(“The Peasants’ Revolt”)



Written by Frederica


The advent of the so-called Covid 19 virus precipitated the whole World into a panic of madness that might well have emanated from the collective minds of Huxley, Lewis and Orwell.  No doubt there have been other such writers with enough knowledge and understanding of human nature to conceive such dystopian sagas.  It is the fact that we are now living, in the present time, the reality of their literary creativity that I find so deeply disturbing! 

It is now two years since the World and more particularly pertinent to us all in Britain, this Country, became a wholly alien place.  By careful avoidance of the MSM in general and the BBC in particular I have managed to preserve a semblance of sanity for myself.  By extensive reading of ‘alternative sources’ I have deduced that a large proportion of the human race has been susceptible and has succumbed to the mass brainwashing and the development of an unreasoning hysteria!

Resembling a flood of lemmings, they have poured over the cliff edge of unreason into the fearsome abyss of fear and despair. I am sure that the majority of them do not recognise what they feel as these emotions.  In their minds, no doubt, they are exhibiting the sagacity of the knowledgeable ‘in-crowd’!

Watching, reading and listening to the progress of this collective insanity, I have found myself retreating ever more deeply into the only place I can find where the cacophony of the deranged, beating their heads against the walls of the – newly created – World prison, cannot reach me.  That place is inside my own mind.

Thus I am finding that my hitherto insistent drive to have my voice heard and to make my views known through regular comment – via the more open minded and receptive platforms – is deserting me.  

What words can I find that might be likely to strike any chord in the minds of the already brainwashed to express my deep and terrifying disquiet at the prospect that I see before me, namely the realisation that around two thirds of my countrymen have surrendered their minds to a ‘concept’ that a killer virus of the magnitude of The Black Death is waiting to devour us on every and any occasion that we transgress the ‘rules’! 

Rules that have been laid down by the very people who are using their ‘democratically’ bestowed ‘Power’ to rule tyrannically rather than govern fairly! Rules that have been totally ignored every time it suited them to do so by those same people who brought them into being – people who have no shame and who are not hesitating in any way to adopt measures and policies that will cause us much worse harm than anything that the so-called killer virus could ever achieve!  

Those same people have now taken us, once again, to the very brink of war in their bid to divert our minds away from the devastation and damage that their actions over the last two years have caused.  I have not yet touched upon the ‘daily invasion’ that is another weapon in the arsenal of those who ‘rule’!  I suspect that they have not yet realised that they are now importing potential civil war!  When those who come have sufficient numbers, I fully expect that they will make the fullest use of their ‘advantage’ to wreak havoc amongst the land that they have “conquered”!

The utter horror of the present day World – so far removed from the World I grew up in and latterly occupied in peace and hopefulness – has created such turmoil in my mind that mere words cannot encompass it to my own satisfaction.  

My parents lived through WWII.  The experiences they related were grim. Yet they spoke of a people determined to win through and ‘defeat the enemy’.   But then, of course, the ‘enemy’ was without!  Now, it seems the ‘enemy’ is within:  the insidious creep of globalisation.  The greed and evil caprice of the few with but one ambition – to dominate and enslave the many – has created the potential for “Hell on Earth”.  

As portrayed in the children’s film ‘Never Ending Story’, I feel I am watching “The Nothing” encroaching and consuming “Fantasia”.  “Fantasia” now represents the World of my own imagining.  A World that never could have existed except within the minds of the ‘real people’ who once inhabited the ‘dreamland‘ of freedom in which I believe I once lived!

A kind of highly destructive fatalism has the people of the World by the throat.  An all consuming fascination with the ‘theatre’ being played out before us.  There is a sensation of unrealism that is not unlike the depiction of the snake dancing before the charmer’s seductive and insistent flute music.

Governed, nay: ‘ruled’ as we are by the self obsessed and utterly greedy, power crazed few, the ‘many’ are sinking once again into the abyss of feudalism and despair.  More than six hundred years have passed since the ’Peasants Revolt’ of 1381. Yet we stand now upon the brink of a return to that time when ‘the many’ were absolutely and cruelly kept in the most abject subjection by ‘the few’.

I have several times, in previous texts, quoted from the poem I wrote back in 2018.  It seems that every time I read it myself, the sentiments I tried to express then now become more and more relevant to our present situation. I called it “The State of the Nation”.  The opening passages read:

We are a people in bondage

Living in anguish and doubt

Our freedoms are being eroded

We whisper when we ought to shout

Invaded oppressed and derided

Our Nationhood taken by stealth

Impoverished by those who are stealing

Our Culture, Beliefs and our Wealth

Later in the poem I wrote:

Oh how did our proud lawful nation

Become so degraded and weak

Why did we allow those who rule us

To make us so fearful to speak

Just over 100 years ago, Britain took part in WWI.  Often called ‘The Great War’ and by much older people, mostly now passed on, ‘The Kaiser’s War’.  The devastation caused by that conflict and the huge decimation of lives is supposedly remembered on every 11th November  Clearly, mankind’s memory is truly ‘selective’.  At that time ‘universal suffrage’ was not yet a given.  The Act of 1918 allowed men to vote but not yet women. Obedience to ‘authority’ was no less evident than it is now in the present day!  That war was supposed to be ‘the war to end all wars’ …

Yet here we stand in the 22nd year of the 21st Century, looking all about us at the ruins of an ideal that was once called ‘democracy’.  We are looking down the barrel of the gun that is now designated ‘The New World Order’.  The present day ‘Robber Barons’ are no different from those that ruled supreme in the 14th Century. Their aims are exactly the same now as they were then: total domination and control.

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