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Yes, it’s the silly season. We’re now on a ‘news diet’ where ‘Tory Sex Scandal’ hogs the headlines, together with Tennis – it’s Wimbledon, innit – and perhaps a cut in VAT. Anything to do with NATO? Forget it. It’s gone, as far as our MSM are concerned. More on this below. For the customary collation of this morning’s print editions go to the usual place (link), if you must.

‘Tis strange though that one ‘event’ has been callously disregarded by our front page editors: the fact that Russia gave back Snake Island to the Ukraine. It surely should have made it to the top of the news! Only the Guardian had a report, headlined “Russians driven out of Snake Island” in their paper edition. The glorious BBC has one report in their News section. In case you missed it, the Ukraine is winning, having ‘driven off’ the Russians with ‘constant bombardment’, or having ‘pushed off’ Russian soldiers.

Funny thought that none of the Ukrainian war correspondents sat in Kiev have reported on these fierce battles. Of course, there were no such reports on the Russian side either, but then, they wouldn’t say nuthin, would they! Also, we wouldn’t believe a word they write or say because it’s only propaganda. Some of us might recall an Ukrainian attempt to reclaim said island which ended in utter defeat for the Ukraine and their NATO military advisers. But that was a long time ago and best forgotten anyway. 

The BBC’s Moscow correspondent however – he who gave us that desperate ‘gotcha’ interview with Mr Lavrov which was edited to death – has penned a report. It might have been a top-class lesson in how to influence opinion in the UK with carefully chosen sentences. Instead he uses the opinion hammer in the first sentences:

“We’ve grown accustomed to this: Russia putting out a version of events that is wildly different from that presented by Ukraine or by Western governments. Moscow wants us to believe that there was no Russian retreat from Snake Island.” (link)

There it is: we don’t believe a word coming from Russia, not one! I’m no military ‘expert’, I only look at the ‘news’ as presented by our fab MSM and so I ask: is it really credible that we wouldn’t have been told about the glorious battle fought and won by Ukrainian soldiers who ‘re-took’ that Island? Really? After all, we were given acres of pixels on that ‘terrorist crime’ on yon shopping mall: why was this more important? Or, perish the thought, did nothing battle-like happen?

Mr Rosenberg tells us that this island had been ‘fought over for months’ – without anyone in the West apparently noticing despite all their spy planes and spy satellites, giving us ‘guidance’ on what to think:

“The statement issued by the Russian Defence Ministry claims that Russian troops there had simply completed “assigned tasks” and left. It also called the departure “a goodwill gesture”, to show that Russia wasn’t hampering food exports from Ukraine. Considering the strategic importance of Snake Island, which has been fought over for months, and considering, too, the lack of “goodwill gestures” by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine since the invasion, this version of events will convince few outside Russia.” (link)

Well, I have news for Mr Rosenbegr who, sitting in Moscow, can of course not be expected to inform himself of opinions outside Russia. Mr Bhadrakumar – he’s only a former Indian dipl;omat, so what does he know – wrote that this decision followed a talk between Mr Lavrov and the UN General Secretary, regarding ‘food security’:

“Importantly, Lavrov conveyed to Guterres Moscow’s “intent for further work on reduction of threats of the food crisis, including in cooperation with the UN.” (link).

Interesting, but how come Mr Bhadrakumar knows this but not Mr Rosenberg in Moscow? There’s more (my emphasis):

“The Russian Defence Ministry while announcing the withdrawal from Snake Island, called it a “goodwill gesture” and linked it to the crisis of food security. It added, “The Russian Federation has demonstrated to the international society the absence of any obstacles for the efforts of UN to establish a humanitarian corridor for transporting agricultural products from Ukraine. This solution will prevent Kiev from speculating on an impending grocery crisis citing the inability to export grain due to total control of the northwestern part of the Black Sea by Russia. Now it is up to the Ukrainian side that is still not clearing the Black Sea coastline, including the harbour waters.” (link)

According to Mr Rosenberg and the rest of our ‘warriors’ in the MSM Newsrooms, we don’t believe the Russians, do we. So perhaps they’ve not really gone from Snake Island? What will Mr ‘e do now? Send troops to yon island? Clear the mines? It’s no longer Russia’s responsibility … Do read Mr Bhadrakumar’s article, it’s well worth it. 

And so to NATO. Here’s the first snag. In the German paper ‘Die Welt’ we find that Sweden and Finland, so gloriously welcomed to NATO, thanks to Turkey’s demands having been granted, are now telling Mr Erdogan that, sorry, they can’t give him those Kurdish terrorists after all because of their own laws (paywalled link, in German). Awkward, innit … Then there’s the reaction of Russia – by Mr Putin and by Mr Lavrov – which we didn’t hear much about. Reuters – not a Russian propaganda outlet! – reported:

“With Sweden and Finland, we don’t have the problems that we have with Ukraine. They want to join NATO, go ahead,” Putin told Russian state television […]”But they must understand there was no threat before, while now, if military contingents and infrastructure are deployed there, we will have to respond in kind and create the same threats for the territories from which threats towards us are created.” (link)

Next, see Mr. Lavrov’s statement, pointing out the loss of EU sovereignty to NATO. It’s reported by TASS (link) where there’s also a report on China, calling NATO a ‘systemic challenge to global peace and stability (link). Given La Truss’ latest sabre rattling, i.e. us sending weapons to Taiwan (link), they surely have a point. She was slapped down by a competitor for the Tory leadership ‘after BJ’ (link) – another awkward moment for our Cabinet/NATO warriors.

Rounding this up, there’s a report in RT on the statement by the US National Security Council spokesman, Mr Kirby. Of course, since it’s in RT, a Russian propaganda instrument, we cannot believe a word that’s written there. Mr Kirby said that Russia had nothing to fear from the defensive NATO … and anyway, NATO only ‘replied’ to Russian aggression (link). So now we know: it’s all ‘defence’ only, we’re not really at war, forget all the speeches and go back to bed. 

Regarding the ‘mobilisation of civilians’ demanded by that UK general on Tuesday – well, I think I know what he meant: it must be about mobilising the social media warriors and comment posters to fight against all who dare to utter a scintilla of doubt on the ‘Russia Bad’ war-cry. After all, NATO needs to fight cyber wars as well, and how better to do this than by bashing all and everyone who dares to ask for unbiased reporting. They must be Putin’s Fifth Columnists, traitors, and their internet access must be taken away. Life without smartphones is the ultimate penalty, innit like …

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