Apparently, if you don’t understand the message, it’s not aimed at you; which was why presumably Cameron took so long to ‘get it’ before telling everyone that it was alright, we hear you, we have got it.   Not that much happened when he did get it, but then I was never of the opinion that he should have got anything, let alone the leadership of the Conservative party.

I didn’t see him as Prime Minister material either, but obviously, somebody did and agreed with all his creative ‘U’ turns – I lost count when he announced the seventeenth.  People obviously ‘got that’ as they kept voting for him. Listening to talking heads on the broadcast media and teenagers writing in the press, aiming messages that were certainly not aimed at me or many others, as they created whatever shock horror probe entity which was flavour of the week.

Cameron has been flavour of the week again recently along with John Major and some of the other yesterdays’ men and women, who keep aiming messages that just annoy or are disregarded as disingenuous, (that’s lying to most people) anti-Brexit, anti-British, anti-Monarchy or just plain stupid.  Perhaps their target audience ‘gets it’ but I for one certainly don’t, but then I’m not, thank god, a graduate of ‘Common Purpose’ and neither do I feel it necessary to attend Mindfulness training in a safe space as many people apparently do – presumably the result of reading or listening to these often near-hysterical people pontificating on everything from Brexit, electric vehicles to climate change.

Political messages being promoted by factions of the leading opposition parties and some liberal interlopers of the Conservative party are certainly not aimed at me, as I have been led to believe we live in a constitutional monarchy with a democratic government and common law by general acceptance and consent.

The message that it has all changed now and that everything is up for challenge, from personal beliefs,  through to exam results from primary school to degree level, (people now challenge the result of their driving test for god’s sake),  you can dismiss the results of the referendum, set up politically correct courts which make political judgements, turn the police and prisons into some sort of social services, trash the constitution and challenge the monarchy is a message that I certainly don’t get , it’s obviously not aimed at me.

Neither, it seems, does  British Justice that appears not only blind but deaf and certainly not ‘getting it’ if it really thinks making up law and interfering in political judgements and government is part of its remit.  They may not want to accept the message being sent to them from the majority, although they may now be about to ‘get a message’ from the population that they may well not want. Something to do with the constitution and consent, for instance?

Kenneth Clarke, Father of the House now, apparently just because he’s been there longer than anyone else, (no meritocracy there then, just Buggin’s turn) stands ready to be Prime Minister if, as he hopes, Johnson is forced to go.  Is this the same Clarke that did his utmost to get rid of Thatcher, stood for PM and got nowhere even then? Now, that’s a message I did get. Good old Ken, he of the hush puppies, cigar-smoking, pint in one hand, hail fellow well met – sort of ‘blokes’ bloke’. Rather like Nigel Farage, another ‘blokes’ bloke’, likes a drink – the media shows him time and time again having a drink – a laugh, the sort of bloke who is hail fellow well met down the pub.  But wait … Nigel, according to the media and their stooges in parliament, is not fit to be near the levers of government. Now that’s an elitist pro-EU anti-populist message I do ‘ get.’

The messages coming from the Labour party suggest they can’t seem to make up their collective minds on anything, are not obviously aimed at me because I don’t understand the bearer or the message as many of them are, apparently, from a parallel universe. Their latest offerings on Brexit, Taxation, Private asset ownership, borders and immigration, a second referendum and general election seem not to have been ‘got‘ by others too, as apparently, the party has lost five million of its hardcore working-class supporters.  Perhaps they have ‘got ‘, or are about to get, the message that the new Islington Labour party certainly doesn’t want them. They probably did get the message from one-time Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott who famously said we were now all ‘middle class’ until Thornberry started belittling their aspirations and their intelligence – particularly their overwhelming vote to leave the EU. Not a good idea to wind up hard-working people who voted you into office – perhaps she just didn’t get it?

Another message lost on me is the lack of recruits bedevilling the military.  It seems that having run the military down to its lowest level in history, never mind living memory, nobody wants to join up.   Is it something that somebody said? I thought, are we totally safe from enemies (real or imagined) or is it the language and messages sent out from the General Staff level and senior politicians.  One high ranking military officer recently said that apart from attracting anyone from any diverse background or belief, we were now at an ‘inflection’ as we move from fossil fuels to powering the military with more sustainable means which would also would attract young people who were concerned about the environment and green issues, but presumably not particularly bothered about the fact that they would or could be required to defend the nation and kill people.  It seems that many young people do not get it.

I do however get the message (despite being told to the contrary by senior politicians ex-Deputy Prime Minister Nick Cleg, and others that the e.u doesn’t have any intentions of building its own military capability) that an EU unified military including security and procurement is well underway,  is a high priority and has been signed up to, or at least agreed by, ex-Prime Minister May and the various cabinet members. I do get it that the government wants to hide this from the people that it has the duty to protect. I also get it that Johnson has been very quiet on the subject, Corbyn silent and Farage has mentioned it only in passing.  Am I getting the wrong message then, that this is a done deal and not to be spoken of, as it seems there are few votes in supporting our Military?

Another message lost on me is why a  previously unknown Swedish teenager should suddenly come to notice and, having sailed the Atlantic on a yacht, as you do, been invited to lecture the United Nations Assembly and basically insult elected world leaders – particularly the President of the United States?  I did get it that two of the largest polluters – the Asian countries and China were not included in her tirade.

I did get it, although was a bit surprised a few years back, when a couple of Tory members ‘let slip’ that the Conservatives were going to unleash some sort of chaos, but then came the May premiership and all was revealed. It wasn’t just rhetoric and what a fantastic job she did, reducing Conservative support by countless thousands. You can stop now guys; I get the message, you want me to vote Lib-Dems, Brexit Party or Labour.

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