Might the reign of the wannabe Napoleon be coming to an end?


We are truly living in interesting times – not only because of the ongoing SMO (Special Military Operation) in the Ukraine but also because this operation may have consequences for the elections in France. For the DT and Independent, the ‘Sunak Affaire’ is still trundling on while the others mention the French elections. You can check them out at the customary place here – are looking at the results of that first round of elections in France.

The RedTops however write about the Queen’s struggle with exhaustion after she caught covid in February this year. Of course nobody in those ‘news’ departments ask how come she caught the bug in the first place, having had the jabs, nor how come that it hit her so hard when those jabs allegedly make such infection ‘very mild’. But we’d of course not ask such inconvenient questions!

Firstly though, let’s take a brief look back at that visit of our PM to Kiev. Yesterday I’ve posted a photo of the two performers in a comment post under Saturday’s Betrayal Column (link). Elsewhere  comment posters asked if Johnson really was in Kiev. They provided the link to the flight data, showing that the RAF plane left the UK for Warsaw in the morning and was back in the late afternoon (link), observing that the train journey from Warsaw to Kiev takes seven hours each way and asking if we were presented with another Hollywood performance.

There are videos however which show those two walking around somewhere – it could have been Kiev, it could have been Lvov, who knows! There are probably back channels negotiating a safe pathway for Johnsons flight from Warsaw to Kiev or Lvov. Nothing surprises me in regard to the theatre we’re shown whenever Mr ‘e is presenting himself to the MSM and to politicians.

Far more important are the latest promises Johnson has given mr ‘e at that visit. The official statement is here. Besides giving away more of our own military hardware, he’s also made us the ‘guarantor’ for Ukrainian debts to the IMF:

“The Prime Minister also confirmed further economic support, guaranteeing an additional $500m [£385m] in World Bank lending to Ukraine, taking our total loan guarantee to up to $1 billion. This comes alongside the £394m the UK has provided in grant aid, and will help ensure the continued running of vital humanitarian services for Ukrainians.” (link)

I’m sure all Brits struggling with the cost of living, especially with the rise in NI now being taken out of our wallets, will be very happy to see how valiantly “we” finance the continuation of that war! After all, pumping ever more armaments into the Ukraine will surely, somehow, get Mr ‘e to the negotiating table, correct? 

The battle for Mariupol is still going on, with the remains of the neonazi Azov brigade now holed up in the factory area of the Azovstal steelworks where NATO ‘helpers’ are holed up with them. Some of those are allegedly French. And this is where the connection to the French elections comes in.

Let’s now look at  the results of this first round. The two candidates going into the second rounds are Macron and Madame Le Pen. You can find all the results here. I found this little piece of analysis intriguing:

“One in four young voters backed the president, although more than one in three 18-24 year-olds opted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, according to Elabe pollsters. Marine Le Pen performed best among 35-64 year-olds, while the president was favoured by over-65s.” (link)

Apparently those who work and pay taxes are more inclined towards Madame Le Pen. The Left, represented by M Mélenchon, is already adamant that Madame Le Pen must not be supported. Why a vote for Macron rather than Madame Le Pen is better for any lefty French voter – well, that’s an utterly French secret!

According to the BBC, Madame Le Pen will campaign on the rise in cost-of-living while Macron will now attack Madame Le Pen for her ‘ties’ to Russia:

“It was already clear from Mr Macron’s speech that he planned to target Ms Le Pen’s close links with the Kremlin. Although she has condemned Vladimir Putin’s war, she visited him before the previous election and her party took out a Russian loan.” (link)

Of course, Macron’s many visits to Putin were ‘high politics’ and surely nothing to do with his attempts to beg Mr Putin to please release, somehow, those French military stuck in the Mariupol bunker! It might be just a bit embarrassing for Macron when these NATO bigwigs, some of whom are allegedly French, were to be caught during the next week or two.

It would be even more embarrassing were the world to learn that NATO wasn’t looking on at the war from the sidelines but was actually involved, not only through NATO personnel providing ‘general training’ for the Ukrainian Army but by fighting with the actual neonazis in the Azov Brigade in Mariupol.

Remember – these are the bastards who were keeping Mariupolitan civilians as ‘meat shields’. Yes, that disgusting expression has been used and has been documented. I hope that the next few days will see an end to the battle of Mariupol and the ‘release’ of all those NATO bigwigs. They must be bigwigs because of the desperate suicidal missions to get them out. We can then ask them why they did nothing to stop the despicable, dehumanising behaviour of their Ukrainian ‘ally’.

I leave you with a thought that occurred to me when I read about the visits to Bucha by the EU leaders Ms vdL and M Borrell who in the company of Mr ‘e gazed at bodybags. That visit was followed by the Johnson stunt, walking around with Mr ‘e, wherever that was.

It’s this: our much vaunted ‘leaders’ are behaving like star-struck teenagers, like ‘celebrity chasers’ who are desperate to grab a bit of the stardust now clinging to the world’s top performer, Mr ‘e. After all, haven’t elected representatives the world over given him standing ovations after his zoom performances, with the exception of the Greeks? Surely a bit of that glamour will accrue to them, to their political benefit … or so they think. 

Does any of those people even realise that their ‘undying support’ means that more people will die in Ukraine? Are those deaths acceptable because this can and will be blamed on Russia while they can pretend to wash their hands in innocence? Is prolonging the war, the suffering, really worth it just for a chance of standing next to some second-rate actor?

I hope that in the coming weeks, months and years we’ll remember that our  star-struck politicians were not standing up for peace but were prolonging a war which they could have stopped and could indeed have prevented. Instead of working for us, trying to alleviate the economic catastrophe which will affect us all, they peacock around, trying to look like so many wannabe Churchills.

Not only do they fail in their pathetic attempts at looking Churchillian, they are on the wrong side of history. Churchill fought the Nazis – he didn’t ‘stand with them’, like our despicable lot does. Why do we still vote for them?

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