“Princess Nut Nuts” – our true ruler


You really couldn’t make it up. It’s as if No 10 is now a court where a female Rasputin decides who gets the chop, aided by the Westminster MSM. They have usurped No 10’s power, they determine the fate even of top advisers to the PM. Moreover, as this morning’s reports illustrate, they have shown us that ‘feminist ideology’ trumps rational political thought and analysis. Interestingly enough, the Remain MSM are refraining somewhat from mentioning Brexit – with one exception. More on that below.

First, the reports about what happened last night in “Carrie’s Court” at No 10.  Again, we’re left puzzled about what is really going on. Has Cummings ‘dramatically announced his resignation on Thursday night’ as the FT claims (link) or is the BBC correct when they report that ‘Boris Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings is expected to leave his position by the end of the year’ (link). Perhaps the DM is right when they report that Cummings ‘is understood to have handed in his resignation to the PM’ (link), where ‘is understood’ means ‘we don’t know but say it anyway’.

Strangely enough only the Guardian is connecting this “Palace Revolution” to Brexit. Yes, I went there so you don’t have to, and found for example that it’s really all about the Vote Leave group ‘clinging to power’. That’s an abomination, you see, nothing to do with Brexit, really – but they write nevertheless:

“Speculation that Cummings and Frost were going to follow Lee Cain out the door was quickly put to bed. […] Another former Downing Street adviser [noted that] in the short term the row won’t have any impact on Brexit negotiations which are 10 days away from conclusion.”(link)

So why, you might ask, should this worry us? Brexit is done, isn’t it, and Frosty will see it through, won’t he? There are two reasons. One is the unrelenting Cummings war in the MSM where various reporters across the board use unsubstantiated gossip to smear Cummings incessantly. The other is the blatant power play by unelected ladies which shows me that ‘feelings’, especially ‘hurty feelz’, are now more important than political arguments.

First though, let’s look at an egregious example of how to smear by using ‘facts, allegedly’:

“Asked about rumours that he would be gone by Christmas, Mr Cummings told the BBC: “My position hasn’t changed since my January blog,” when he wrote that he intended to make improvements to the Downing Street operation that would mean he was no longer needed by the end of 2020. Mr Cummings wrote the blog before the coronavirus pandemic took over the political agenda, meaning the plans he had outlined in January were left in disarray. But instead of staying on to see his ideas through, he appears to be just weeks away from quitting, ending the grip of former Vote Leave activists on the Prime Minister’s office.” (paywalled link)

Note: the ‘Carrie Crew’ had nothing to do with this, absolutely not! It’s just Cummings ‘not seeing something through’, and never mind covid leaving everything in disarray. Furthermore, Remain Tory MPs now demanding BJ install some ‘trusted Tories’ as advisers of course doesn’t come into it – not even when various reporters are pointing out that Tory MPs felt belittled by Cummings and, astonishingly, disliked him for that.

It’s also utterly irrelevant that Carrie was communications director for the Tory Party and thus obviously is well-connected to those MPs. It‘s not just about wimmin in No 10 – it’s also about political power games, about Whitehall mandarins trying to get rid of the one man they must have rightly feared and about Remain Tories wanting rid of ‘the Leave Cabal’:

“Mr Johnson’s supporters on Thursday night urged him to “take back control” of Number 10 by installing trusted party members in key roles instead of the former Vote Leave cabal headed by Mr Cummings.” (paywalled link)

Yep – let Remain Tories prop up BJ, with the help of the ‘Carrie Crew’! Is that how they envisage BJ remaining at No 10, with the help of Carrie? Then there’s suddenly some lovely confusion about leaking. Leaking is good when it comes from the right ‘senior sources’ but is bad otherwise. Just see this:

“The leaked news of the potential appointment was widely attributed to Team Carrie as what turned out to be a successful attempt to prevent Mr Cain from taking the job. This version of events is disputed by allies of Ms Symonds, who have suggested that the news was leaked by her opponents as part of an attempt to bounce Mr Johnson into appointing Mr Cain.”  (link, paywalled)

Interesting choice of expression there, this talk about ‘bouncing BJ’ into a decision, like leaking the Lockdown deliberations was said to have done. Is it perhaps a hint that it was someone of the ‘Carrie Crew’ who leaked this rather than Cain, as is now alleged?

