There are many different types of cuckoo bird.  Here we are concerned with the European common cuckoo, a species of interest because it is an obligate brood parasite.

An obligate brood parasite, or holoparasite, is a parasitic organism that cannot complete its life-cycle without exploiting a suitable host. The common cuckoo lays its eggs in the nest of other birds, where they hatch to be reared by the parents of the host nest.

The cuckoo chicks usually hatch earlier than the chicks in the host nest, grow much more quickly and usually try and evict the host’s chicks from the nest once they’ve served their purpose. In other words, this is all about exploiting the resources of the host nest to the cuckoo’s advantage, but being born in the host nest does not make them one of the host.  A cuckoo is still a cuckoo – a parasite and no friend of its host.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London is just such an obligate parasite. Khan claims that because he was born in Great Britain, he is indeed British, but it seems he is no more British than the cuckoo is one of the chicks of its host.  It is a parasitic invader.

Khan is a Muslim and as such seems just as hostile to his indigenous white British hosts as the cuckoo is to the occupants of its host nest. Read this from Breitbart: Sadiq Khan Demands Minorities Get Preferential Access to Coronavirus Vaccines

Khan feels that the BAME (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic groups) should receive priority access to the Chinese coronavirus vaccine. Oddly enough, in this case I agree with him; if these people want to be guinea pigs let them – I certainly don’t want it.

Isn’t this what obligate parasites do though? They consume the resources of their host before driving them from their nest as we native white Brits have been driven from our capital city and soon many other cities in our native country. There are many similar articles about Khan; he seems to hate his hosts but loves to consume their resources while fighting an asymmetric war against them.

Sadiq Khan is not alone.  Diane Abbott is another cuckoo and there are too many others to list here. These people never lose an opportunity to attack native white Brits, our way of life, culture and history: they love to consume our resources though.

Make no mistake, this is all about resources.  Once a parasite has consumed its host’s resources, the host becomes expendable. Our once civilized and wealthy country, with its welfare and health systems, offers them so much more opportunity than the third world poverty stricken hellholes from where they originated.  They are parasites in every sense of the word.

There is one small difference between the likes of Sadiq Khan and most obligate parasites; obligate parasites cannot complete their life-cycle without exploiting a host. In this case, Khan and co could certainly survive in their origin countries without us as a host but choose to live at our expense instead.

Great Britain went through many hundreds of years of development in the development of its civilised democratic culture.  It involved wars and sacrifice and academic research; our parasites, rather than have to tread this path to develop their own counties, prefer to take a short cut and live off us. Being British certainly involves much more than being awarded a piece of paper or happening to be on British soil at the time of your birth.

Obligate parasitism is exhibited in a range of organisms, with examples in viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals. In the case of our Muslim community, they certainly reproduce like bacteria.  Look at this very short video: Growth of Muslim Population in Western Countries 1945 – 2019

Demographic projections suggest that by sometime in the 2030s our once Christian country will be a Muslim country, and there is evidence to suggest that this is part of the strategy of these obligatory parasites. It also means that we native Brits will become politically disenfranchised in our own country, the fact that Sadiq Khan has been elected Lord Mayor of our capital city is an example of this and it will soon happen in many more of our cities.

We indigenous white British people were never asked whether we wanted the dramatic changes that have been foisted upon us, changes of a demographic and cultural nature that are more extreme than anything we’ve ever experienced in our history; at least the Romans weren’t so culturally diverse and incompatible as Islam.

The reason we were never asked is because those who desire these changes know what the answer would have been.  Instead, globalists chose to impose these changes by stealth and subterfuge, lies and propaganda, because in reality it is cultural genocide.

Even Angela Merkel admitted that multiculturalism doesn’t work, even as she committed the enormous, treasonous crime of opening up Europe’s and her own country’s borders to millions more military-aged parasites. Our own government, who in secret are really supportive of these globalist plans, refuse to stop the boatloads of parasite reinforcements coming across our English Channel, much to Sadiq Khan’s delight.

What I find most depressing is just how easily our politicians have found it to betray their own people since the last world war. It seems that globalism offers those politicians that serve it, a very lucrative and ultimately prosperous career path. So many of our past politicians, including Tony Blair, during or shortly after their civil (sic) service, seem to have become very wealthy and of course nobody asks how or why. I’m very sure that Sadiq Khan can look forward to a very similar very comfortable and early retirement.

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