We must heed ‘experts’ …


Nowadays, It’s easy to believe six impossible things before breakfast. That famous quote is from ‘Through the Looking Glass’ (here), but amazingly, in the ongoing CV-19 Lockdown days, our journalists and politicians writing in ‘our MSM’ achieve this with no difficulties whatsoever.

If you look at the home pages of today’s broadsheets, the headlines alone illustrate this perfectly. There’s the usual guff from a politician who believes he needs to get back into the limelight of ‘public debate’. Sayid Javid thinks that cutting VAT will make us peasants go and shop until we drop.

Well, all those public servants who’ve been sitting at home on full pay might be able to do this. However, all those who’ve been furloughed on 80%, or who have had nothing thanks to being self-employed, who are losing their small business thanks to Lockdown or who have lost their jobs might not be ready to increase their credit card debts just to ‘save the High Street’. After all, ‘saving the NHS’ has already been extortionately expensive. It’s  a nice headline though (here). 

Then there are the usual suspects, ahem: experts, warning that ‘our children’ have become ‘collateral damage’:

“In an open letter seen by the Daily Telegraph, scores of medical experts demand immediate funding for 30 hours a week of summer holiday activities for every child in Britain, accusing the Government of prioritising DIY shops, theme parks, clothes buying, and fast-food above children’s education.” (link)

If ‘doctors’, that is: ‘national NHS heroes’, say so then it must be true. No word about teachers unions, and not the faintest idea where that money is going to come from. They don’t even realise that without some shops being open for business the government won’t have the money to pay for this. If it’s such heart-wringing priority, why don’t the lovely doctors club together and raise funds themselves? 

I’m certain that ordinary citizens in cities, towns and villages will now get together and set up such schemes, voluntarily – just as they’ve set up schemes to collect rubbish from rivers, beaches, parks and our streets. Never mind that they and we are already paying our local councils to do this! I’ve often wondered why these fine people – they are fine, I’m not criticising their communal spirit and engagement – don’t get together to hold their local councillors to account for dereliction of duty.

There’s one other snag with that ‘demand’ by those doctors: the red tape created by Whitehall and Local Councils. That means that volunteers won’t be allowed to run such schemes because of legal requirements needing to be fulfilled, from criminal record checks to insurance and to special insurance for working with children. By the time this’ll be sorted it’ll be Christmas – or next summer and, if you believe the ‘experts’, by that time the NHS will have collapsed again and we’ll be in Lockdown because of that ‘second wave’ – unless ‘we’ get that track app.

On this subject The Times has two articles complementing each other – paywalled, of course, here and here. What is it with those Westminster Village denizens that they assume we plebs will believe any six impossible things before breakfast, provided an ‘expert’ or even ‘a professor’ says so? Do they not even notice that we who live outside their cushy bubble are like Alice and find this impossible?

There’s another little example of publishing complementary articles, this time in the DT. I give you the announcement that cinemas, museums and art galleries will be permitted to open, together with pubs – always provided they keep that social distancing rule (link). Personally, I find the use of the word ‘freedom’ in that headline rather disgusting. How can we be ‘free’ when our government produces Lockdown rule after Lockdown rule curtailing our freedom?

Never mind  though – we plebs are too uncultured to value ‘culture’ as much as other European countries do (link). The proof? There’s much more government money being given to ‘culture’ in those countries. Let that critic and the good doctors fight it out as to what is more deserving: ‘culture’ or ‘children’!

I find it nauseating that those experts are always demanding more government money without the slightest thought of where that money is coming from: out of our pockets. I’m pretty certain they’d never dare to demand that all those “CEOs”, from local councils to NGOs to Whitehall and universities, museums etc, should have their salaries capped so that none of them ‘earn’ more than the PM. Not gonna happen, is it!

It’s encouraging though to see that there’s one pub-chain CEO who has come forth, gaining a ‘hearing’ in the DT. It seems that there are still some ‘normal’ people around:

“Ralph Findlay, chief executive of the 1,400 site pub chain [Marston’s], said the measures would be “impractical”, adding the notion that customers would willingly give the correct information to pubs was “bonkers”. […] Mr Findlay said: “It’s an infringement on people’s liberties and it will be very difficult to practically manage. I don’t understand why it would apply in pubs and restaurants and not every other single retail outlet across the country.” (link)

Mind you – if these remarks had come from any of us peasants they’d not have seen the light of day! This isn’t the only example illustrating how far removed our Westminster MSM are from us – that’s their continuing obsession with ‘summer holidays’ and where to go, here in Britain or the mediterranean countries.

Going on summer holidays means buying new holiday clothes: go shopping, dears, to help the economy. Never mind that there are too many of us who cannot afford this splurge. Even worse though: ‘beauty editors’ moan that there’s still no date to open hairdresser salons! This is vital, you know: the whole of the UK is now suffering from ‘bad hair day’ syndrome – and it’s all Johnson’s fault for not having sorted that yet (link).

But look: there’s light at the end of the Lockdown tunnel. Those who were deemed to be the most medically vulnerable can now look forward to having their restrictions eased, from next month. While the rest of the country had their restrictions eased, shielded people were still obliged to obey this:

“Until now, the only easing of lockdown for shielded people has been allowing them to go outside once a day with their household or, if they live alone, to meet one other person at a two-metre distance.” (link)

While the rest of the country is ‘allowed out’ from July onwards, to pubs and museums and shops, the ‘shielded’ still have to wait:

“From August 1 the easing of restrictions will go further still, as those deemed “clinically extremely vulnerable” will no longer be advised to shield as long as they continue strict social distancing measures.” (link)

While it’s somewhat gratifying to receive this acknowledgement from ‘government’: “Thanking those isolating for carrying the “burden” of shielding, Mr Hancock last night said their sacrifice had “been for a purpose” (link), I’m not sure it’ll actually happen because by that time there’s surely that ‘second wave’, and we shielders must keep sacrificing for ‘Our NHS’. 

I do wonder if us ‘shielders’ will have our sacrifice acknowledged by the rest of the population who’ve been clapping for ‘Our NHS’. I doubt it though because the two million shielders haven’t moaned in ‘Our MSM’ about bad hair days, not being able to go on holidays, or being so disadvantaged because they’re ‘female’. 

And finally! You’ll have noticed that the easing of the Lockdown restrictions seems to be akin to ‘government’ giving with one hand and taking away with the other. In that excellent blog ‘Lockdown Sceptics’ Toby Young quotes a letter which is worth reading in full. For me, these sentences hit the spot:

“I think I’ve worked out why the Government is ending lockdown in such a prolonged and plodding way. I had assumed it was because it was being wet, timorous and generally sheepish but now believe it’s actually because it can’t end any aspect of lockdown without having written the appropriate tidal wave of new regulations, recommendations and procedures. It must be very frustrating for Whitehall officials that the virus is disappearing faster than they can write all this stuff.” (link)

There’s of course also the little fact that most of those Whitehall civil serpents have been strictly isolating themselves, “working” from home. It must have been so hard and time-consuming to convene committees and meetings and more meetings to work out the rules with which to bind us!

Enjoy the sunshine but heed those rules, especially if you happen to live inside the M25 or indeed close to the Westminster Bubble: snitches are still alive and kicking, being encouraged to snitch.





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