2016 was a year of earth-shaking upheaval in the politics of the Anglo-American world. On the 23rd June the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, and on the 8th November the United States of America elected Donald Trump as President. Those two votes, the Peasants’ Revolt in the UK and the Trumpquake in the USA, revealed the huge chasm that separates the governing caste from the governed in the UK and the USA.

In the USA Donald Trump, though standing as a Republican, defeated the managers of the Republican party to gain nomination as the Republican candidate, before defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. In Britain the voters rejected the advice of Her Majesty’s Government to vote Remain given in an official government booklet. That booklet was published by Her Majesty’s Stationery Office and delivered to every household at taxpayers’ expense. In defiance of its advice 17,410,742 people voted to leave the European Union.

The political establishments in both the USA & UK were defied by their electorates. That happens when enough voters feel that their rulers do not represent them. Trump won in the USA because he spoke for white working people, who are looked down upon by their representatives in the US Congress inside the Beltway on Capitol Hill. In the USA the white working class is no longer fashionable in radical political salons. Hillary Clinton called Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables”. Republican party managers tried to sideline Trump in the primary votes for their presidential candidate. They share Hillary’s opinion of white working people.

In Britain 480 MPs in Parliament supported Remain before the Referendum, but 17,410,742 voters voted Leave, more than have ever voted for any party in a general election. When most MPs in the three main parties in Parliament – the Tories, Labour and the Scots Nationalists – are still for Remain, they must know that they are vulnerable at election time to a Leave party. Especially after they have reversed the result of the 2016 Referendum, which they clearly intend to do.

The EU Commission knows this too, so they have introduced the Joint Committee into Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement, also known as the EU Withdrawal Bill. The so-called Joint Committee appears in Articles 164 to 169, 174 & Annex Vlll. The Joint Committee will bypass Parliament. The Joint Committee will take back control of Britain for the EU, from the start of a Transition Period, and Article 132 will extend that transition period to the end of this century.

In that transition period Article 131 in Mrs May’s Agreement says that all EU councils and other bodies, including the Court of Justice, will keep their powers over Britain. But Article 7 in her Agreement says that Britain will have no representatives on any EU bodies in the transition period. So the British government will be without vote or veto against any EU decisions that damage Britain for the next eighty years. And it will be overruled by the members of the Joint Committee, whose disputes are resolved by the Court of Justice of the EU.

Since the Commons passed Edward Heath’s European Communities Bill by a margin of eight votes in 1972 Parliament has been a servant of the EU. Elected ministers in the British government since 1972 have passed off the policies of unelected EU Commissioners as their own. In doing so those elected ministers have been guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation. They have not had to think for themselves, which is what makes governing hard work, compared with being governed by others. The thinking is done by civil servants, and Ministers just rock up to Brussels when it is their weekend at the Council of Ministers.

At the Council of Ministers they are supposed to scrutinise acres of small print that would take months to peruse properly. At the start of the weekend they are presented with the statement that they will release to the press when they go home. But long before then they vote through all the pages of draft legislation dumped onto them. They have only a weekend to enjoy the fleshpots of Brussels. Over twenty thousand prostitutes work there.

Ministers of the Crown cannot properly peruse all those EU laws, rules and regulations in one weekend in Brussels. They do as they are told. If they didn’t conform, they would endanger the comfortable EU berths waiting for them at the end of their careers. Those plum jobs are available without first encountering the risky elections that democracy gives rise to.

Many British politicians have become EU Commissioners, or got other plum jobs with the EU. Loyal EU service is rewarded, and that reward continues after retirement. Gold plated pensions from EU jobs depend upon continued support for the EU in the House of Lords and elsewhere. EU pensions are misnamed, they are retainers really. Given the EU’s generosity towards them, is it so surprising that most MPs in the Commons are for Remain ?

The 2016 Referendum which the Leave campaign won with its slogan “Take Back Control” showed that voters disagree with the servants of Brussels in the House of Commons. So it is inevitable that Remain MPs will eventually pass Theresa May’s falsely named EU Withdrawal Bill, so as to keep Britain captive in the EU regardless of election results.

The EU Commission has conspired with Whitehall & Westminster to Take Back Control from British voters, and to crush the outbreak of democracy on 23rd June 2016. Mrs May’s falsely named Withdrawal Agreement, all 585 pages of it, is the outcome of that conspiracy. Along with a snobbish distaste for Donald Trump, the Remain majority in Parliament harbours a loathing for most people in Britain, and for democracy itself.

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