An unintended consequence for the WHO: a hair-cut


The main news this morning surely is the announcement by President Trump, that he has halted funding to the WHO. There are other, tiny indicators in today’s papers showing that ‘Our MSM’ might be in disarray, with no firm ‘guidance’ in regard to what to report, how best to keep us peasants frightened so we stay compliant.

First though that announcement by President Trump which, thanks to the time difference, has caught out our professional anti-Trump opinion writers, so we get the plain news, for example:

“President Trump has halted US funding of the World Health Organisation, accusing the agency of “severely mismanaging and covering up” the initial outbreak of coronavirus in China. The president said that the UN agency “willingly took China’s assurances at face value” about the transmission of the virus and “pushed China’s misinformation.” […] Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director-general, warned then that Mr Trump risked “many more body bags” by “politicising” the pandemic.” (link, paywalled)

Mr “WHO” would say that, wouldn’t he! Here are some numbers – I wonder how much we pay into the WHO’s coffers:

“Last year the US contributed just over $500 million of the organisation’s $6 billion budget, more than any other country. The president said the US would send no more money to the organisation until his administration has conducted a review into its handling of the virus, which is expected to last around two months.” (link, paywalled)

Is it too much to hope that China and their role both in the WHO and the UN will be next? Closer to home, we now have what is beginning to look like a struggle between two government organisations. One is the ONS which provides us with all those ‘death’ numbers – numbers which ‘Our MSM’ reporters have not understood, never questioned, just used in their ‘Project hysteria’ to attack Johnson while keeping us compliant. More on their ‘latest’ below.

The other is the OBR which has now looked at the economic effects of the Pandemic and Lockdown. Their projections are frightening and ought to make all Pandemic Prophets of Doom, department ‘Lockdown’,  think again (yeah, fat chance of that, I agree):

“Britain will suffer its deepest recession for 300 years if the coronavirus lockdown continues into the summer, according to the budget watchdog, […] The Office for Budget Responsibility said the economy could shrink by 35 per cent this spring, with unemployment soaring by two million to its highest level since the nineties. It came as the International Monetary Fund said the global economy was heading for its biggest slump since the Great Depression of the thirties.” (link)

Let me ask a couple of economically naive questions: if the economy crashes, won’t the government have a reduced tax income? And, as they’ve incurred such debt to pay for the pandemic, who will repay the debt (yes, I know who – this is rhetorical!) and when?

Would it be too much to ask that the fat cats in national and local government and especially in all the NHS quangos were to take a pay cut? After all, the government of New Zealand is going to do just that (link), even though it’s only temporarily. And since we’ve all had our Council Tax bills, I’m sure we can all agree that this lot definitely ought to do the same, for starters! (Now don’t go and besiege your local council offices – remember, you must stay indoors and keep your social distance!)

Our metro-MSM opinion writers will surely start to ponder if it’s justified to try and lift restrictions for vile monetary reasons. We all must keep on ‘protecting the NHS’ and ‘save lives’, no? The numbers though speak a language which even their despicable attempts at blaming government can no longer hide by using pious arguments. This time it’s about deaths in care homes.

For setting the scene, take a look at this report in facts4eu which also explains why there’s nothing sinister about the differences between the NHS numbers and the ONS ones. The number of deaths in care homes is being used to make the government look heartless (here) by trying to make every death look as if it was due to CV-19. The care home inmates have not been tested – shame on Johnson, innit! – but ‘our MSM writers’ don’t ask why just a say-so on a death certificate is sufficient ‘proof’. The numbers must be driven up, to make the Pandemic look bad, without any proper scientific foundation.

Funnily enough there are no reports about how well Germany is doing at the moment – perhaps because, also funnily enough, German MSM have reports from German top pathologists who say that they have found no proof of ‘death by CV-19’ in their post-mortems, only ‘death in the presence’ of that virus. Where are our pathologists? Are they not doing post-mortems? Still, there are the inevitable reports about ‘record deaths’ (link), but now accompanied by a caveat:

“Only half of those extra numbers were attributed to the coronavirus. Experts said they were shocked by the rise, particularly in non-Covid-19 deaths, and expressed concern that the lockdown might be having unintended consequences for people’s health. There are fears that patients are not seeking help for life-threatening conditions, including heart attacks, because they are worried about catching coronavirus in hospital.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well, that’s certainly an unintended consequence of us peasants doing as government told us to … ! Next, RemainCentral has an opinion piece aimed at keeping ‘Our Sacred Cow’ in the forefront, regardless, which throws a light on what this Lockdown has accomplished for “Our NHS”:

“The NHS has managed the herculean task of scaling up to fight this pandemic but at a cost to every other illness it is battling. It’s chilling to know that many hospital wards, waiting rooms and car parks are now empty. Before this country was hit, only 800 of the NHS’s 4,125 critical care beds were vacant at one time. Now it’s 2,300. Even with some of the worst fatality rates in Europe, some hospitals now report being half empty since they paused almost all non-emergency work.” (link, paywalled)

Let’s not go there: ‘worst fatality rate in Europe’ – not when there’s no scientific evidence that these deaths were actually caused by CV-19! See also this report, that only 19 (nineteen!) CV-19 patients were treated in that brand-new CV-19 Nightingale Hospital in London:

“Health Service Journal reports it has seen data showing that across the four-day bank holiday only 19 patients were treated at the 87,328 square-metre venue. The same data showed 1,245 of ICU beds in permanent hospitals were occupied on Easter Sunday. It also reportedly found that South West London had the most spare capacity, with 67 per cent of ICU beds occupied on Sunday. At Croydon Health Services Trust, just 46 per cent of the 37 intensive care beds were occupied.” (link)

How is this possible when we’ve been inundated with reports from NHS front line staff about how they’ve been battling valiantly, with all those patients coming in? Are people desperately ill or not? Was the Lockdown actually necessary – perish the thought! – or should we have copied Sweden?

There’s one new aspect to the government’s handling of this crisis which I never thought I’d see mentioned in ‘Our MSM’. Some are mentioning ‘transparency’, daring to ask why the names of those scientists in that SAGE group are being kept secret:

“The identities of academics who sit on Sage sub-groups have also been removed from the internet in recent days for their own safety. It is understood that a number of scientists have received death threats, either because those threatening them feel the lockdown is too draconian or that it was implemented too slowly. But the lack of transparency – with Sage meetings held behind closed doors and no minutes available – will ring alarm bells amid concern that the Government has got key policies wrong in tackling the spread of coronavirus.” (link)

May I respectfully suggest, while applauding this MSM initiative, that it’s ‘Our Hysterical MSM’ who have got ‘policies’ wrong? Perhaps, instead of bashing Johnson, they should have tried to bash, ahem: question those ‘experts’ whose numbers and stats they used and keep using, unquestioned, to fuel their ‘Project Panic’? Since they’re still in ‘bash Johnson’s government’ mode, expect them to focus again on Dominic Cummings, who is back in harness.

I leave you with the news that the trade talks with the EU will resume this week, by ‘teleconferencing’. Our friends at facts4eu have produced a beautiful report on the ‘task force’ fielded by the EU – do have a look! At the moment, Remainers (e.g. the whole Labour shadow cabinet) have kept quiet, a few forays by special groups excepted. ‘Our MSM’ had other fish to fry. With the hoped-for easing of the Lockdown, presumably in time for the end of Ramadan, Brexit and the EU will again occupy us. 

In the meantime keep well and remember: all those fat cats in government and NHS quangos work for us. We pay them and if we have to make sacrifices – so should they!




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