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How did something as despotic as the MacPherson Report see the light of day? Its source can be found in the political fashions in progressive “right-on” circles among Western elites in the giddy decade of the 1960’s. In the Western world’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s moral absolutes were discarded by intellectual opinion. In their place the emerging dogma of Multiculturalism held all lifestyles, life choices, cultures & religions to be equally valid. 

Multiculturalism encourages immigration without assimilation. And some on the New Left seized their chance to recruit unassimilated immigrant groups as allies in their struggle to remould our moral culture. Those immigrant groups were the ones that were most attracted by Britain’s welfare state, and are still the most dependent upon it. 

Subsequently declarations of the old Christian morality were first undermined and are now perceived as Hate incidents. All life-styles and cultures are now equal, but some are more equal than others. The life-styles & cultures more equal than others are those of the previously “oppressed” – those of the blacks, gays, feminists, Muslims, gypsies and so on. 

These “oppressed” groups are the Sacred Cows in our rulers’ modern mania for multiculturalism, diversity & inclusivity. That mania has its source in Post-Modernism and the Critical Theory of Cultural Marxism, dispositions which have saturated study of the Humanities in our universities since the 1960’s.

New Left graduates from those universities have turned our world upside down after entering the state apparatus, so that acting from the old morality of “muscular Christianity” can now be a matter for the police to investigate. Formerly dominant cultural attitudes – such as those of the old Christian “clean manliness” – are now seen as “politically incorrect” across the board, and can lead to dismissal from employment or prosecution in court. 

So when Ashers Bakers of Belfast refused to bake a cake with the slogan on it of “Support Gay Marriage” they were fined in court as a punishment. They were fined for refusing to renounce their biblical belief that same-sex marriage is an abomination and contrary to Christianity. The Christian Ashers bakery was crushed under the iron heel of Gay Power. Would a Muslim bakery be prosecuted in similar circumstances ?

The invention of Hate Crime, a consequence of the New Left’s patronage of Black Power, Gay Power, Feminism, Travellers Rights, Islamic Rights and so on, has lead to inequality before the law.  Inequality in favour of the Sacred Cows, at the expense of their presumed “oppressors”. 

Those “oppressors” are the “normal” people from the times before the Cultural Revolution in the West, who now arguably suffer from reverse discrimination. Anyone in that “swinish multitude” of perceived “oppressors” can now be threatened with denunciation to our political police service, by any paranoid “sacred cow” anywhere at any time. 

Consider the Islamist demonstration in Knightsbridge in London in 2006. Police threatened to arrest passers-by who objected to placards calling for the murder of those who disrespect Islam. Those outside Sacred Cow groups can be arrested on a whim or a perception under the umbrella of a Hate Incident, and get a police record as a Hate offender, guilty of having politically incorrect “reactionary” attitudes. At Knightsbridge the incorrect attitude was “Islamophobia”, which is a fear & loathing of the religion of Islam (as distinct from Muslimophobia, which is a fear & loathing of Muslim people.) 

Trotsky’s idea of “Le Racisme” has had had its consequences, as anti-racism has become a trusty tool for Marxists in their campaign to transform Britain into a totalitarian state. The Marxists need a totalitarian state to make their revolution and conquest of power irreversible, hence their support for the Leveson Report’s plan to censor the popular press. Jeremy Corbyn, talking of the press while Labour leader, said that “change is coming”. Keir Starmer, while Director of Public Prosecutions, gave early notice to unfortunate Sun journalists of the nature of that change. 

The Cultural Revolution that Cultural Marxists began in the West in the 1960’s, Rudy Dutschke’s [and Robin Oakley’s] “long march through the institutions of power” with Antonio Gramsci as their guide, has lead to the point where anyone can be denounced for the “offence crime” of dissent from political correctness. 

That long march through the institutions (especially through state schools where children are indoctrinated) has ensured that opinions seen as right wing & reactionary are condemned as “politically incorrect”. Penalties are now placed upon opinion, penalties that can now damage or end the career of a teacher or any other employee in our state apparatus. 

Since MacPherson a “non-crime” such as a verbal dispute can easily be perceived by police as a Hate Incident, and as a sign of political unreliability. A citizen of the former Soviet Union would find all of this very familiar. Where are the ancient safeguards of English common law now, for those perceived as guilty of the offensive thought-crime of political incorrectness ?

As well as politically incorrect hatreds, there are politically correct hatreds. Just as political incorrectness is seen as right wing and reactionary, so political correctness is seen as left wing and progressive (though not as a progressive disease). 

Politically correct hatreds are vicious and virulent and they include class hatred of the better-off, hatred of the Western world, hatred of Western capitalism, hatred of Big Oil, hatred of global warming sceptics, hatred of Christianity,  and hatred of Israel & the USA. 

Another politically correct hatred, the anti-racist hatred of whiteness, is steadily transforming Britain into a police state, in which penalties are placed upon perceived opinion, through the consequences of the MacPherson Report that it inspired. 


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