I think it is over 108 times now that the Prime Minister has said in the house that “The United Kingdom will be leaving the EU on the 29th March”. I have no idea within and without the House of Commons how many times she has said “No deal is better than a bad deal”. Well at one pm on 26th February 2019 Theresa May capitulated, on both her promises and her Governments responsibilities of governance.

Finally bowing to the Europhiles within her party, who outnumber those within the European Research Group (ERG) who are demanding a complete break from the EU. She has made a statement at the dispatch box putting forward three options:

  1. A vote on her deal and if that is rejected.
  2. A vote on leaving with no deal if that succeeds.
  3. A vote to extend article 50.

All in all, a definite shout to either stopping in the EU or extending our time to ensure we remain. Certainly not what the voters of this country voted for. So almost three years late we are no nearer to leaving and by 14th March we will in all truth be remaining in the EU indefinitely.

Of course it’s a master stroke in that if the vote result is not for her deal but one of the other two options, which lead to remaining, she can lay claim to the fact that it was Parliament who made that decision and not her.

By the way, also on February 26th the Labour party have totally written off any chance of regaining power under its current construct. They stood on a manifesto in 2017 to support the outcome of the referendum. Two thirds of Labour constituencies voted to leave the EU. Finally giving in to the Labour remain elements, Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the Labour party will support calls for a second referendum. This will further tear that party apart. This decision is a massive signal to the electorate that Labour cannot be trusted and that they are a poor, weak and very confused opposition. In fact, I am of the opinion that claiming to be the opposition is a stretch. The eight MPs that left the party last week will have their numbers swelled I am of no doubt.

A second referendum of course would be a disaster and it would further split a nation and families. Of course, it would be right and proper for leave supporting groups to call for people not to vote and withhold their mandate, that would only work of course if the vote for the deal was nil.

So, where are we now as a nation: We have 650 MPs who have in the majority taken the view that they know best. Individually, MPs have, especially where their constituents voted in favour of leave, totally ignored their wishes. This is so damaging for democracy and any idea that we are a democratic nation.

To give the people a vote, invite them to exercise that vote and then ignore and go against that vote is (and nothing else comes anywhere near to describing this) a treachery delivered upon the electorate. They cannot be surprised in the near future to find that turnout at any elections will be very poor and low in numbers, not through apathy but through distrust. Those MP`s who have enacted this treason cannot be surprised that in the very near future they are turfed out of the commons in large numbers.

What of the people? Well, I do not in any way support civil unrest. No, we can work smarter than that, we are after all not French. A dozen wearing yellow vests in different towns is a pathetic unorganized debacle and a total waste of time.

De-selection in constituency parties has been investigated in depth by certain groups and action needs to be taken on this with great speed and organization. Constituency surgeries should be literally packed out of the door, standing room only to vent our anger at the actions of these 650. It is, in my humble opinion, futile marching along the embankment in any numbers. Even if we managed 17.4 million, they do not listen, the press falsify reports on numbers attending and do not report it anyway. History shows that these marches get nowhere. No, rather the public act cleverly and make their feelings known in many more different ways.

Something has to happen, things must change. I cannot believe that our stiff upper lip attitude to sending a very poorly cooked steak back to the kitchen, where we just shrug and eat on will prevail. The people must feel let down. They must feel betrayed and have an enormous sense of frustration, or is it just me?

The commons itself is in enormous disarray. Language being used is not of the norm; anger, frustration and passion clearly demonstrated by certain MPs is always met with a clinical robot of a PM. Nothing comes forth from her that demonstrates understanding or empathy for their mood or cause.

This United Kingdom, this nation and its fabulous peoples is in trouble. Great trouble and disquiet will inevitably lead to unrest and further trouble. Of course, we have no police or army in sufficient numbers to quell such civil unrest. The way forward therefore looks to lie with anarchy.

All because the 650 think they know best.

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