Meanwhile, the gossipers have had a field day – ahem: a field night. The Times delights us with more ‘news’  from No 10 which paint BJ as a weakling in need of ‘rescue’:

“Ms Symonds’s allies insist that she is trying to free Mr Johnson from the overbearing influence of former Vote Leave operatives who hold many of the key posts in Downing Street. She blames them for isolating him from his own MPs, turning the media against the government and for overseeing a series of missteps on the pandemic that have squandered his political capital.” (link, paywalled)

Are we told which ‘series of missteps’ these were, according to Carrie? Of course not. Insinuating though that all this was Cummings’ fault is fine. Let’s forget about Hancock, SAGE, and the rest. Let’s delight in this description: “Allies of Ms Symonds have been known to refer to the prime minister’s political advisers as “the mad mullahs” (link, paywalled), but let’s also hear from the other side:

“The Telegraph has been told that so-called “Brexit Boys” working inside Government under the control of Mr Cummings and Mr Cain had taken to calling Ms Symonds “Princess Nut Nuts” behind her back. A source said she was labelled a “princess” for allegedly being high maintenance and acting regally. The first “nut”, according to the source, alluded to her being “crazy” – there is no evidence for that – while the second “nuts” reference comes from a belief among the “Brexit Boys” clique that she bears some facial similarity to a squirrel. A Number 10 spokesman said: “These are malicious allegations which are totally untrue.” (paywalled link)

I couldn’t resist that quote, I really couldn’t! I do wonder though which allegations are ‘totally untrue’ – that the ‘Brexit Boyz’ called Carrie ‘Princess Nut Nuts’ – or that Carrie ain’t high-maintenance and all that? The Times is a bit more serious:

“Those in the Vote Leave camp under Mr Cummings and Mr Cain insist that Ms Symonds is the destabilising influence, working on Mr Johnson to unpick decisions and trying to create a separate power structure in No 10. “Part of the problem is that everyone comes to an agreement then he goes upstairs to No 11 at night and it all changes,” a source in the camp said. “He talks to Carrie, he talks to her friends, and his position moves.” (link, paywalled)

Do you wonder why The Times so generously allows the Cummings side to have their say? It’s because it’s the first shot in the war to get rid of BJ as PM.: he’s weak and vacillating and wax in Princess Nut Nuts’ hands …

I wonder if Carrie realises that she’ll be the fiancee of a weak ex PM once he resigns, that her power over him will mean nothing then? Does she realise that a new PM might be less inclined to allow the ‘No 10 Females’ to complain about ‘feelingz’? After all, this ‘revolt’ isn’t just about politics, it is, as I said above, even more about these ‘hurty feelz’:

“Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain have been accused of presiding over a “laddish” culture in Downing Street prompting complaints from female advisers that they have been picked on in meetings. The concerns prompted Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson’s fiancee, to lead a revolt against the Prime Minister’s plan to promote Mr Cain to chief of staff at Number 10.” (paywalled link)

It’s the usual wail about wimmin are victims and need protection. Don’t ask why they, allegedly tougher and better than men in all respects, still can’t cope! Here’s a female ‘source’ – we’re not told if she’s ‘senior’:

“One female insider has told The Telegraph that […]: “Women were treated way more differently to men, […] Women were always reprimanded more and women were always accused of leaking more than men. As a woman, you knew you weren’t part of the ‘lads’ club’ in which many of the people in Number 10 were. In meetings, women would be picked on in the spad meetings by Dominic and Lee to answer questions they couldn’t answer, especially very young women. These were microaggressions.” (paywalled link)

Dearie me! How horrible for those No 10 wimmin! Were there tears? Are all ‘No 10 Females’ part of the ‘Carrie Crew’? On a more serious note: might it be due to Carrie and the ‘Carrie Crew’ that the female, responsible for the ongoing T & T scandal, got the job in the first place and is now above criticism in the Covid MSM?

Is this why JRM  in the HoC yesterday brushed off a valid, critical question by Ms Vaz (yes, sorry, here I go again with agreeing with a Labour MP!) in regard to the vaccination Czarina, Ms Bingham, by labelling it “discreditable and unpleasant“? Is this why suddenly there’s no criticism of Ms Patel in the MSM?

I leave you with the truly scary thought that apparently being a female ‘in politics’ means that no mere male must be allowed to criticise her. I do wonder though if this might change with another PM in No 10. Would Rishi allow his wife to influence his decisions? Hm ….

This unsavoury spectacle has shown us gawping peasants once and for all that, no matter whom we vote for, the unholy, unelected Westminster Cabal of Whitehall Mandarins and MSM, in concert with ‘connected females’, are our actual rulers, regardless of our vote – for as long as we allow them to.

It’s 19 days until the end of Lockdown. Time to sharpen our pitchforks and lay in a goodly supply of ropes and piano wire …





Photo by UK Prime Minister

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