Faster, faster!

Faster is an increase in speed.  To repeat implies urgency.

We are governed by time, and time is a function of faster. Time has been a luxury.

To say faster begs the questions of what and where.

Our fascination with social chatter exposes us to bigotry, peer pressure and fear.  Fear is a tool of control.  No time to stop and think.  The subtlety of mind control requires movement to work its judo on our balance and understanding.  We cannot be allowed to reflect on the what.  The ‘what’ is what is going to happen, a secret that we will discover, later.

The urgency creates haste, and carelessness.  The blurring of the fine line between speed and velocity is important.  Where are we going?  We will know when we get there.

The globalists have won everything, governments, institutions, civil society, main media, social media, technology, commerce and money.  Money stops the clock for a nanosecond before fear whisks us away again.

Democracy is thwarted and capitalism is corrupted.

Fear, crisis and panic.  Faster, faster.

And now lockdown!

Goodwill swells to the top.  Keep safe.  I will ring back.  We are good are you?

So many conspiracy theories sloshing about.  Another ploy or are we getting paranoid?

Is this kindness to one another one of those spasms of human energy before the body expires?   A kick of life before the flame goes out.

Is this another part of the brainwashing where the controllers steal ownership of ‘community spirit’?

Or is it genuine compassion, and thoughtfulness of the sheep?

As our freedoms evaporate the gap between capitalism and co-operation widens.  We, the proletariat, huddle in the background as the money slips away, no longer serving society only serving the few.  Our currency is credit and bondage, with a thin veneer over the deceit.

Now gather round lads and lasses.

You all know how we are being screwed by globalists.  Ok, Miles, we know we can get tomatoes for Christmas, but that isn’t the point, is it?

Look, this is our chance to cock a snook at the global trillionaires, so please pay attention.

It is a ‘Three Point Plan’, and three is a very strong number but let us call them ‘three stepping stones’.  With these we can earth down to basic sociological and biological functions.

Point one:  Last Friday, that was Good Friday, we distributed a newsletter to our small village.  Nothing special, with pages allotted to local nature, miscellaneous, heritage and history, gardening, kitchen talk, events and contact details.  No harm.

Why?  Because we have lost the will to be aware of each other.  We started losing it a long time ago.  Was it Thatcher, and the selfish eighties?   Affluence, laziness, disappointment, apathy, fear, I digress.

Let us put back the cohesion and networks of awareness.  We are all in this together.  But let it be your, no our initiative, not another’s imposition.

Oh yes! And schemes to co-operate.  The butcher’s van, the fishmonger’s van, bulk heating oil and communal shopping.  Working together as a community.  Fund raising and socialising.

Point two: Commercial enterprise in reverse, so to speak.  Easy to slide into point two if point one is well organised and founded.  One step at a time like the Fabians.  Well, not as sly as them.

People start belonging, no politics, you understand, not yet anyway!

Covert, underhand, you may think.

Well, I say!  The 50s and 60s have gone you know, it is a dirty war we fight now, so buck up.

Point two will of course include setting up a bank account.  There are ways of doing this……..  How banal, how vulgar, to revert to such basics of capitalism.

The fact is we will not change what is happening in our lifetime, for there are forces taking us on a different course, a course that is against our best interests.  As the carousel goes faster and faster we are going nowhere else and the centrifugal force of convenience, comfort, and distraction, emasculates us and controls any thought of other worlds, opportunities, and freedom.

The truth is, we have to return to basics.

We must find the community within society.  The human spirit and biological inclinations may well be all we have left.  Could that be what Solzhenitsyn meant when he said “when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.”?

Is it wrong to attempt to organise communities, to enable a co-operative venture supporting local sustainability and value?  And again we come back to localism my chosen answer to the challenges of the 21st century.

What does a community give?

A shared emotional connection.  Everything else is academic.  We need to find happiness, contentment and usefulness to go forward in our ‘blink of an eye’ lives.  We need to take back control of our lives.

The Lord grant that we may all become tillers of the soil – Nikolai Gogol

Having gained the trust of the community we must advertise our success in the wellbeing of members, the spread of common knowledge, and experience, the re-establishment of respect for the past, and the belonging to the present.

We must also encourage other communities to organise themselves and spread the good word with fervour.

Point three: As more community groups are formed they must interact, not join, that defeats the ‘basic’ concept, but co-operate.  With communicating communities the final breakthrough can be made.  Momentum is achieved where it will be feasible to create a local currency and reboot capitalism.

The tail should not wag the dog.  At last we can

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s Mark 12:17

And that is the Three Point Plan.

It is not the answer to all our woes but a beginning.  We are sheep and we deserve better treatment and the ability to live our lives safe from the wolves.


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