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People vote for very odd reasons, because, some will tell you, ‘we’ve always voted this way’, or ‘I don’t understand politics so I won’t vote’.  Along with ‘my friend, who knows about these things, tells me who to vote for’, many of us will have heard these people and their excuses that there is not enough information or nobody told them this or that all the rest. Mostly, it seems the average voter cares little about either the personalities or backgrounds of candidates and even less about their policies and aims, unless – and it’s a big unless – they think they will get lots of free stuff.  Perhaps that is tax breaks for the Waitrose queue or free this or that for the elderly or more bennies for the bennie population, makes no difference. People also vote out of fear, we can’t have these ‘commies’ or ‘facists’ or ‘racists’ or whatever ‘ism’ or ‘ist’ is flavour of the day in some tabloid or broadsheet that they read less and less these days or more likely the trusted ‘ramblings ‘some ‘presenter’ or even worse celebrity given air time on some unbiased BBC or SKY Channel Four TV programme.

These same people, of course, will tell you that they never look at the news on the BBC or Sky and don’t have a Twitter or Facebook or Instagram account, a fact not borne out by the numbers who use social media in all its forms.  This is not lost on Labour or the Lib Dems and only noticed very late in the day by the Conservative Party which it now seems has discovered social media advertising works, have they been watching You Tube one wonders?

Nigel Farage has declared the Brexit war is over; if it is, somebody had better inform the EU who are already according to some reports ‘plotting’ to extend the exit planned for next year.

The Daily Express goes further: ‘But just 24 hours after Mr Johnson scored a stinking election majority of 80, the EU has said the timetable is simply not possible and now plans to lock the UK into the EU until November 20 or possibly into 2021.’   I’m assuming that ‘stinking’ is a typo, but these days you never know, perhaps a Freudian slip.

If that is correct then people who agree that the Brexit war is over are likely to be as disappointed as Conservative voters will be when it dawns on them that the Boris ‘oven ready’ deal is the same as May’s surrender document, and when the thousands of people who previously voted Labour and Liberal alongside remainers who now ‘just want it done’ find out the reality, they are not going to be ecstatic and are certainly not going to go away.  Just how Boris and his cabinet will deal with all this remains to be seen.  It is, like much of government in all its forms, much too large to manage, particularly when unpopular decisions have to be made in the near future.

Government could start with a clear out at the top of many government departments which were politicised by Blair and expanded by each successive government, along with the so called charities and quango sector, which will continue to work tirelessly hoping to thwart any political decision that does not meet with its approval.

The education sector time and time again lowers standards and increasingly uses propaganda to stifle free thought and free speech, all of which is mainly ignored by the political class when it suits their agenda.  De-platforming people who do not agree with their political viewpoint, or climate change being prime examples, but if that is not enough there is this development reported by Charles Moore.  When parents of children at a school in London received an email that began: ‘Sometimes things happen in the wider world, in the country that are difficult to understand’.  It goes on about ‘things that worry us’, ‘trusted adults’ and ‘negative events’; the negative events referred to being the result of the general election, and are presumably designed to influence or guide parents on how to deal with the situation.

All very worrying, and for me a good reason to remove a child from that or any other educational establishment which seeks to influence parents on matters outside of the educational remit.

The media will attack Boris in just the same way that they have attempted to destroy Trump in the United States, and guess what?  They will still be supported in their efforts by the ‘academics’, the slowly-spoken, ever so nice, middle classes, along with the down market media when it suits them.

And millions of people will, as usual, fall for it.  Do you remember ‘Thatcher’s children’ and how they were disparaged by the pseudo socialists of Blair’s time?  Well we’ve gone well past that now, we should be talking about the EU’s children, blasted with socialist and EU propaganda from the time they start school, and now in their middle forties and working in the politically correct, diversity equality mad world of central and local government, education, the media, quangos, the charities and emergency services.  Forty years of propaganda brought to you daily, any voice of dissent smothered by the threats on social media, de-platforming, or the threat of losing your job. Many, probably most, people have no idea how the left and the ideas of the EU predominate in our institutions and workplaces.  It may explain why so many voted for the present Labour Party and why they are not going anywhere soon.

At least for those of us who do not want to see our country turned in to the Corbyn version of Eutopia, an important battle has been won this week, but the war is far from won, let alone over.

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