I am not holding my breath for a reply, but I have just emailed this letter to:


The US Ambassador to Great Britain

Embassy of the United States of America

33 Nine Elms Lane

London, SW11 7US                                                    


                                                                                                         6th October, 2021

Dear Sir,

Please could you forward the letter below to Mr Biden. 

 I urge you and him to support the concerns of the many in this country who voted (through Brexit) to sustain government for the people, by the people – rather than be subsumed within an EUSSR.

As Mr Gorbachev said: “The most puzzling development is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”

But now EU countries are less able to confront Russia, due to their increasing dependence on Russian gas supplies and a reducing commitment to NATO by some.

Democracy is increasingly under threat across the world and it is clearly more important than ever that the great democracies stand together. Clearly America needs recognise that its best interests do not lie in supporting the EU, against the interests of the UK.

Yours sincerely

Roger J. Arthur

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Dear Mr Biden

In the UK we continue to pursue our Independence – as you did in 1776 – as we cast off the remaining shackles which bind us to the EU Politburo. 63% of UK constituencies voted to leave the EU, then 80% voted to get Brexit done, through a democratic referendum. We will also expect to celebrate our own Independence Day.

A common Allied WW2 objective was to restore the sovereignty of nation states. So giving preference to an unelected EU Politburo – which wants to end such sovereignty – surely makes no sense.

That is why many here were puzzled when Mr Obama urged us to succumb to ever-closer union under unelected EU rulers and by threats from your party to put the UK at the back of the queue, in trade negotiations.

Sadly some seem to have been taken in by contrived concerns relating to Northern Ireland (NI) and its cross border relationship with the Irish Republic – although the US and Canada trade successfully, without a Customs Union.

Imagine if the Canadians insisted on 100% checks on goods passing across the border and the impact of such ridiculous bureaucracy. There clearly is no reason why checks cannot be made away from the border and that has nothing to do with the Good Friday agreement.

Throughout Brexit negotiations, the EU sought to keep the UK enslaved to its rulebook, using contrived NI border issues as a lever. The so called “Backstop”, was introduced in an attempt to trap the UK in the EU’s customs Union, in a direct threat to our sovereignty – which they have made no secret of wanting to end.

But there has been a Common Travel Area (CTA) in Ireland for nearly 100 years and no one proposes to change that. Those with British and Irish passports remain free to move across the NI border after Brexit, with NI residents able to identify as Irish or British – or both.

Indeed, if the EU would agree to continue with zero tariffs (GATT 24) then there is no need for a customs border – yielding substantial savings to the EU, which is a net exporter to the UK. Brexit meant that no part of the UK shall remain in the EU Customs Union and the UK will not be erecting a hard border.

If anyone imposes a hard border, it will not be the U.K. Indeed the EU’s chief negotiator (Barnier) said that, Brussels will “find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting back in place a border”.

The idea that the UK cannot prosper independently of the EU, without a return to violence in NI, is patently absurd. (As you know the level of violence per capita in NI, is much lower than that in the US.)

It would clearly not be in the US’s interest to see your closest ally leaving the EU – as anything other than a strong and independent nation. We ask why do US Democrats prefer to side with the EU, which wants to end the sovereignty of nations and which has tried to undermine NATO and is is increasingly dependent on Russia for its gas supplies? It make no sense.

So please don’t be taken in by questionable EU tactics and remember which European country has been the most resolute supporter of your country, of NATO and of government for the People, by the People.  Isn’t that what “Democrats” should be supporting?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely

Roger J. Arthur

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I didn’t add this, but it gives us an idea as to Biden’s real agenda. 

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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