The political left never let a crisis get in the way of an opportunity, especially when furthering their agenda. The UK finds itself trapped between two elements of the radical left: Black Lives Matters, a radical left-wing organisation from the USA, which originates from the Black Panther movement from the 1960s, and Antifa, a radical left-wing organisation with it roots in Euro-Communism. Essentially, these two groups have united in their goal to force concessions through the threat of or actual violence, creating radical left change, with no political mandate.

Make no mistake, the UK is now in as much danger than it was in 1940. These riots did not just happen overnight; clearly, they have been long-planned, and these movements are allegedly well funded according to here and here.

Perhaps you think I am exaggerating the danger we face? Well, at the moment, we have an eighty seat majority (so-called) Conservative government. This is a position as good as it really gets, or so one would think. This government’s behaviour throughout its term of office has been cowardly, weak, incompetent, and completely ineffectual. Could you imagine if this had occurred during Thatcher’s premiership? In case you missed them, here are three excellent summaries of the situation we now face, first by Hitchins, second by Delingpole and third by McKinstry.

Johnson’s government is behaving like it is a minority government. Johnson, initially compared to Thatcher, is no Thatcher. He resembles more each day that other ‘One Nation’ Tory, Ted Heath. History does indeed repeat, and the UK (and the Tory Party) may well be in the same situation that the 1970s Britain where Heath’s government found itself. The left are aware Johnson is more Mayor material than Premier material. He likes to be liked, but as a PM, you are not there to be liked, you are there to do the right thing for your nation.

The left smell weakness, akin to a shark smelling blood, and the sharks are indeed circling around this government. The new government’s political waters were tested by Extinction Rebellion, and for me, the key moment was here in Cambridge in February 2020. This proved two points to the left, firstly, the eighty seat majority Johnson government was weak, cowardly, and had no political will; secondly, the police had become a political police force, uninterested in law enforcement.

A couple of months before the lock-down, with no push back, either from the government or more worryingly, the police, the scene was now set. The radical left realised that, under the right conditions, and at the right moment, there was an opportunity for political change. With the defeat of Corbyn, this was the only route the left had to exert political change without the troublesome necessity of the electoral process.

The Labour Party has gone very quiet, apart from Starmer hopping onto the woke bandwagon. People may think this is because Labour are not clever; I see it differently. In essence, they do not need to do anything. Johnson, like May, Cameron, and Major before him, are doing the lefts work for them. Starmer may well end up PM out of this whole disaster.

As Napoleon allegedly once said, ‘Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.’ This applies equally to Johnson’s Conservative Party. The problem is they do not hold any conservative values; they don’t actually believe in anything. The Home Office is a complete shambles, for example, here and here, things can only get worse. Wait until October/November when the unemployment figure rockets to well over 3 million and the debt mountain will need repayment, taxes will have to rise or services cut. ‘Our’ NHS will demand more to their already bloated budget as a reward for saving everyone during the Coronavirus outbreak, and Johnson will duly oblige to look nice. There will never be any meaningful NHS reform now.

Brexiteers should not pin too much hope on a clean Brexit with the current PM. He may not realise it, but Brexit may be the Conservative government’s last chance saloon. A May like deal (very likely if you go by the Withdrawal Agreement) will be the end of the Tory Party as is. The Conservatives may well split, similar to what happened during the repeal of the Corn Laws. In all honesty, most of the Parliamentary Conservatives would be better at home in the Liberal Democrats anyway. You could count the number of true conservatives on one hand.

We are seeing a trend of conservative voices being systematically de-platformed from the media, such as here and here. Additionally, any voices that do not support the left’s narrative or the ‘official’ permitted viewpoint will be shut down by Big Tech. We are seeing acute double standards, such as here compared to here. Even in sport, the rules regarding banning political messages mysteriously have shifted, such as here, compared to here.

To me, this is geared completely towards undermining and preventing Trump’s re-election in the USA, that is the real objective. The global left, as it should be described, are acting as one. It is just too convenient and coincidental that this has occurred in so many countries worldwide, with the same endgame being played out. This is a global phenomenon, make no mistake about it.

On a final note, it is worth remembering the words of George Orwell:

“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

The Conservative Party may as well rename itself The English Socialist Party (aka Ingsoc) right now…they are well on the way.

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