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This article by Professor Noble on the man who claims – with the help of a corrupt corporatist press on both sides of the Atlantic – to be the US President elect shows Biden is not as popular (and President Trump not so unpopular) as politicians and journalists claim. Biden, as Vice President, fought wars all over the Middle East (“Arab Spring”), provoked Russia by breaking missile agreements, moving troops up to Putin’s border and bypassing the UN to attack and break up Yugoslavia. The Democrats are seen as the war-mongers. They did, after all, found the Klu Klux Klan, start the Vietnam war and were responsible for the Bay of Pigs disaster!

With the whole of the mainstream media against him Donald Trump got at least 3m more votes than last time. He made gains in the House of Representatives and will probably hold on to the Senate. No sitting president has ever received so many votes! He has successfully pursued peace in the Middle East, forced major corporations to pay more tax, brought home thousands of soldiers from conflict zones, avoided war with North Korea and greatly improved the economic lot of blacks and Hispanics at home.

Here Professor Arthur Noble (previously at the Universities of Metz and Nancy) reflects on how Biden is viewed by many – particularly in Germany:

The premature haste with which Joe Biden declared himself President Elect – before the legally required certification of the election results by every US State, and any Supreme Court verdict pursuant to President Trump’s allegations of fraud – has surprised all except, of course, the Democratic Party itself and its loyal collaborators in the media.

In an interview with RT News on 8 November 2020 Veteran German politician Willy Wimmer, a former Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and previously a State Secretary in the German Ministry of Defence, described it as “quite unusual” for the result of an election to be announced by a news agency or a news channel, because all OSCE countries have election committees which announce results, and this had not yet been done in the US. He called the events surrounding the American election “unbelievable”.

Wimmer, who is known for his sharp insight and his accurate predictions, issued some grave admonitions about what a Biden Presidency would be like. He warned that, unlike Angela Merkel, leaders of other countries should be “very, very careful with congratulations”, because there was a “good chance” that under Biden the US will return to a policy of foreign wars, which would make reconciliation with the EU “impossible”.

Back in 2015 Wimmer complained that the USA was “destroying” Europe,2 and in an interview with Sputnik News he said that Washington was erecting a “new political wall between Europe and Russia”, knowing full well that Europe could not prosper without Russia.3

In a wider global context he reminded us in the 2020 RT interview that the main reason why Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2016 was that they were tired of the constant overseas wars being waged by the US. Trump, he said, kept his promise and did not start any new foreign conflicts, but this was likely to change under a Democratic President because “going back to 2016 means going back to war”. He described Biden as no “empty white sheet” but a representative of the Democrat Party which in the 1990s “destroyed the Charter of the United Nations”.

Wimmer recalled the illegal US-led NATO bombing of Yugoslavia under Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1999. He also pointed out that “in the presidency of [Barack] Obama, Biden was Vice-President and was in absolute accordance with Obama’s drone wars and the wars in the Middle East”. Therefore it was likely that he would continue in the same way as the Democrat Party did in the 1990s and under Obama before 2016. Moreover, he predicted, hopes that things would improve under Biden would be “dashed, as long as the US and NATO don’t return to the Charter of the UN”.

Well-known observers across the world agree. US commentator Jimmy Dore calls Biden a “warmonger” and a “fascist”: “He’s been for every war I can ever think of. He also has a record of backing big banks, Wall Street, health insurance lobbies – and authoring the 1994 crime bill that filled America’s prisons with black and brown people. The US is now the world’s largest penal colony. We have 5 percent of the world’s population, and somewhere around 25 percent of its incarcerated population.”

Australian journalist Caitlin Johnstone writes that Biden’s campaign has been “consistently out-hawking Trump on foreign policy by attacking him for insufficient aggression toward Venezuela, China, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and of course Russia, as well as criticising Trump for not acting like a “wartime president”, and warns that Biden will have “the most diverse, intersectional cabinet of mass murderers ever assembled”.

On a more hopeful note, however, Wimmer has questioned whether the collapsing economy and infrastructure of the US, which has been heavily hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, would even allow Biden to return to the aggressive policy which the Democrats pursued before Trump came to power.

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