I have steadfastly stayed clear of this subject as it pains me and has most certainly not become the celebratory time in my life that I campaigned so hard for in 2016. There is little point in my way of thinking in re visiting that time, who said what, who made what promises and certainly to rely in any argument on what was written on the side of a bus to me seems juvenile.

The binary choice of leave or remain was very clear on that ballot paper. Thirty plus million made their mark and over a million more than voted to remain, voted to leave. In the true sense of the word democracy that was it, job done.

The ballot paper clearly did not state now turn to page two and choose if you vote to leave whether you want to stay in the customs union, the free market or both. It did not state: ‘turn to page three and choose if you want a Norway type deal, a Canada plus or something else, “now please explain”.” What was also missing from the ballot was whether the voter wanted the then tory government to embark on two and a bit years of nonsense, deceit, obfuscation, delay and blatant lying to the British people.

So here we are, March 29th 2019 can now be seen through the dense fog that has pervaded all our lives 24/7. Also, whilst I am here, of course domestic politics has disappeared, picking that up again will be a nightmare and the serious decline in this country is not to be forgotten. It should not of course be forgotten, but it clearly has, yes, the commons managed a debate the other day on low fitted postboxes in doors to stop postmen going off sick with bad backs!

Much merriment was had about this by the media, what of course they did not report was the rise in homelessness, child poverty and the very real and serious murder rate and stabbings, especially in London. Has anyone asked the question as to whether there has been a decline in tourism in London, now one of the murder and robbery capitals of the world?

But back to Brexit. I voted Leave, I campaigned for Leave. No, not because I did not know what I was voting for, no, not because I thought it would be a simple and easy transition. I voted Leave for the very many varied reasons most other people did. I won`t repeat them here – safe to say I do not want to live in a country governed by a largely unelected executive that I cannot get rid of. I have never ever subscribed to a job`s for the boy`s scenario and never will.     

Let me ask you, the reader, a question. With Greece bankrupt, and all the pernicious charges and sanctions imposed on that member state by the EU for daring to be financially screwed, Italy not far away from being so, Germany and France just about in recession. With youth unemployment running at around 37% in most southern Mediterranean countries and mass immigration unchecked together with the rise in Jihadi terrorist incidents. Would you, at a cost to us of £23+ billion a year vote on the 29th March to join the European Union?

Let’s also not forget the Lisbon treaty signed in a back room by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who did not ask his people whether or not we should sign up to this. The Lisbon treaty makes very detailed and all -consuming demands of member states of the European Union by the year 2022. We will for instance lose our veto, instead accepting the collective vote for any future powers or  decisions made on our behalf.

Within the Lisbon treaty we will lose the ability to call ourselves a country, instead we must adapt to becoming a state within the European Union. Our armed services and police forces will be handed over to the control of the European Union. Tax raising governance and the levels of taxation imposed on our people will be handed over to the European Union. This is a big one: we will lose the Pound and adopt the Euro as our currency. We will also enter into the Schengen agreement which would make the United Kingdom and all its territories borderless.

There are many more aspects to this great nation of ours becoming subservient to this out of control super state. I did not and never have voted for this. I as a citizen of Yorkshire, England and the United Kingdom have never had my opinion tested at the ballot box for this. We are not living in a democracy, we are living in a sliding pipe that leads to a black hole from which we will never escape, unless of course the democratic will of the people – remember that? –  is carried through on the 29th March 2019.   


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