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While British business has turned its hand to inventing and manufacturing urgent medical equipment which the nationalised health service failed to provide and the private sector made thousands of beds available and communication systems for locked down staff,  socialist globalist politicians and supranational agencies have exploited the COVID chaos and hysteria (for much of which they were responsible) to promote the reduction in democratic nationhood and the rise of globalist “government” – of the unelected variety of course! Just like the crooks and conmen knocking on old people’s doors to “help” in the COVID crisis, along came these snake oil politicians selling their global corporatist ideology as a virus cure!

The UK’s 3D printing firms pooled their resources to scale up production of face masks and other equipment for the NHS (which failed to respond to warnings about inadequate stocks). The clothing firm Barbour repurposed factories to produce Personal Protection Equipment and NHS staff praised the efforts, noting the quality of the gowns being produced by the company Barbour has repurposed its supply line to turn out 100,000 face masks a week. B&Q and other companies donated 1.2m goggles and masks.

Even within the sclerotic NHS an independent initiative by Consultants and doctors started to share vital information about COVID19 through WhatsApp. A Senior Consultant at Addenbrookes In Cambridge said “to be honest the NHS has been awful in comparison” Indeed the NHS had previously forbidden such communication!

Ineos, a leading British Chemicals company, produced disinfectant in large quantities at very short notice – despite its owner, Jim Ratcliffe, having suffered massive losses as 28 British chemical plants closed after the British Government passed the Climate Change Act!

The British private health care industry provided 8000 hospital beds, 1200 ventilators and 20,000 staff to the NHS. The 8,000 beds were more than the total of the Government’s (unused as it turned out) “Nightingale Hospital” beds!

Starleaf a British Video conferencing company founded in 2008 trialled its alternative to “Zoom”  with the House of Commons. StarLeaf was the first video manufacturer to move from selling on-premise infrastructure to offering a cloud-based solution – ideal for the COVID lockdown. Present in N America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, in 2018 it had sales of $23.4m. In 2020 it is now expecting sales of $40m.


As the private market-responsible sector acted swiftly and with ingenuity to SOLVE the problems of the COVID19 crisis the opportunist globalist socialists like the WHO, the UN, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown jumped in to EXPLOIT the crisis for their own political ends.

First of all of course they want money – lots of it! The United Nations wants 10% of the entire world’s annual income in a fund for coronavirus response. This would amount to $8.7 trillion – or 2,900 times the UN budget.

The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, said the fund would be for a massive “human-centered, innovative and coordinated stimulus package” that would be administered at the international level.

Since there have already been huge national government stimuli from every corner of the world this is 1. mad 2. a ludicrous duplication and 3. would move funds from (more or less) democratically accountable national politicians to totally unelected UN officials.

Needless to say this mad world-bureaucrat does not stop there. Never let a good crisis go to waste! He also wants $100 bn for – guess who? yes – the WHO whose disastrous activities and political leanings to China are now clear for all to see.

Of course, the UN itself is now prey to the Chinese Communist Party and has allowed China to join the UNHRC (UN High Commission for Refugees) where it will be able to influence the selection of at least 17 UN human rights mandate-holders over the next year, who investigate, countries on such matters as freedom of speech and religion. You could not make it up!

China will now help vet candidates for the critical UN human rights posts, serving as Chair of the interview processes for at least five of the mandates. Beijing will help decide whom to recommend for appointment.


It should come as no surprise to the British that the two Labour politicians who led the UK into the financial crash of 2008 (by excess borrowing, losing monetary control and failing to regulate the City of London) are exploiting the crisis to say what they would never have dared to say as elected politicians – that the nation-states should be abolished and we should surrender to world government.

As Blair’s Twitter account said:

“Our teams are embedded in governments around the world, helping them to keep their people safe during this tandemic – not just introspect of COVID19 itself but also the political and economic collateral damage”

Not all our international readers will know Blair’s history of lying and manipulating “evidence” to justify the Iraq war, waging the illegal war in Yugoslavia, of trying to abolish the Pound in favour of the Euro and seeking the role (after he left office in the UK) of President of Europe. Even the European Union could not stomach that idea!

Gordon Brown presided over the worst financial crash since the 1930s in the UK (where he was Chancellor of the Exchequer). Now he pops up to push for “world government”

As The Guardian reported:

Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government…..there was a need for a taskforce involving world leaders, health experts and the heads of the international organisations that would have executive powers to coordinate the response.

And of course like the UN he wanted more money  – billions more for the World Bank and the IMF (doubtless he has his eye on a lucrative post there himself). Where do these idiots think money comes from? Of course, as politicians, they think they can simply pass a resolution and low and behold! governments individually and collectively magic it up. After all they themselves are paid that way – they don’t earn their salaries, expenses and pensions – those suckers the taxpayers have to find it – or more likely future generations as this generation of politicians raise massive amounts of debt – to be rapid over 30 or 50 years, or perhaps not repaid, just “rolled over” for another 30 or 50 years.

Those future generations will never know the names of those who bankrupted them and by the time the crisis hits today’s perpetrators will be long dead with their knighthoods and Peerages and worldwide acclaim!


Brown demanded a co-ordinated vaccine programme. But like all collectively “coordinated” programmes on a vast worldwide scale there is little room for alternatives. The organisations are impervious to change and the administrators never have to pay for their mistakes. The career of the Imperial College, London Professor Ferguson springs to mind!

Fortunately we have an array of vaccine research organisations competing (both against time – before the virus disappears so their tests are void) and against each other. Each research facility has a different background and different strategies – that is how progress is made. That is how and why the free society succeeds both democratically (with competing policies and world views) and economically (with competing businesses and financial strategies).

The closed-off totalitarian systems have all failed, just as the globalists have failed today. Their “comprehensive”, corporatist globalist and totalitarian socialist “solutions” must be rejected. Fortunately, they tend to be promoted in the western democracies by those who failed for all to see in their own countries.

The real danger is in the unelected, powerful, exorbitantly funded supranational agencies like the UN and the WHO where no one is elected but where the institutions themselves can be so easily bought.

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