Is this our future ‘real’ government?



It’s the first day of autumn, the meteorological one that is, and there’s an autumnal nip in the air. It’s also the day when people ought to be back in their offices, pupils in schools and life generally returning to a semblance of ‘normal’. That however won’t be happening. What we’ll find in the coming months is that we’re sliding into what I can only describe as ‘health nanny state’ where ‘Our NHS’ decides how we have to live our lives. That’s apparently just what people clamour for.

First, let’s look at these two items: flu jabs won’t be available for everyone until December and the NHS will put obese people on a strict diet. That must be serious because several online papers have this new on their homepage. Here’s a quote from the paywalled Times:

“A diet of soups and shakes will be provided by the NHS for type 2 diabetes patients from today after studies showed that it reversed the condition in nearly half of cases. The food will be prescribed to 5,000 patients for three months and include “total diet replacement products”, such as specially formulated low-calorie shakes and soups. The regime restricts them to 800 calories a day. The national scheme, described by the NHS as “life-changing”, comes after trials showed that dramatic weight loss had led to diabetes going into remission.” (link, paywalled)

The point is that the NHS ‘will provide’ this diet – that is, we’ll pay for it. The research for this approach was published in 2017. Why GPs weren’t telling their patients to go and do it since then – well, who knows! Perhaps ‘patients’ feel they cannot afford to fast, never mind that one can’t eat food when one hasn’t bought it, and that surely such strict diet means one must not buy other food. Perhaps it’s because without the sanction of ‘Our NHS’ no-one is allowed to look after their own health by themselves?

Now see the other item: flu jabs. This was first published in the DT yesterday evening. The Times just copied some of it and then appended a long piece on CV-19 vaccine, with a ‘dramatic’ outlook by one of those involved in vaccine research, copied from the Independent. If you need your daily dose of fear, here it is:

“Greater population density, greater travel, deforestation — all of these things make it more likely that these outbreaks will happen and then something will spread,” Professor Gilbert told The Independent yesterday.” (link, paywalled)

Well, that’s not precisely an earth-shaking ‘discovery’! It has been written about in the then niche segments of ‘science’ in ‘Our MSM’ who were far more concerned with ‘Climate’ and how we’re all gonna die. But back to the flu jab, as reported in the DT – just savour the wording:

“Ministers have promised “the biggest flu vaccination programme in history” in a bid to ensure the NHS can cope if it is hit by a “double whammy” of flu and Covid this winter. They pledged to expand the programme to half the population, with healthy over 50s offered a jab, as well as pensioners, those with underlying health conditions, and young children. But now patients have been told it is likely that they will have to wait until December for the jab – despite the fact the flu season may well start earlier, and amid fears of a second wave of Covid.” (paywalled link)

Omigawd – ‘ministers promised’, and now they’re not keeping their promise, how dreadful! Are we supposed to stomp our little feet, like toddlers, wailing that “we” aren’t getting what was ‘promised”? Where’s the cry that ‘it’s not fair!’?

Do the various ‘health and science’ correspondents never look into their own archives? When government proposed to extend their flu jab programme because of Covid, it was pointed out in numerous articles that there weren’t sufficient jabs available because the annual contingent had already been ordered. ‘Our NHS’, we were told, would scour the world markets to get more.

I can only surmise that ‘Our NHS’, where those procurement managers must’ve been blissfully working from home, didn’t do their job properly – what a surprise! They did so well providing masks, PPE, tests, labs, didn’t they! Not! Next, see how the reasonable ‘government guidance’ is being spun into ‘but they promised’-outcries:

“The government guidance goes on to suggests that flu jabs may not be offered to healthy patients aged 50 to 64 at all. It says only that for this group, the vaccinations “might” be offered – “following prioritisation of other eligible groups and subject to vaccine supply”. The Royal College of GPs on Monday night urged the Government to provide assurances about whether there are actually sufficient vaccines to provide an expanded programme.” (paywalled link)

