Enjoy these days with your family and friends!

Enjoy the British tradition of how we celebrate Christmas, from the food we prepare and eat to the Queen’s speech, from the sherries enjoyed and the Christmas walks before and after ‘the bird’ with all trimmings, from the candles lit and the sweets eaten to the joy and the jokes, the presents, the Christmas cards, the carols, the Midnight Mass and today’s church services.


Yes, Christmas has become commercialised, yes, the Christian message has become diluted – but when I look at what we had and what we still have I have lately been wondering  if celebrating Christmas has, unrecognised, started to become an act of defiance.


Over the last few years, it seems to me that celebrating Christmas has become more private: a space where the intrusive world of PC, of commerce, ‘diversity’ and organised jollity has been and is becoming excluded. Families and neighbours, silently and perhaps unknowingly, have been and are creating something which is contrary to the “Message” the MSM and the Big Stores, the Supermarkets, have shown us in their adverts.

Families, friends, neighbours – all of us ordinary people have been silently and perhaps even unnoticed by ourselves, created a space where ‘they’ have no place. And that, in our present time, is an act of defiance.

On that note I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, with all the trimmings, and leave you with this Christmas music by Handel:


~~~   OOO   ~~~


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