Written by Michael Newland


Saturday’s demonstration was a hugely successful and enthusiastic coming together of people of different political persuasions in the common cause of defending freedom – something we can all agree on whatever our other views – and in opposition to what amounts to a terror campaign against us by the government, the media and a part of the medical profession. 10,000 people protested against the destruction of our liberties and social alienation using the pretext of a virus.

You can’t turn on the radio without a veiled threat of death looming over you every few minutes. Yet people are told to go back to work! Not even in wartime has there ever been anything like this. Much of the population are at least to some extent frightened to leave their homes and have been trained up to look on their fellow humans as a lethal threat to them. Even alone in cars now many wear a mask. As many deaths as during WWII were predicted at the start.

We were told in the spring that there would be a brief lockdown to prevent hospitals being overrun with virus cases. Either they were lying with the promise of the most enjoyable virtue signal in history or there has been an unexplained mission creep. The lockdown system has now been intensified in one direction by our being ordered to wear masks when at the start we were told they were useless. When you wear a mask you send everyone around you an unhealthy message, that normal life is too dangerous to risk.

At the start we were told to take a brief, mostly paid for by the Government, dreamtime holiday and enjoy a warm fuzzy feeling about how we’d saved lives. It’s been like being asked to go into prison on the promise of free ice cream and then finding the door locked behind you.

Months later 90% of the country, covering 51 million people, has not had a death from the virus in a month and yet, far from celebrating, the Government talks of more lockdown without any definite end to it and the need for four million virus tests a day. Even the possibility of a vaccine is being downplayed as a solution. We are still muzzled and controlled in a manner only known in totalitarian states.

Along the way the Government admitted that the death toll from the side effects of the lockdown might be 200,000. The deaths from the virus so far are like a bad flu year and in the tens of thousands while ironically the expected collateral deaths from the Government’s own policy really are akin to those suffered during several years of WWII.

The cure appears to be worse than the disease even if the lockdown had a substantial effect on the lethality of the virus which is dubious in view of the Swedish experience. It’s said that Peru had the severest and earliest lockdown but now has the worst excess death total in the world.

Yet people clapped in the streets when hospital services were largely shut down for everything except the virus – cancer, heart disease and all the rest. Doctors still sit idle in hospitals and GPs hide behind their surgery doors. Surgeons are working at 50% capacity. The mental health effects have been catastrophic with 20% of people complaining of depression. They clapped all this on instructions like the poor citizens of a hellhole like North Korea.

It’s the greatest national tragedy since WWII and entirely self-inflicted. People have been trained to blank from their minds any death which is not from the virus – cancer, heart disease and all the rest barely exist – as though the Government could abolish death and offer immortality if we destroy our society in the cause of eradicating the last Covid case.

The Government’s slogan could well be that in order to protect public health you are asked to lose the will to live. Even singing is banned as too dangerous. Quality of life is of little concern. Elections are not held and the general run of political and cultural meetings are as good as banned.

Generations ago Winston Churchill said something during an election campaign about socialism, startling in its prescience. By socialism he meant essentially the school of thought which says that the secret of a better life is more and more powerful government. Today that includes not just formal socialists but the fake conservative-in-name-only party we allow to deceive us and many others like it throughout the West.

Churchill said that “socialism is an attack on the right of an ordinary man or woman to breathe freely without having a tyrannical hand across their mouth and nostrils”. We are now literally in that situation with mask wearing imposed by law. It’s uncanny how right he was in a way he never could have conceived.

Why are they doing this to us?

The head of the World Health Organisation said recently that ‘The Covid 19 pandemic has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate change’. What?? What has climate got to do with it? Everything – if you understand that what is being done about the virus is a part of a greater plan to eradicate our existing society, training obedience by the use of fear about the virus being the starting point. We have been turned into psychological prisoners as much as physical ones.

Nearly every official body has been quietly taken over by some sort of Marxists during the last decades. Their aim is our eradication on the path to a world government utopia which will always end up as the opposite in their hands. They won’t succeed. The project is too ambitious but they are capable of ruining the lives of all of us along their path to failure. 


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