Farmers will be told to produce more of those … because: ‘food security’!



Hands up anyone who thought that the PM would mend his ways after the ‘confidence vote’ and start to do proper work! Oh dear, so sorry – fooled again! Hand sup anyone who still thinks that our MSM and all who write in them are PoPs – ‘people of probity – in possession of some few selected principles? Oh dear – fooled you again!

Just look at the usual compilation of this morning’s print editions (link): suddenly Prince Charles is celebrated for calling Ms Patel’s Ruanda asylum policy ‘appalling’, and nobody howls that he’s not allowed to make political statements. As for the PM … The DT for example has him on the front page, print and online (link), petting a steer. In Cornwall. That animal looks as bored by Johnson’s antics as we are.

This visit demonstrates that there are no adults left in No 10. It demonstrates that Johnson is addicted to ‘photo opportunities’, preferring to gallivant around this country and the world rather than do some work. It demonstrates the utter mindlessness and ignorance of the No 10 spin masters. The accompanying sub-headline tells us: “British farmers urged to put more resources into producing fruit and vegetables to help ease cost of living and food threat from Ukraine war” and in the following text we read (my emphasis):

“In a major announcement expected on Monday, the Prime Minister is poised to unveil the country’s first food strategy for 75 years. It is set to call for changes to planning rules to make it easier to convert land into farms, […] The plans were delayed following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in order to put more emphasis on food security.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, dear friends, ‘food security’ apparently only became ‘an issue’ after Russia’s SMO started. Does nobody in No 10 know that the planting season started at the end of winter, that, Ukraine or not, it’s too late to ‘fight inflation’ this year by urging farmers to be ‘more productive’, i.e. growing more stuff next year? 

No, there are no adults left in this government. I wonder if their Whitehall handlers are letting these ministers all produce their gaffes so as to make them look inane and Labour look competent, or if the Trusses, Wallaces and Raabs are overruling their mandarins because they need ‘publicity’ in their race to supplant Johnson. 

Not that the MSM are any better – take that death sentence imposed on those British mercenaries. Shouldn’t they be able to find out if those two are proper mercenaries, having followed Ms Truss’ call to fight for the Ukraine in February? Or are they chancers who have been in the Ukraine for some time (since 2018), having joined the Ukrainian Army, even having taken Ukrainian citizenship?

Is the uproar coming from British government sources – Truss, Raab – due to the fact that one of them, Mr Aslin, has been running a nice little campaign in social media, something avidly used by our MSM hacks? Aren’t they all extremely sexist because that ISIS ‘bride’ most certainly didn’t get this treatment in the MSM and by our government, even though she also ran a social media campaign. That begs the question: is ISIS worse that Putin?

Perhaps they are all slowly waking up to the fact that blaming Putin isn’t going to work. Even La Truss seems to have grasped this – or rather, her mandarins seem to be trying their best to spin her outbursts and make her look more intelligent:

“Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, said she had discussed with Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs, “efforts to secure the release of prisoners of war held by Russian proxies”. Foreign Office officials have been stressing that Ukraine must take the lead in securing the men’s release because they were members of Ukraine’s army. There are fears that making their case an issue between the UK and Russia would assist Moscow in claiming that the men were “mercenaries” who were not entitled to protection under international law.” (link, paywalled)

Perhaps it’s slowly sinking in that screeching at Russia is screeching at the wrong address, as Mr Lavrov made clear yesterday:

“At the moment, all processes underway are based on the laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic, since the crimes in question were committed on the territory of the DPR,” the top diplomat said. “Everything else is a matter of speculation. I wouldn’t intervene in the work of the DPR’s judicial system,” Lavrov added.” (link)

There’s also been a statement by the spokeswoman of the Russian FO, Ms Zakharova, which demonstrates the sheer inanity of our own FO. It’s machine translated, thus the English is somewhat mangled:. She reportedly said:

“The Russian Ministry has repeatedly informed the British Embassy in Moscow that all questions of captured Englishmen should be contacted by the authorities of the DPR or LPR. “As far as we understand, London has not shown any initiative in this regard, even despite the requests to the British authorities of relatives of mercenaries,” the statement reads” (link)

The DT actually did report this yesterday, under the headline: “’Hysterical’ UK must appeal directly to separatists over Britons’ death sentences, says Kremlin” (paywalled link), with a follow-up report quoting the Ukrainian ambassador to London who said that the “Ukraine “will swap” prisoners to secure the release of the two captured Britons who were sentenced to death” (paywalled link). I found it interesting that yon ambassador is certain that the ukraine will be able to do a POW swop suggesting

“[…] that the men – both serving members of the Ukrainian military who were detained in the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic – will be released in exchange for prisoners held by Ukrainian forces.” (paywalled link)

Here’s the diplomatic cauldron into which our government has to step: they cannot negotiate with Russia because, as Mr Lavrov pointed out, this took place under the jurisdiction of the DPR. They are the negotiating partners. In order to negotiate, the UK and indeed the Ukraine would have to recognise the DPR as state. This was also pointed out by a Russian lawyer (link, h/t iEarlGrey)

I’ll mention in the margin that we had a proper show trial in Kiev, where a young Russian POW was condemned to a long-term imprisonment. The question is now permitted if Kiev did this to produce Russian POWs ‘ready for exchange’. After all, the process of those Brits was announced well before that, as was the possibility of the death sentence.

None of our so intrepid ‘war reporters’ deemed it necessary to travel to the DPR and observe that trial. They might have been able to report on the reason for that death sentence, for example the torture and killing of civilians in Mariupol. 

Good luck then with that ‘prisoner ‘exchange’, especially good luck to the Ukraine, speaking from a position of ‘power’ even as the international news are reporting that their fabulous h-u-g-e army is running out of ammunition and men, e.g. here in the German paper Die Welt this morning – you need your trusted machine translator to read it. 

Personally, I find it sickening that the question of neonazi war crimes is so blithely being swept under the carpet. It’s ‘plucky Brits’ and never mind their being self-confessed war criminals. La Truss seems to think that she’ll be fine as long as she indulges in anti-Putin ‘hysterics’ because it’s what her Russophobia ‘public’ likes. It’s Cloud Cuckoo land wherever I look, both government and MSM happily producing one shameful episode after the other.

I leave you with news that our British grasses are now producing ‘super pollen’, thanks, of course, to ‘climate whatevah’, according to the MET Office (link, paywalled). There’ll be clouds of them – clouds!

If nothing else, we can at least produce ‘super pollen’ – that’s something British we plebs can be proud of while our PM pats steers and La Truss and the rest indulge in hysterics.

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