than leave the EU. There are speculations that the government might hit back:

No 5: “Government hints at legal challenge against ‘surrender act’ after PM questions constitutional legitimacy” (paywalled link). Johnson reportedly said in a Radio interview that:

“There is a legitimate question to be asked about the generation of this SO 24 legislation. […] We have no knowledge of how it was produced. It is not subject to normal parliamentary scrutiny. There are no bill committees by which the processes can be invigilated. No one knows by whose legal advice it was drawn up. […] They are a constitutional novelty, to say the least.” (paywalled link)

Unlike the Remainers who are keen to splash their latest actions and proposals all over the MSM, the Government has so far refused to say if they have found ‘legal loopholes’ in the Surrender Act which they might exploit. Here’s another hint:

“Backing the Prime Minister on Tuesday, Jacob Rees-Mogg called into question whether the Lords who passed the legislation after just 10 hours of debate had acted constitutionally. [He] told The Daily Telegraph: “The House of Lord’s role is to scrutinise legislation carefully. This scrutiny did not happen in the case of the Benn Act. It is important proper constitutional rules are followed by the upper chamber.” It came after he told a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference on Monday night that the Lords may have to be reformed after its support for the Act.”  (paywalled link)

Reform the HoL? Surely a vote winner, that! And finally, before we get to the Boris Brexit Proposal:

No 6: “Jacob Rees-Mogg set to ask Queen for suspension of parliament this weekend” (link, paywalled) – wrong title! Even us peasants have now learned that ‘prorogation’ is not = ‘suspension’! But if it’s useful to stir up Remainers …:

“Jacob Rees-Mogg is set to ask the Queen to prorogue parliament as soon as this weekend under plans to help the prime minister deliver a Queen’s Speech on October 14. Ministers are informally sounding out the Supreme Court before making another attempt to suspend parliament.” (link, paywalled)

I don’t know if they’re proposing to ask the SC to stir up the blood of us Leave democrats or if this is meant to show compliance – in which case my blood certainly is boiling: are unelected judges to decide the business of the HoC?

The unsurpassed Sir John Redwood asks pertinent questions in his Diary entry. He also describes the session in the HoC so I don’t have to … (yes, I watched). Do read it!

To the Boris Plan then. Interestingly, the DT reports are written by their resident EU editor, Arch Remainer Peter Foster …Here are the details:

“The plan, which was briefed to major EU capitals on Tuesday, will accept the need for both a regulatory border between the UK and Northern Ireland in the Irish Sea for four years  – and customs checks between Ulster and the Republic of Ireland.” (paywalled link)

Of course, the nay-sayers will say ‘nay’, but looking at more details I’m not so sure this is actually meant to work:

The plan effectively means that Northern Ireland will remain in large parts of the EU single market until at least 2025 – but will leave the EU customs union alongside the rest of the UK. […]After four years, the Northern Irish Assembly will be free to choose whether to remain aligned to the EU in the future or return to following British rules, which by this time are expected to have diverged from Brussels. The proposal is likely to meet intense opposition from the Irish government, and other parts of the EU who will claim it risks violating both the Good Friday Agreement and the integrity of the single market.” (paywalled link)

You can read reports which are not paywalled here and here. After Johnson delivers his speech at the Tory conference later todayI expect more details and,  I’m certain, every Remainer and their dogs and cats will have a comment tomorrow. RemainCentral though has the first EU reactions:

“Boris Johnson was yesterday accused by European Union diplomats of launching a “kamikaze” showdown with Brussels and increasing the risk of a no-deal Brexit. Officials and diplomats expressed anger after the prime minister admitted for the first time that his plan to replace the controversial backstop could lead to customs checks in Ireland. They fear that Mr Johnson is deliberately attempting to push the EU into rejecting his proposals in order to blame their intransigence for a move towards a no-deal Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

It’s conceivable that they are right … I couldn’t possibly comment …!

While this might be the last throw of the Brexit dice for Johnson, the Remainers as well as Brussels will now surely increase their efforts to get rid of Johnson by highly undemocratic and unconstitutional means.

We must prepare ourselves for unprecedented attacks on our Democracy. It’s the Remainers who are driving our Democracy over the cliff edge. It’s the Remainers who are going to crash and crush our Democracy. They are the enemy within. Never forget!

This, dear friends, concludes today’s warning of very foul Brexit weather ahead!





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