Be afraid – be very afraid. Brexit will be stopped. I describe below how it’ll be done.

Yesterday was the first overt step with Ms May’s HoC statement. It’s official: she betrays Brexit with the support of the Remain HoC. It’s also official: the Remainers in both Tory and Labour don’t care that they betray their voters by voting Remain, nor that this will destroy their Parties. And finally – it’s official: the Remainers in the HoC are as thick as two planks, peacocking about in their assumed glory and wisdom on telly while totally oblivious to the reality, to the consequences of their demands.

Let’s take it from the top. Here’s Ms May’s ‘Brexit schedule’ according to her speech in the HoC yesterday:

“a second “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal will be held by March 12. If the deal is turned down, a vote on whether to block no deal will be held by March 13. If MPs vote to stop no deal, a vote on delaying Brexit will follow on March 14. (paywalled link, my bold)

You will recall that the HoC has already rejected her WA ‘deal’ because of the Backstop which would keep us as EU vassal state forever. Expect a last-second, meaningless EU ‘concession’ just to get that WA through the HoC.

If that fails – and I think it very well might because the Remainers want to remain – then the next day the Remainers will vote to keep the No Deal or ‘take it off the table’. We don’t need no stinking crystal balls to know how that vote will go!

Come the next day, March 14th, the HoC will then surely vote to extend Article 50 – and that will be that, because Corbyn and his lot believe extending Article 50 means they can get their beloved 2nd referendum. Their reasoning – and it’s not without merit – is that the extension would not be for a few months but for much longer.

So far so clear (‘crystal’, if you must).

This is where it gets interesting. In the first place, as any fule kno (but apparently not the Remainers) – each and every EU member state must agree to that extension, their decision must be unanimous. This must happen before March 29th else we ‘crash out’, in the immortal words of  the BBC. Secondly, if they do agree, there’s this little complication: any extension beyond June 30th means there must be elections to the new EU Parliament in May, no ifs or buts.

Nigel Farage, who knows a thing or two about how things work in the EU, has this to say (link, paywalled):

The ludicrous suggestion that an extension could be for just two to three months misunderstands that there would be no-one to negotiate with during this period. Brussels closes down in April as the European elections campaign begins. After that, the elite European Commission will be replaced. If we extend once, we will extend again and again. […] Another possibility is that the government and parliament are stupid enough to request a very short extension of article 50 which is vetoed at the EU Summit on March 21. By then, time would have run out, there would be no other alternative.” (my bold)

Sounds good? Not really – wait for the sting below.

Since there is no way any ‘meaningful’ change could be negotiated during this short extension – why should Messrs Juncker and Barnier stop saying ‘non’? – and since everybody in the EU (except our thick Remain MPs and ministers) knows this, we must elect new MEPs:

“An extension beyond July 1, however, when a new European parliament will sit, would mean that Britain would have to hold elections on May 23. […] Some in the EU believe that Mrs May could be forced to ask for a longer extension if the deadlock persists. Sources have said that President Macron of France favours an extension of up to two years to allow Britain to rethink Brexit and possibly hold a second referendum.”

Keep in mind that M Macron favours a ‘long extension’ and why he does so. Next:

Under EU law member states must be represented and their MEPs properly elected in May for decisions to be legal. […] EU diplomats said leaders could ask Brussels for a legal fix to avoid elections in Britain until the outcome of Brexit was clearer. One option could be to extend the mandate of the present European Commission with its president, Jean-Claude Juncker, in a caretaker role until the end of the year or until Britain either leaves or abandons Brexit. British seats in the assembly could be filled for this period by MEPs nominated by Britain based on the composition of the House of Commons. Such a move has precedent in countries joining the EU and would require Britain to hold European elections if, before 2020, a second referendum overturned Brexit. (paywalled link, my bold)

Keep this in mind: ‘until Britain … abandons Brexit’ – it’s important, and I’ll come to that below.

In his commentary in the DT (paywalled) Mr Philip Johnston writes:

“[Ms May] says it will be a temporary extension to Article 50; but what would that achieve? […] Two months, six months, two years – it will make no difference because the fault-line is not over how we leave but whether we should leave at all.” (my bold)

And there you have the actual aim of all this Brexit drama of sound and fury: to stay in the EU, to scupper Brexit.

Can’t be done? Oh yes it can – by revoking Article 50, and don’t think the Remain Cabal in Whitehall and government don’t know this!

Remember the ruling by the ECJ in December 2018? This ruling allowed the revoking of Article 50:

“The court has now ruled that a withdrawing member state may revoke its intention to withdraw from the EU unilaterally. […] it means that the revocation decision is not subject to the unanimous consent of the European Council, the European institution representing the member states. […] The member state has to make it clear that it wishes to maintain its EU membership. […] a notification revoking Article 50 means not leaving the EU at all. In other words, it would stop Brexit. […] In Brexit terms, this means that the UK can revoke Article 50 unilaterally before its agreement enters into force or, if it does not enter in force, until March 29 2019. It can also revoke it after that date if the European Council agrees to extend the transition period of Article 50 beyond 29 March 2019. (link)

Now you know why Remainers in the UK are so keen on an extension. It’s not about ‘getting a deal’, it’s to revoke Article 50!

How Ms May might achieve this, regardless of the political fall-out, is described here. Thanks to the Brexit drama she and her Whitehall handlers as well as the Remain MSM have set in scene, we have taken our eyes off the ball, watching her but not the puppet masters.

I’m afraid, dear friends, that this is the only explanation for the staggering failure of the Whitehall Remainer negotiators we’ve watched incredulously over the last couple of years. It is the only explanation for booting out the Brexit ministers Davis and Raab. It is the only explanation for the dithering by the Attorney General on the Backstop.

We can only prevent this by increasing our efforts writing to MPs, constituency Party chairmen, local and national papers. Let them know that we know about the dirty game Government and Whitehall are playing.

Let them know that they are playing with fire, that they are evoking a storm which will see them all swept away.


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