Immigration to  the First World is the most important political issue. It remains very high, for example, net UK immigration to June 2018 (the most up-to-date figures) shows net immigration to be 273,000. That is worrying enough but it  does not tell anything like the full immigration story because 625,000 was the total number of immigrants, i.e., the number of people who actually came to live here, the vast majority of whom were foreigners rather than British people returning after a period living abroad. This means the UK is undergoing a radical and rapid transformation of the nature of its population if this scale of replacement of native British people continues. If it does 6 million or so immigrants would arrive in the UK over the next ten years.

What is happening to the UK is being replicated throughout the West. The rise of so-called populist movements (in reality simply native populations in the West acting out of desperation as they see their countries being threatened by immigrants) arise from the scale of migration to the First World.  As yet, with a few exceptions such a Hungary building a fence, little has been done by Western Governments, especially those of the largest countries, to stop or even severely reduce the flow of migrants from the Third World.

What needs to be done is (1) change the public language about mass immigration to the West and identify it for what it is, invasion, and (2) disabuse immigrants of the idea that they have any right to migrate to the West.    


The behaviour of the Remainers over the past year has been both sinister and contemptible. However, it was not unexpected, because once the Remainer Theresa May became PM and appointed a majority Remainer Cabinet the writing was on the wall, namely, that Remainers would do everything they could to subvert the referendum vote to leave the EU.  

May’s demeanour has been much commented upon because despite engaging in persistent and obvious lying she has remained surreally calm. This is easily explained: she is achieving precisely what she set out to do, namely, sabotage Brexit.  

May will probably see herself variously as St Theresa the Martyr and Agent May in enemy territory (the UK), carrying out Operation Quisling on behalf of the EU.

What the behaviour of the Remainers has done is shatter utterly the idea that the UK is a functioning democracy. Rather, it is an elective oligarchy whereby the electorate are offered an opportunity every few years to choose between competing parts of the elite, an elite in the UK whose general political ideas are largely shared by the various competing parts of that elite.

It is no surprise that democracy is being thwarted. The German sociologist Robert Michels in the early years of the twentieth century  developed what he called the Iron Law of Oligarchy.

Michels was particularly interested in the way that organisations such as social democratic parties and trade unions which purported to exist to promote the interests of the working class invariably ended up serving the interest of those who came to wield power in such bodies, whilst becoming progressively  more authoritarian and bureaucratic.

But although Michels had a special interest in leftist organisations the Iron Law of Oligarchy is generally applicable to any organisation or even any informal social group. The historian of 18th Century English politics Lewis Namier estimated that Britain was ruled by a few hundred families when the population was less than 10 million. The depressing reality is that probably today Britain is effectively ruled by no more than a few thousand families today. Look at the mainstream media, the politicians with great wealth and the same families pop up over and over again.

The long march through the institutions

The treacherous behaviour of the Remainers is an object lesson in  how internationalist elites have become dominant in Western politics  since 1945.

A German student leader of the 1960s, Rudi Dutschke, put forward the idea of the Long March Through the Institutions whereby societies were subverted from within by those of an internationalist bent who would patiently work to gain positions of power and influence. Eventually there would be sufficient numbers of such people to change the  policies of Western societies from national to internationalist ones. That point was reached in the UK at least 50 years ago and the politically correct stranglehold on our society is now in full flower.

The capture of Western societies by internationalists has allowed them to permit and even overtly encourage mass immigration of people from different cultures, denigrate their own societies, traduce the West and its native populations generally and introduce gradually the pernicious totalitarian creed of political correctness which has “anti-racism” (in reality anti-white racism) at its heart.The last brick in the politically correct building is the increasingly draconian treatment of anyone who refused to toe the politically correct line, treatment which is increasingly including the use of the criminal law and imprisonment.

The idea of the Long March through the institutions has several emotional appeals. First, it has the allure of a conspiracy, of being part of something both bigger than its individual members and something terribly important. The fact that it is a long term project does not matter because each individual member of the conspiracy can see themselves as helping to build towards the promised end even if that end is not achieved in their lifetime.

It is no surprise that Marxists of  various hues have been attracted to it because Marxism works on the same principles of working towards a utopia without any certainty that it will happen in a particular individual’s lifetime.

Robotics and AI

The lack of action by politicians throughout the world and in particular in the First Word is staggering. It is quite clear that robotics and AI systems development is rushing ahead. When it reaches the level where most jobs can be done by machines the game is up for capitalism as we know it because huge and rapid unemployment will inevitably result and that in turn will cause a catastrophic drop in demand.

The fact that politicians routinely bleat out  the claim that as with all previous technological innovations new jobs will be made to replace the ones taken by machines shows how far away they are from understanding what is happening, Intelligent machines will not only take existing jobs they will be able to do the new jobs which arise.

Free expression

Free expression is a straightforward concept: you either have it, or a range of permitted opinion, a range which may be altered at any time. No country has ever had true freedom of expression but some, especially the Anglophone countries, have had a very wide range of permitted opinion. No more. The range of permitted opinion in Britain and the West has rapidly declined, largely driven by the tentacles of political correctness being spread ever further and more tightly. That creed routinely requires reality is to be denied, for example, schoolchildren are now to told that boys have periods and judges insist that transsexuals appearing in court must be referred to as she (in the case of a transsexual man) or he (in the case of a transsexual  woman). What difference is there between such sinister nonsense and Winston Smith in 1984  being forced to say he saw five fingers when only four of O’Brien’s fingers were held up before him?

That is the real killer about political  correctness: it requires a constant denial of reality whether that is something as crass as boys having periods or the more subtle pressure to disregard reality which comes with the demand that racial and cultural diversity in a society is a good in itself.

It is universities in the West which are most publicly driving a general  intolerance of ideas which fall outside the internationalist left’s concept of what should be permitted. To those end students clamour for “safe spaces” where nothing which offends the politically correct is allowed and any speaker with a contrary view is refused a hearing in what is known as no-platforming.

This mentality is also prevalent throughout schools  where even the most unlikely subject such as maths can be dragooned into the service of political correctness. Hence, by the time pupils reach the age of 18 they have been well and truly indoctrinated with the “right” politically correct views.


[To be continued tomorrow with Part II]


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