Terrible, isn’t it, that government guidance suggests priorities ought to be set. How outrageous – and never mind that ‘Our NHS’ does just that when allocating hip replacements. Moreover, it seems that those doctors, just as the obese, cannot do anything unless ‘government’ tells them what they can and ought to do. Never mind that weeks ago they could’ve have found out about supply shortages, just as we peasants have. Of course, we must be treated to an ‘example’ taken from ‘real life’:

“One diabetes patient, aged 63, received a text message from Bounds Green Group Practice in North London, this weekend, stating: “The government have increased the age range of those entitled to the flu vaccination to include those of 50 years and over. Due to availability of vaccines, the vaccinations for this group will likely commence in December.” The message also ordered patients not to ring the surgery to make any enquiries about the matter “as this places additional pressure on our phone lines”.” (paywalled link)

Lovely, isn’t it: blame ministers because: “promises!”, but don’t touch GPs who are still hiding inside their surgeries! When will the Royal Colleges of GPs and the rest, when will the BMA tell their members to stop being so frit and start seeing patients face-to-face again! There was enough time to make surgeries ‘covid-proof’. Perhaps that was too expensive? After all, ‘cash-strapped heads‘ are having to pay £216m to make schools ‘safe’, according to the Daily Mirror, as reported by the BC in their daily ‘Newspaper Headlines’ column (link). Ain’t that dreadful?

Given the proposed tax rises which haven’t even seen the light-of-day but were leaked over the Bank Holiday weekend, it’s no surprise that various entities are already screaming for ‘more cash’. I do wonder if and why school heads were unable to get some government covid-money. Staying with money – there’s a curious little report in the DT, detailing the sums paid by the dept of Justice to translators:

“Ministry of Justice officials spent £23.4 million between April 2019 and March 2020 for a total of 143 different dialects, […] Most of the money is spent providing expert assistance to foreign-speaking crime suspects, who need legal papers translated and then require an interpreter for their trial proceedings. This year’s bill for translating legal cases increased eight per cent on the figure of £21.6 million for the previous 12 months between April 2018 and March 2019. Much of the spending was on Polish, Lithuanian and Romanian speakers. There were also big spends on Bengali, Punjabi and Urdu speakers.” (paywalled link)

The DT ponders if this is due to case numbers having gone up or to translators charging more. That deportation would be a cheap and easy solution is of course unmentionable. A quick search on t’webz shows that ‘Our NHS’ spent a total of £64.4 million on translation services in the last three financial years. Well, we have the money, being ‘a rich country’!

To round this up, suddenly up pops the Foreign Secretary, who must have been in hiding for the last month at the very least, declaring he won’t allow the Foreign Aid Budget to be cut. But – did he really? See for yourselves:

“He is expected to push back against leaked plans to abandon the UK’s legal commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of gross national income on international aid, thought to be under consideration by Treasury officials. Mr Raab will reaffirm the Government’s commitment to the 0.7 per cent figure, which is also a Conservative manifesto pledge, sources said. […] The suggestion that aid could be axed is thought to have come from Treasury civil servants, rather than from Rishi Sunak, a Government source suggested. Foreign Office officials are confident the Chancellor will not support the plans on Budget day in November.” (paywalled link)

Ah – so it’s only ‘sources’, only mandarins trying to preempt their minister! Treasury and FO mandarins are going public, fighting for ‘their’ money, before their ministers have even sat down at their desks after the summer holidays!

I leave you with the suggestion to take a look at this morning’s LockdownSceptics where the ‘orrible rise in Cv-19 infections in countries such as Spain and France is charted, together with the number of CV-19 deaths. It’s rather amazing … but let’s not mention this!

Meanwhile, “we” must behave like little kids who wail because ministers don’t keep their promise while the lovely Nanny that is ‘Our NHS’ will feed us soup to make us thin because “we” are too stupid to do this ourselves.

I wonder if all those who believe muzzle-wearing will save them and the country from Covid, who keep declaring that muzzle refuseniks shouldn’t even be treated should they catch the virus, will now demand that the obese must slim down on that NHS starvation diet before being given treatment.That would only be fair! Brave New Nanny NHS World …




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