Is this the future as envisaged by NATO?



Looking at the usual guff our MSM have splashed across their front pages I seriously doubt if their editors have spent a minute on the proud statements by NATO and that Army Chief of Staff, asking how these will affect our real lives. Meanwhile they’re lulling the Nation into unthinking ‘summer bliss’ by feeding them ‘sweets’, reporting stuff on tennis, the royals and producing the odd click-bait headlines. If you must, find the daily guff compilation at the usual place (link).

Since our MSM aren’t doing it I’ll take a look at that NATO Statement concocted in Madrid yesterday, after a very brief mention of yon click-baity headlines and the ensuing reports. The DT this morning is only mildly warmongering with a ‘description’ of that ‘terrorist warcrime’, that missile attack on that ‘shopping mall’. The subtitle is hilarious (my emphasis):

“The CCTV footage that debunks Russia’s lies about Kremenchuk shopping centre attack – The destruction of another civilian target leads experts to believe that Moscow might run low on high-precision firepower” (paywalled link)

If Russia is ‘running low’ on such firepower then obviously the Ukraine is winning, correct? So why do “we” need ‘moar NATO’? Don’t ask – we need it and that’s that. The DT provides a satellite image of the whole complex, artfully marking the place where those ‘terror missiles’ hit. The huge industrial area is of course, in the eyes of the DT, not the target, and their military experts didn’t even ask why, if the ‘shopping mall’ was ‘it’, the missiles weren’t directly hitting it but came from the back. Ah – I forgot: the Russians don’t have the proper missiles any longer. That must be it.

Next: BJ has made new promises to support the Ukraine, of giving them a cool ‘additional £1bn’ (link). Additional because we’re also paying for the ‘troop surge’ to NATO’s eastern flank (link, paywalled). Ben Wallace and Sir Patrick Sanders seem to have been hauled back regarding their statements regarding defence spending (link, paywalled). After all, BJ announced that we’re already spending 2.3% of GDP, more than NATO demands. Wallace seems to point out carefully that the PM is juggling numbers, but here’s an interesting observation, slipped in right at the bottom of the report:

“Analysis by the House of Commons library, commissioned by the Liberal Democrats, suggests that inflation will mean a £1.7 billion cut to the armed forces over the next three years.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear. Does this mean Sunak must print more money to make up for this loss, never mind its accelerating inflation, never mind the effect on other demands for state spendings? Will the NHS, will the whole public service be happy to see cuts in their salaries, stipends and budgets “because: War! Putin!”? Hm. I’m sure the RMT bosses will pull in their horns when they’re told that it’s for a good cause, won’t they. Here’s the first ‘spending success’ to make the RMT feel good, and if that isn’t a vote winner for Johnson I dunno what is …:

“British weapons are giving Ukrainian troops the “confidence” to win the war against Russia, an army major training in the UK has said. Soldiers from the war-torn country have travelled to Salisbury Plain, where they are being taught how to fire weapons including long-range rockets. During a course this week, Ukrainian troops were singing Rule, Britannia! as they learnt.” (link, paywalled)

And so to the NATO communique. Read the whole thing here. Be warned, it’s full of unspeakable guff, even unto the ‘Thank You’ to the host nation. This lethal circus plans to meet again next year – in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania (§21). That’s next door to Russia: what masterstroke of bear-baiting diplomacy. Perhaps this plan was the reason for Lithuania’s blocking, ahem: sanctioning rail transport from Russia to Kaliningrad?

There are more instances of poking yon bear, for example in §17 where they promise ‘support’ to Moldova and Georgia. There was an armed conflict on this already, but now everything will be different, of course it will! In §18, celebrating Finland and Sweden’s accession, there’s one other concession Turkey has wrung out of NATO for it’s agreement: they must now officially use ‘Türkye’ instead of Turkey.

In an extraordinary show of ‘solidarity’ they dedicate a whole paragraph – §4 – to Mr ‘e and the Ukraine, after having gone to town in the preceding one, condemning Russia. That was to be expected, as was the sabre rattling about new strategic concepts which we’ve already read in our MSM. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to those NATO bigwigs, never mind military ‘experts’, to ask: how come the Ukraine is losing – which many western MSM experts are now carefully mentioning – when NATO has been working with and supporting the Ukrainian military for eight years already? Let’s also not mention the ‘success’ of NATo weapons stopping the Russians …

Next, in §14 there are certain participants listed, underlining what many observers have mentioned already: NATO is indeed pivoting to the Pacific. There’s the warm welcome given to the heads of state of South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand a warm welcome. That is frightening because, just like that, this confirms the second focus for NATO which aims to turn into a world organisation, bypassing the UN, bypassing other countries in Asia and trying to do to China what they believe they’re successfully doing to Russia. Have they spared a thought on what might happen if China cuts all exports to the West, the ‘enemy’?

This quote from Sir Patrick Sanders’ speech, taken from the official government page,  shows how the ‘New NATO’ is meant to work:

“Given the commitments of the US in Asia during the 20s and 30s, I believe that the burden for conventional deterrence in Europe will fall increasingly to European members of NATO and the JEF. This is right in my view: taking up the burden in Europe means we can free more US resources to ensure that our values and interests are protected in the Indo-Pacific.” (link)

Don’t tell me Sir Patrick was ignorant of the NATO swing to the Pacific! We better realise that we’ve now been made into a prime target for Russia, with all that this implies. Thank you, BJ, Wallace, NATO … I’m now feeling so much safer! Please read both the whole speech and the NATO thingie but be aware that yon communique is like a swan: we see the nicey-nicey stuff while under water more dangerous things are being churned up in secret. As antidote I recommend this article, by the Russian bloggers ‘Die Untermenschen’. 

I leave you with a heart-warming promise by BJ: he’ll cut tax on food imports, to ‘ease the cost of living squeeze’ (link, paywalled). Yes, we’ll be better off when bananas, oranges, olives and rice – all British staple foods, innit – are 10% cheaper. ‘Tis the modern-day appeal to eat cake, sorry, brioche because it’s now ‘cheaper than bread’. Who needs fish ‘n chips anyway …

The times we live in have become even more dangerous. Peace has become a dirty word and diplomacy is nonexistent. In these times economic facts can be blithely disregarded by ‘world leaders’ who are cushioned in their bubble, with all connections to the lives of those who elected them having been severed. I’ve never felt so utterly powerless.

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