The scenes and abject nonsense playing out Monday to Friday weekly in Parliament is a farce that the writers of Frazier, Faulty Towers, and Only fools and horses would be rightly proud of. I also suggest they wouldn’t have had the temerity, imagination or guts to write this.

If it was not so serious, it would be lamentable. It surely cannot carry on any longer, but that is just exactly what Theresa May and her cohort of remainers within this broken, weak and hapless government wish you to believe.

It is also emerging quite clearly and quickly that a lot of harder line MP`s who are brexiteers are now being bullied and worn down into believing, that it is crunch time. Politics in this country will never recover from this prolonged idiocy. MP`s who buckle at the knees this week and vote for the so-called deal will be for ever more known as the turncoats. Labour who are openly calling now for a second referendum, already have that title.

MP`s within the ERG group are clearly wobbling about this deal, threatened as they are with either May`s deal or no Brexit they are very compromised between the two. I cannot believe that this is the pressure being exerted on such a critical issue. It is a no- win situation and so wrong on so many levels. The outcome of this 3rd forthcoming vote will have enormous ramifications on this country and its future.

This deal is widely accepted to be inadequate on so many levels, if it is voted in then we will, within months realise that to which we have been committed. Not in control of our borders, money, laws, and trade. This deal does not allow Great Britain to enter into its own trade deals with other countries; it does not allow Great Britain to sit at the world trade table independently.  The worst thing, of course, has to be that we cannot unilaterally withdraw from this lock into the EU. We also under its auspices have less of a say and influence than we currently do. “No deal is better than a bad deal” how right she was to say this; sadly our PM has completely forgotten her mantra.

The so-called, Brexit secretary this last week spoke at the dispatch box for some time, he commended to the house that a delay be sought for the date of leaving, he stated very clearly that this delay “was in the national interest” then he himself voted against it. Theresa May also saw four cabinet ministers turn their backs on collective responsibility and they also voted against her proposal for the delay. This Captain has completely lost all and any control of her ship. The mutiny is complete and already chattering about a new leader has begun.

Esther McVey clearly said on the radio that if enough people asked her to, she would stand for the leadership. A far cry from the usual response about we have a Prime Minister and what a good job she is doing. The leash has now been slipped, and the dogs of war are it seems running free.

The Labour party have insisted on and won their demand to remove leaving with a no deal “off the table” I am staggered as are many others about this outcome. The only analogy I can think of is; when I was in Ireland buying horses it is like walking into a stud farm there and telling the vendor of those horses that I am going to buy his horse, no matter what the price, do not worry I am buying, now let`s negotiate a price.

Much is being made about the Labour party and their role in this tragedy. They do not come out of this with any glory, and as the polls frequently reflect, they are clearly lagging behind what has to be one of the worst governments I have ever known in my lifetime. That has to be in itself criminal. They should be reflecting that being regularly behind by as much as 10% in most polls is a very worrying trend.

A great campaign is underway to de-select those Tory MP`s that have gone against their manifesto pledges to honour the outcome of the referendum. This will play out in the next couple of months, and the drama has already started with Nick Bowles MP resigning from his very own constituency group, rather than face a deselection meeting, he will though it seems maintain the whip. This conjures up all sorts of problems for the party nationally because if the local groups wish to deselect the sitting MP for what they perceive as treason, then that MP, in order to keep his or her seat resigns from their group and maintains the whip, what is the point therefore and usefulness of the constituency parties.

Labour, have all sorts of internal struggles going on, from antisemitism to deselections of those MP`s who do not worship at the altar of Corbyn. They are very badly damaged over their insistence at parliamentary group level on a second referendum. Many Labour MP`s also voted against the party stance on various amendments including one laid by their own leader.

But enough of internal politics what of the deal, in a conversation with Michael Portillo on his radio show Nigel Farage mentioned that he had been in attendance at a meeting with Michele Barnier who stated he “had got the treaty” with him, he was referring to the withdrawal agreement. Now if this is a treaty and signed as such, we in this sceptered Isle are done for, we cannot unilaterally withdraw from a treaty. Nothing has been made of this statement, and we await with baited -breath clarification on this. Could this be the biggest con trick ever exerted on the British Public?

Sadly, our government and the people responsible for it have lost all reason. They have lost their heads in the fog and noise of Brexit. Tribalism and cliques now pervade all that is supposed to be fair and balanced; collective responsibility had gone, they are clearly off script, ad-libbing and improvising at will.

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