202 MPs voted on 15th January 2019 for Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement.  So she needs another 124 votes to be sure of smuggling an amended version of it into whatever shabby compromise is eventually agreed in Westminster.

Mrs May’s Agreement may have been voted down. But so was the Constitution of the European Union in the French and Dutch Referendums. It reappeared as the Treaty of Lisbon. The EU Commission always overrules democracy in the end. You can be sure that we have not seen the last of Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement.

So the dictatorial junta known as the Joint Committee that lurked within the 585 pages of her original Agreement could still survive, and no MPs have brought it to the attention of the public. Well, the BBC has not reported any MP as mentioning it. Although Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement is available online, the BBC treats the Junta within it as if it were Top Secret classified information.

What will life be like under the junta? Well for a start it overrules our Parliament in Westminster and the entire British government. It overrules our executive, legislature & judiciary. It is supposedly a joint European Union & United Kingdom committee, but the EU side on the Committee will always have the upper hand over the UK side. That is because the EU Court of Justice will always have the final word in disputes on this Joint Committee junta after the farce of the Arbitration Panel is over.

As the Joint Committee junta will operate in secret, we may not be told who its members are, probably for their own protection. The junta is not likely to be popular, because the Agreement clearly installs it as a dictatorship over the British people, to suppress any future rebellion against EU rule like that of 23rd June 2016. After the EU side of the Joint Committee extends the life of the junta to the end of this century, the European Gendarmerie Force will probably enter the UK to suppress civil unrest.

Dissent against Junta rule in the press could be suppressed by punitive laws like those recommended by Lord Justice Sir Brian Leveson at his Inquiry into our popular newspapers. Remember when Jeremy Corbyn said that “change is coming” for the press, he knows what change that will be. And remember also Jeremy’s total opposition to a No Deal Brexit, which is the only way to escape from the EU. He is a Brussels man, just as Mrs May is a Brussels woman.

The Junta is called the Joint Committee in the Agreement. It will overrule the British government and Parliament, as Clause 2 of Article 166 in the Agreement says that its decisions “will be binding” on the EU & UK. And its proceedings will be “confidential”, in other words, secret (Clause 10 of Annex VIII).

Articles 164 to 169 give this Joint Committee junta total power over the fulfillment of the Agreement over the transition period, a process that will include most things that matter. And Article 132 gives the Joint Committee the power to extend the Transition Period “until the 31st December 20XX”.

Naturally, the EU side of the Committee will want to extend the Transition Period until 31st December 2099. The UK side of the Committee may dispute that, but the Court of Justice of the EU has the last word over any disputes on the Joint Committee (see Articles 168 & 174). And the Court of Justice will always rule in favour of the EU side … and overrule the UK side on crucial matters. So the Court of Justice will extend the transition period until 31st December 2099.

Article 131 allows all EU councils and other bodies, including the EU Court of Justice, to retain their powers over Britain in the transition period. But Article 7 denies Britain any voting rights in any bodies of the EU in the transition period. So we will have no veto before the end of this century against any EU laws and regulations that damage Britain.

No wonder Mrs May did not mention the Joint Committee junta that is lurking in her misnamed Withdrawal Agreement. The junta could still be present in the remains of her Agreement that are smuggled into any future compromise that eventually gets through the Commons. In spite of its first defeat in the Commons on 15th January 2019 the fundamentals of her Agreement voted down on that day are likely to remain in any amended version eventually passed by the Commons.

The EU Commission never gives up and is determined to suppress democracy in Britain in response to our rebellion of 23rd June 2016. Mrs May’s Agreement is likely to be the basis of a new written constitution for Britain during the transition period. Remember that in the House of Commons 202 MPs voted for Mrs May’s Agreement with its imposition of the rule of this dictatorial junta over Britain.

Those 202 are the natural successors to the MPs who voted through the European Communities Bill in 1972 and the Maastricht Treaty in 1993. Like people at the BBC, they do not much care for freedom and democracy, or for most of the British people at all.

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