Our overlords are preparing us for war-war. Jaw-jaw is soo last week!



When we observed that politicians and the crowd of Westminster writers seemed to regard “1984” as a manual, they laughed. Well, those politicians, in the form of the fabulous G7 leaders, have shown that they took another step to follow Orwell’s book. They used the missile attack on a shopping centre in Kremenchuk in ‘central Ukraine’ as pretext to confirm that they’d support the Ukraine ‘forever’. Thus, to get us onside, the majority of today’s papers scream “Murder at the shop”, “appalling cruelty”, “crime against humanity” and that “Putin will pay” – see here at the usual place. 

We didn’t hear any such words nor saw any such headlines when the Kiev regimes shelled cities and civilians in the Donbas for eight years. We heard nothing and are hearing nothing about ‘war crimes’ and ‘appalling cruelty’ when Ukrainian military shelled civilians in Donetsk in the last few weeks. Well, we wouldn’t, would we! Our intrepid reporters only report from the Ukrainian side of the front and the at-home reporters do not look at, never mind quote, any Russian news or sources.

Mr ‘e used this attack as perfect war-cry in his video attendance at the G7 summit, saying that ‘over 1,000 people’ were in that centre before the alarm went off. I’m no military expert but it seems to me that one cannot ‘warn’ of a missile attack because they fly too fast, but what do I know …

Moreover, he had the effrontery to label this as “one of the most daring terrorist attacks in European history” (paywalled link). Daring? Good grief! Yes, it’s terrible that 18 people died but I seem to recall a much higher death toll in various terrorist attacks in recent ‘European History’, not least here in the UK. Must those deaths be discarded because they don’t fit the “war cries’ of Mr ‘e?

Forgive me for playing “whatabout headcount games”,  but there’s news from the USA of another humanitarian cruelty: at least 46 people died in a trailer truck in San Antonio, Texas. The Times published this report at 5am, now hidden deep inside the bowels of their online edition (link, paywalled). The BBC came out with this around 6am (link). I would have thought that 46 is a higher number than 15, but even in death, some are more equal because they are more ‘newsworthy’ than others. 

And so to the Orwellian situation of a ‘forever war’. The G7 wrote a blank check to Mr ‘e, something they had planned to do anyway according to this report published on Sunday by TASS – which is of course pure Russian State Propaganda, so we couldn’t believe it, not even as they quote an article in Bloomberg. We can and must however believe the BBC, writing last evening:

“Leaders of the world’s seven richest nations have promised to support Ukraine “for as long as it takes” on the second day of a summit in Germany. […[ Addressing the summit via video-link, Ukraine’s president appealed for more heavy weapons from Western allies. […] “We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military and diplomatic support and stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” they said in a strongly worded statement on Monday.” (link)

Btw – just look at the photo gracing that report! There are the G7 leaders – one from each country – and at the same table there are two EU leaders. Why? Anyhoo – this carefully built scene provides the background for the NATO Summit which starts today. So no surprise then that NATO’s Secretary General Stoltenberg used the scene set by the G7 and Mr ‘e to announce plans to 

“[…] massively increase the number of its forces at high readiness to over 300,000 troops. The bloc’s rapid reaction force currently has 40,000 troops at its disposal, with many of those based along the alliance’s eastern flank. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the increase followed a direct threat from Russia to European security.” (link)

We’re not told of what this ‘direct threat’ consists. We’re not told how this increase is going to happen, nor where the weapon systems needed to increase the ‘high readiness’ of the additional 260,000 troops are going to come from. These are petitesses, you understand, and the critical economic situation in NATO countries are to be disregarded. Of course, the impact of all those weapons already donated to Mr ‘e on said ‘high readiness’ isn’t mentioned either. No, this is about ‘sending a clear message to Putin’. Stoltenberg said:

“I’m confident that Moscow, President Putin, understands our collective security guarantees, understands the consequence of attacking a Nato-allied country,” Mr Stoltenberg told reporters at a news conference in Brussels. “It will trigger a response from the whole Alliance. And to underpin that message, we are increasing the Nato presence.” (link)

Clearly, in the eyes of Stoltenberg and NATO, Mr Putin doesn’t have a clue about NATO. At the same time, I assume, NATO is deaf to Mr Putin’s demands of a security guarantee for Russia. No – it’s about sabre-rattling and more sabre-rattling.

And right on cue we read of a speech which that new UK Chief of Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders will give today. He’s again calling for ‘readiness’:

“[…] deterring Russia means having “more of the Army ready more of the time”, from “the general … to the young lance corporal in the barrack room, from the reservist on a weekend exercise to the civil servant in Army headquarters”. […] “This is our 1937 moment,” Sir Patrick will say. “We are not at war, but must act rapidly so that we aren’t drawn into one through a failure to contain territorial expansion.” (paywalled link)

I’ve racked my brains to find an explanation for his calling it ‘our 1937 moment’ and am stumped. I am no slouch when it comes to the history of the 1930s but am sorely puzzled. Perhaps you can help me out … Also, right on cue, Mr Ben Wallace is calling for an increase in the budget for the Armed Forces (paywalled link). Tax reductions – at this time? No, let the economy crash harder to ‘give a clear message to Putin’!

I leave you with a report well worth reading. It’s in TASS and is about  a French MEP declaring that NATO is the biggest threat to global peace (link). And I leave you with the link to an article by Gilbert Doctorow who describes in detail how the EU has created a new Iron Curtain. Do read the whole thing!

Remember last century’s mantra, that ‘jaw-jaw is better than war-war’? How times have changed! Now ‘The West’ doesn’t speak to the East and is puzzled because the East doesn’t listen, forgetting that they’ve cut off all avenues for jaw-jawing themselves. I can’t help but think that this whole G7 and NATO theatre is meant to make us forget the dire economics, inflation and energy rationing while providing a ‘reasonable reason’ for us to accept the coming sacrifices.

Meanwhile, the Westminster grasshoppers are singing and dancing because they know that we, the ants, the tax-burdened plebs, will have  worked hard enough to see them through the coming winter and war. 

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