With attention focused on Covid-19 we are distracted, but if we keep our heads this event should act as a catalyst for change.

No-one can deny that change happens in times of crisis.  We are knocked out of our comfort zones.

For some, change is created without any conscious control.  Having no control is a frustrating emotion.  Others use the time to reassess politics, culture, identity, freedoms, and security.  If we have a mind we can make conscious and informed decisions to pursue actions that will change our lives and our world.

Only a crisis actual or perceived produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.

Milton Friedman

Purely politics for the politically minded may be short sighted and only using a portion of the influencers available.

The three distinct groups of social activity, the state, the market and the community, can all be influenced by our choices and they have political consequences.  Perhaps we try too hard in one direction.

We do not want imposed change, to be herded or corralled, to be made uniformly compliant and dumbed conformists.  Be brave and choose freedom of choice in society.

Others may be waiting for you to say: “I do not agree.”

Change is inevitable but why shouldn’t we demand that change is for us as individuals, not for someone else’s agenda.  We have had laws imposed by elitists through lobbying, or ideologues imposing their policies on the grounds of the greater good.

Similarly we cannot tolerate virtue signalling self-righteous deceit as acceptable.

Excessive laws, failure to implement existing laws, and religious laws running in a bizarre parallel world, all of these undermine our society.

It becomes personal, and it should be; you should use your personal choices.

Disenfranchisement leads to frustration and helplessness which in turn leads to apathy.  The apathetic cannot be blamed; it is unfair when people see no future in trying.  They may be in survival mode every day of the week, every week of the year, not just in our present Chinese crisis.  When there is no leadership and no guidance, the dice are so heavily stacked against them they may feel safety in the herd.

The idea that they are not interested is delusionary.  They will at least have an unconscious interest.

The ability of people to make political change does not exist only at the ballot box, indeed some may say that form of influence is down the list.  Make social change through your choices.

It can be said that those with the most fervour and purpose are the ones who succeed in making changes.  The socialists with their misguided ideology and corporatists chasing money have all the incentives they need to pursue their ambitions with fervour.  Their purpose will corrupt or remove your choices.  Unfortunately for ordinary people these two successful groups appear to have joined forces as Globalists.  Perhaps we should copy them?

We may have better fortune if we pursue our own objectives with fervour.  In nature there are more examples than we need as all lifeforms pursue the survival techniques they have individually developed.  In nature life forms which do not defend their existence soon cease to exist.  Think about your choices.

Champion your choices and freedoms.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for! We are our own saviours.”

The plebeians are not powerless.  The way to bring down ideological dinosaurs is to keep plugging away at them.   But do not expect any help.  You will not be given the answers even if you ask the right questions.

By understanding what underpins our freedoms, liberty, culture, identity, and even laws and politics, we can then use the powerful weapon of choice to make our lives whole and maintain the achievements we have made repairing the damage that has been done.

Leaving ballot box choices to one side, consider what other choices  you have.

All should realise the implications of the Chinese Communist Party’s behaviour, the inadequacies of past and present politicians, and have an idea of the steps to correct the situation.  There is no way back and it is not the Chinese people who are at fault.  They are victims too.

There is your first choice.  Stop buying Chinese goods wherever possible.  Check labels, even on food.

Also ask before buying meat: “Is it Halal or Kosher?”

There will be pain and suffering but acquiescence hasn’t worked before and it will not in the future.  While we buy Chinese goods we are complicit in oppression and exploitation.

Then the real cold hearted culprits come into view, the international corporations.

There is your second choice.  Stop buying products from big business wherever possible.  It will not be easy but try and buy products and services from small to medium businesses only.

The civil society has been overrun by corporate interest as well as the socialists.  NGOs now have political agendas.

There is your third choice.  Before making donations find out how much the CEO is paid, whether they have spoken out on political issues, and their policies.

The corruption of charities has disenfranchised ordinary people by owning their ability to express social responsibility and support ‘good causes’.

We should broadcast information creating awareness for individual choices and allegiances.  Our choices are the most powerful tools we have.  Let us spread the word.

Stop voting for the main political parties, buy British and local whenever possible and do not support corrupt NGOs.

Start with China.  That will disrupt the UN the Globalists and the corporate entities in one.

Put some fire and steel in your decisions.

Of course expecting people to respond to the China crisis may just be wishful thinking.


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