One can write while enjoying the sun outdoors …


In these times of pestilence, a.k.a. The Coronavirus Pandemic, this is a question we all must  contemplate while we have time and leisure, enforced as it may be, to think and write. We all have the expertise to do so: you the readers of this site and we who’ve been  trying for some years to extract information and arguments on questions of vital national importance, i.e. Brexit and now this Pandemic.

You, dear readers, are as well-equipped to answer this question as are the various people given space in “Our MSM” telling their horror stories: they also only relay their personal, anecdotal experiences. 

Your opinions, experiences and observations are as valid as theirs and we would love to read and publish them. Yes, this is an appeal, for you to write articles – it’s no more difficult than writing your excellent (sometimes too long …) comment posts.

One of the top arguments for leaving the EU was, if you remember, our objection to being governed by unaccountable bureaucrats in a far-away place. The emphasis is on ‘unaccountable’. The entities that are now governing us, or trying to, are as unaccountable.

In the past month we’ve seen that MSM journalists, especially those employed by various TV stations, have assumed the mantle of ‘government’ by driving Cabinet decisions. They are now so blatantly anti-Johnson that it looks as if they desire to scupper his landslide victory of only four months ago, in any way they can. Who gave them their mandate?

Now we have a new Labour Leader who of course knows much better than No 10 and would have done everything differently. How, one asks oneself … but never mind: the MSM and Remain are working together to get rid of Brexit, to get rid of Johnson and they seem to believe that Starmer is the solution in this national crisis where we the peasants are ‘in it together’, but they, the MSM pundits, obviously aren’t. Again – where’s their mandate allowing them to step outside this national consensus for Lockdown which they themselves created?

Do they really want  a socialist Labour government, to make us to Rejoin as the EU is crumbling and sinking? Do they really think that the solution to our looming economic disaster is to pay more money to the EU? Could it be that our Westminster Bubble dwellers are hankering, now not so secretly, for a China-like dictatorship? Are the MSM now governing this country? Whom are they accountable to? Their multinational owners, perchance? I’m sure you can answer these questions, putting pen to paper!

Then there’s ‘Our Whitehall’, the secret government by civil serpents and jobsworths. Their failures, from Sir Mark Sedwill down to the NHS quangos, have become clear for all to see – all of us, that is, who have been reading between the lines of MSM reports.

The Mandarins pride themselves on running this country by translating government, ministerial policies into actions. During the last four years we all have observed that this ‘translation’ means ‘business as usual, we know best’, and in the case of Brexit ‘it can’t be done because we don’t want to and the EU doesn’t like it’. 

So this question needs urgent answers as well, especially as the MSM are in obvious thrall to them, i.e. those ‘senior sources’ without whom they couldn’t write their reports. 

And then there’s our State TV – the BBC. This has become another force running our country, from pushing ‘gender issues’ and ‘race issues’ to pushing ‘climate change issues’ and now ‘coronavirus issues’ –  all with the aim to get rid of Johnson, in a blatant attempt to thwart the mandate we gave him with  our votes on December 12th 2019. To whom is the BBC accountable? Answers on a postcard – no, make that another letter or article, if you please!

I hope that you, dear readers, will try and address these questions in forthcoming articles. Your experiences, your opinions, are as valuable as those of the people paraded in the MSM who are pushing their own agenda. We, after all, also have an agenda to push: the return of our civil liberties, damaged and restricted not just by this Lockdown but by their constant attempts to sabotage Brexit by getting rid of the PM whom we, not they, elected. And yes, we knew and know that he’s not the Messiah …

Thus my plea to you all, on this “Lockdown Palm Sunday”: to write and thus help us to keep the site going. We, the INDEPENDENCE Daily team, cannot cover these vital national questions all on our own. You ought to be heard – make your voices count! A debate on the wider issues of this Lockdown must be started now, before it’s too late.


Please get writing! Now is the time!


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