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And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown”….. So I went forth, and finding the Hand of God, trod gladly into the night. And He led me towards the hills and the breaking of day….

The poem of Minnie Louise Haskins will be in the mind of the British as they enter this historic year and the day (29th March) of the restoration of the nationhood, constitution and democratic sovereignty of the British people. There is only one person who can frustrate the will of the British people and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and that is the worst Prime Minister in the history of the British nation – Theresa May.

While that which we are leaving has been excessively analysed, what we are restoring is little mentioned but quite extraordinary. It is nothing less than the very being of our nation, whose loss 46 years ago (and the gradual but devastating disappearance of the vestiges of our history, law, international relations, parliamentary authority and prosperity) has gnawed away at our national spirit and even led so many to ignominiously accept a Brexit which is a total surrender to that alien power which the British people voted to reject.

By leaving the corporatist fascist European Union the British people are restoring their nation, their constitution, their democratic sovereignty, their place in the world of over 160 independent nations states, the chance to trade with the world for the first time in nearly 50 years, our international borders on land and sea (and the fruits of those who labour on them) and a return to our history of personal, family and trading relations with the USA and the Commonwealth of nations which we founded.

We put firmly behind us the interests of supranational tax-dodging business, their bullying of elected politicians and their special privileges for which families, communities, small businesses and nations pay such a horrendous price.

Today the only rational choice of any patriot, democrat, businessman and politician is what May calls ‘No Deal’ – that clean, clear Brexit which was set out by the Government in its £9m document before the Referendum and for which the British people clearly voted.

It is the only choice for the sixth largest economy in the world, the centre of so much legal, scientific, democratic and business excellence (repeatedly set out in articles on this site over the last two years) and the only solution which democratically asserts the will of the people expressed on 23rd June 2016.

A lesson from Johnny English?

The latest Johnny English film fortuitously catches the spirit of the age rather well. A trousered, arrogant, dangerously ignorant woman Prime Minister (played by the Remainer Emma Thompson!) thinks the solution to her Intelligence failures can be solved by an American internet geek. A beautiful Russian spy is turned by the freelancing English from an assassin into an ally against the US internet oligarch. This corporatist dictator (having easily persuaded the British Prime Minister to sign away control of her country and about to force other nations to do the same) is finally frustrated in his hegemony and meets a sticky end, blown up by a British missile.

It is easy to see that the US computer madman would have voted for the continued hegemony of the EU! So much easier to take over a world of a few supranational empires than to control free nations! The British PM was only too willing to go along with the plan, signing documents to ‘solve problems’ but in fact surrendering permanently to foreign business hegemony.

Sometimes there is more truth in entertainment than in the mainstream media!

The treasonous British civil service.

John Redwood (at last knighted!) publishes a leaked letter from a ‘Lucy’ to “Dear Frank” in the civil service. Here are some extracts:

The Prime Minister is rightly pressing on with the Withdrawal Agreement. As you know, the Cabinet Office has been strongly behind this initiative, as it offers us the best chance to protect all that is best about our current membership whilst fulfilling the letter of the remit to leave the EU on 29 March 2019.

Note “the letter of the remit to leave the EU” but of course not the spirit or true meaning of ‘leave’. Indeed as Freenations has demonstrated in detail we end up in a worse position than when we started. The next extract shows what happens when weak politicians leave so much to civil servants:

Ministers who have said they are looking for a compromise between Remain and Leave.

Of course there was no suggestion in the referendum that if one side won the other side would be allowed to dictate many of the terms. Leave meant leave, said Remainers. It would be catastrophic but we could not go back on it! The letter goes on:

Now it is established that the UK has to sign up to the money and a number of important obligations up front to reassure the EU, we can proceed to highlight the possible addition of better trading terms and some agreement on customs once the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) is signed.

Of course the UK does not have to ‘sign up to the money’ (£39bn plus plus plus!). These civil servants also think they can play for time – doubtless so a new Government might reverse Brexit!:

As you can see from the WA we have allowed plenty of time, with 21 months to be followed by up to a further 2 years. This means of course there could be one or more General Elections before the negotiations are finished.

There is concern in the Unit that the WA might not get through the Commons. We have briefed Ministers to stress there might be no Brexit without the WA, and to highlight the uncertainties rejecting the WA will create. The government has successfully stressed that such a Brexit would be “hard” and like falling off a cliff.

The legal process is clear. We leave on the 29th March. To suggest otherwise is pure manipulation of the public as the next step in project fear to which this civil servant is fully signed up. To this end the help of corporatists is called upon:

I understand there are a few large multinationals prepared to forecast problems for supply chains and transport which we must give prominence to.

At least this civil servant admits one of the fatal flaws of the May ‘Deal’ – that the UK will be in a weak position after signing it, making a future free trade deal highly unlikely!

In practice once we have signed the WA our bargaining position is much reduced, so we also need in private with Ministers to lower expectations of what can be achieved in subsequent negotiations. We need to ensure the Trade department does not raise hopes of any early breakthrough for a Free Trade Agreement with the USA or some other non EU state, as that would be seen as provocative on the continent.

Why would the UK securing other trade deals (as for instance the EU has done with Canada and is about to do with Japan) be provocative to the EU? Only if the EU sees us as the enemy, a perpetually supplicant pawn, tied to imperial Europe and to be prevented from achieving benefit from going out into the world of free trading nations.

If ever the British people needed proof of the euro-fascist evil we are leaving behind……. If you fail to sign an agreement with a nation state you agree to go your separate ways. If you fail to stay in an aggressive empire you become the enemy. Thus do fascists and imperialists reveal themselves.

And a different civil service

In all Government Departments there are as many political opinions as outside in the world of politics. Here is the devastating critique of the May Government by an anonymous civil servant writing in the Telegraph who said that despite what Government was telling MPs:

very detailed plans have been proposed, assessed, analysed to death and finally agreed.

Not quite the impression the manipulative May Government is making as they try to frighten their own backbenchers! The anonymous official said key elements of no-deal preparations had been made public only very quietly,

almost as though the Government didn’t want even its own backbenchers to know.

but there were

hundreds of such no-deal plans across all government departments just waiting for the green light from ministers to be made public.

A politicised police

Not content with politicising the civil service this May Government has infected the police. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said a no-deal exit would threaten access to EU-wide criminal databases and make it harder to extradite people from abroad.

What she did not say is that there will be difficulties placed in the way of co-operation anyway with the May Deal when, after Brexit, the UK will cease to be a member of law enforcement agencies Europol and Eurojust, and will no longer be a member of the European Arrest Warrant scheme, which enables EU nations to fast-track the extradition of criminal suspects.

Lies, deceit, half-truths, exaggerations, manipulation of the public – all are now the recognised tools of Remainers. There is no greater deceit than to try to sell staying in the EU as leaving the EU – but that is what Theresa May is doing with her ‘deal’.

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