The agenda is becoming so much clearer. The money and the influence behind this are well hidden. When you think about it, the process is remarkably simple, fund education and research establishments, promote your own interests, heavily influence the ‘scientists’, sack or denigrate those who won’t play ball. Eventually, the proteges will be advising the government, which is when the pay-off comes.

Politicians, of course, are a peculiar mix of quite intelligent people (though many are really quite dim) who often act as if they were very stupid. The reason for this is obvious; they feed on popularity, they need to get elected, if there is ever a choice between doing the right thing and doing the popular thing, the latter almost always wins.

The other problem is that they know nothing very much about anything and rely upon ‘advice’. That is where the real power lies. The frantic lifestyle of being forever in demand means there is no time to learn, or read up independently about a subject, to become knowledgeable in one’s own right, and be able to challenge advice, which is so often tinged with self-interest. Not everyone has the remarkable abilities of a Margaret Thatcher.

It is from that complicated mixture of needs and motivations that the current debacle has sprung. Critical thinking has long since been abandoned for propaganda and virtue signalling.

The reality, however harsh it may seem, is that this current virus, which is no worse, in terms of mortality, than five other bad years over the last 30, has successfully been used to scare people so much that they are actually supporting the removal of their freedoms and will likely accept the unthinkable: enforced medication. The Bill Gates dream. Why do you think he is so keen on vaccines?

Covid-19, like most serious respiratory infections, is most likely to cause mortality in those whose immune systems have been compromised already. Ironically, some in this category might well have had their immune systems compromised as a result of vaccinations they had as a child. After all, it can’t be that good to be injected with mercury or aluminium? Otherwise, that may be extreme age, or existing illness, or drug abuse, or associated clinical conditions. Still, it is a clear demographic, even if it is difficult to identify beforehand, those most at risk.

It is not likely to cause mortality in healthy individuals. Those who are borderline may recover with treatment but also, may not. The point, which seems to have escaped our ruling class is that the most vulnerable cannot die twice. Once they have gone, the remainder won’t die, the much-vaunted mortality curve will collapse, as we are seeing now, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with any government actions. It would have happened anyway. Over the last few years, we’ve avoided high mortality because the seasonal infections haven’t been so severe. Over time the numbers of the most vulnerable will increase because they didn’t die the previous year. When a more serious infection then spreads, the mortality will be higher, not because of anything about the virus or the healthcare or the government, but just because there are more vulnerable people to affect.

There are always those who move to being in this most vulnerable category on a daily basis, but do not do so fast enough for the extremely high mortality rates to continue.

What we are seeing now is the inevitable decline in mortality, which is being portrayed as the work of government, when it most certainly is not.

The next step in this artificial saga is really terrifying and is mooted in this article. Vaccination for all, but what about the side effects, or even the efficacy? We’ll be told, don’t worry, it’s fine, but it won’t be, it can’t possibly be, because the safety testing takes a long time.

That means compulsory medication for every living being on a regular basis that hasn’t been properly tested. If you have a calculator, it won’t take a minute to work out how much profit there is in this. The good news is that if the vaccine kills a few people, or causes malfunctions in them, the producers are indemnified against legal redress in the USA, which is where much of it will come from. That’s right, you can’t sue them.

There’s nothing new in this need to control, but it has come in a different flavour today. Scare the population to death. That bit was easy. Take away their livelihoods, their means to live, and be self-supporting and create a greater dependence on the state. Applaud a vaccine as the ‘only’ solution. You’ll have to carry your card or perhaps something more visible, or you won’t be able to work, get on a bus, go out, etc. And then, perhaps, a little something extra to slow down reproduction, the Gates dream, or maybe calm people down a bit.

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