Having wrecked yet another radio and another shoe this morning after suffering the Nick Ferrari v Boris Johnson interview, I felt compelled to finally pick sides in the Conservative leadership election.

Personally, if it were not for the fact that he was a Remainer through and through and backed by Ken Clarke, I would have backed Rory Stewart, the outstanding candidate of the campaign and a man of considerable intelligence and charm, whose credentials surely make him perfect for the role of Foreign Secretary in a future administration. However Conservative Party members have a binary choice now, Bonking Boris or Jeremy May.

I don’t have a vote, but am rooting for BoJo.

Many thousands of Conservative members will inevitably follow suit and the reason is clear. The British have an antipathy towards narks and sneaks and the sort of behaviour exhibited by The Guardian and its informers who dwell in Camberwell. So what if Boris and Carrie had a late night tiff about spilling wine or smashing laptops?  Did anyone pick up on the fact that Leyla Moran – the LibDems’ media star and the BBC’s favourite Palestinian-supporting lefty, actually admitted beating up her ex -partner only this year? Of course not.  Did it ever, apart from obliquely, pick up on the late Jo Cox’s errant husband, forced to resign from his left-wing think tank through admissions of sexual impropriety? Of course not. Need we mention Jo Brand? Better not.

Enough already, the real issue is Brexit. The Remainers know that they have to throw a hell of a lot of muck now to get rid of Boris, so muck they will throw.  Such is the hatred they hold for Boris they do not stop to consider the effect this is having on Carrie Symonds. Probably not many of you know that Carrie was, when only 19, kidnapped and assaulted by the twisted rapist John Worboys. Now, ask yourself this; if Boris was of the horrible wife-beating type, would someone who experienced real terror – such as Carrie Symonds – even be with him? I think not, but such is the importance of the war to kill off Boris –and Brexit – by the MSM and most of Parliament that anyone close to Boris, especially his girlfriend, is fair game.

Boris is not going to have an easy job as PM. As Rory Stewart wisely warned, Parliament are not minded to agree to No-Deal or even to Brexit at all, so investing our trust in Boris Johnson is a high-risk game. I too have my doubts about some of Boris’ credentials and fruity past, but a fruity past for PMs has, historically, been pretty much par for the course. Wellington, Disraeli, Palmerston and Lloyd George, all great men, also had great libidos and some questionable morals in the prurient minds of those who are without fault. The trouble is that those without fault are often bereft of original thought, instinctive behavior – oft necessary in crises – or charisma. Our shocking experience with the dullard Theresa May proves this.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Johnson’s own biography of Churchill, ‘The Churchill Factor,’ who clearly has been one of the most influential people that has moulded Boris’ character.

“Churchill matters today because he saved our civilisation. And the important thing is that only he could have done it. He is the resounding human rebuttal to all Marxist historians who think history is the story of vast and impersonal economic forces. The point of the Churchill Factor is that one man can make all the difference.”

I agree.

Hold your nose. Back Boris.


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